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Neighbours Episode 4466 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4466
Australian airdate: 26/04/04
UK airdate: 09/06/04
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Lori Lee: Michelle Ang
Madeleine Lee: Madison Lu
Rocco Camminetti: Robert Forza
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Karen (Katie)
Rusty tells Rocco there has been an accident.
Stuart telling Connor and Sindi he's going to go to Rocco's to find out what happened to Toadie.
Lori telling Connor, how long she and Maddy stays depends on him and she may end up living back in Erinsborough for good.
Outside Kennedys
Sindi picks up a bunch of flowers off the doorstep. Attached to them is a car key. Lou, Lyn and Stuart are admiring a new car in the street. The car has "Sindi" number plates. Sindi walks over to the car in shock. Stuart has a go at her about Toadie being missing and she gets back with Rocco. Sindi says she's not with Rocco. Lyn asks Sindi if this has anything to do with Toadie disappearing. Sindi leaves. Lyn asks Lou if he's going to be OK seeing Valda has gone back to Broome. Lou says he'll be fine, he knows he's got a lot of ground to make up and he's going to put in the hard yards.
Sindi rings Rocco and tells him she wants him here, now and then she throws the flowers on the ground.
Connor and Lori are walking up the street. Lou sees Connor and asks him to finishing putting a pile of things that are on the ground in his car. Connor tells Lori he forgot but he promised to help Lou at the markets. Lori sees Lyn and waves but Lyn just walks off.
A sleepy looking Boyd answers a knock at the door. It's Sky and Boyd wants to why she is over so early (8am). Sky tells Boyd they are going to look after Walter Mouse's stall at the markets today. Boyd says he doesn't want to. Sky noticed the house is extremely clean and asks if they got a maid or ten. Boyd says no it is Gus and he's doing his head in always hanging around. Sky says Boyd should just tell him to get lost but Boyd says his dad would hate that. Sky tells Boyd again they need to get going.
BOYD: Oh, but Video Hits is going to start.
SKY: Boyd, I'll pretend I didn't just hear that.
Sky tells Boyd to get ready and she'll go round up the talent.
Sindi tells Rocco he's can't buy her back and she doesn't want the car. Rocco tells her if she was looking for somewhere to live she should come back to their flat. Sindi tells Rocco he drove the man she loves away and she is not going back with him. Rocco tells Sindi Toadie left and that's not love. Sindi says Toadie will come back and she'll wait as long as it takes.
Coffee Shop
Lori is sitting with Maddy. Lyn walk in and gets Maddy's toy that Lori is trying to find. Lori looks a bit uneasy with Maddy and Lyn suggests that maybe Lori should turn Maddy around. Lori snaps at Lyn saying she knows how to hold her own baby.
Lou is selling at his stall and Boyd and Sky are selling Walter Mouse's Dog fashions. Harvey, Audrey and a group of other dog are modeling the fashions. Lyn picks up a cup of Lou's stall and asks him how much they are. Lou says $5. Lyn tells Lou her mother had some the same and they are very valuable. She asks how much for just one. Lou asks her what she thinks. Lyn gives Lou $40. Harold picks up something of Lou's stall saying he saw one the same in an antique shop for $30. Lou offers his to Harold for $20. Lyn and Harold walk off, Lyn asks Harold if hey were too obvious. Lyn sees Harvey and tells Sky to watch him, as he's not good with crowds. Lyn notices Lori and goes over to her. Lori apologises for before and Lyn suggests they have a mum-to-mum chat. Lori agrees.
Lori explains to Lyn that she gets tense when people offer to help her as she feels they are criticizing her. She tells Lyn when she was a home she couldn't get near Maddy without her parents interfering. Lori says her parents are right she is hopeless with Maddy. Lyn says she's surprised as didn't tell them to stop as she remembers when they first met Lori was independent, confident and feisty and wouldn't let anyone tell her how to live. Lyn assures Lori she is a great mother but her confidence is a bit rattled. She reassures Lori that her maternal instincts have kicked in and she is doing great. Lyn asks Lori how things are going with Connor. Lori says they are ok. She and Connor are friends and it will be good for Maddy to get to know her dad but she never pictured having a baby would be like this. She always thought it would be with someone she loved and a family and she wouldn't be saying things like "I could do worse". Lyn tells Lori she has her life ahead of her and you never know what is around the corner.
Sky notices that Harvey is gone she then sees Audrey eating food off another stall. Sky call out for her and she runs off. All the other dogs are running around the markets and as Sky and Boyd try to catch them the dog knock the tables over.
Sindi is on the phone leaving a message for someone at Channel 44 to call her back. Lyn comes over asking Sindi where the new car is. Sindi tells her it's gone and it's typical of a man to think they can buy affections with a car. Lyn says that's never happened to her. She asks Sindi how things are going for the premier of Making Mansions and if she can have a peak. Sindi says the network is driving her nuts but she can't have a peek, as it needs to be a surprise. Lyn says it won't be a surprise she was there but she is glad she did it as she has a beautiful house and the girls agree they need to have a party.
Rocco is on the phone to a doctor asking if there has been any change and he is willing to pay whatever the costs are, money is no object. Stuart is sitting at the bar watching Rocco. Sindi walks in and tells Rocco she's not here for a social visit she wants to know why Channel 44 haven't returned the 5 calls she's left for them. Rocco tells her he can't help her. It may be easy for her to keep things professional but he can't, as his feelings for her are too strong. Rocco leaves and Stuart follows him.
Coffee Shop
Connor is getting Coffee for himself and Lou. He sees Lori and Maddy and Lori tells him she got heaps of cheap baby clothes at the markets. Harold asks Lori if she is ok financially. Lori tells him her savings have almost gone, her credit cards are dull of Hotel bills but she's not going to ask her parents for money. Harold tells Connor her has a few obligations. Connor says he knows. He asks Lori if he can hold Maddy.
The dogs have left a trail of damaged goods and tables all around the markets. Rocco walks in and Lou gives him his day's takings. Sky and Boyd apologize to Lou for the damages the dog's causes. Boyd holds up some money and asks Lou how much it will cost. Lou takes all the money and Sky and Boyd protest saying they money isn't theirs it belongs to Walter Mouse. Lou tells them it's not his problems and the money doesn't even cover the damages to all his valuable goods. Connor walks in and tells Connor to clean up the rest of the mess. Connor tells Lou he promised Lori he'd take her and Maddy out. Lou tells Connor he has to do it as he has a bad back and can't. Sky and Boyd agree they have to get the money back for Walter Mouse.
Outside the Markets
Sue is following Rocco. Rocco turns around and asks him what is going on. Stuart holds up a toothbrush saying when Toadie mysteriously disappeared he took the wrong toothbrush which make him think something suspicious is going on. He wouldn't just abandon him family, Rebecchi's never let family down. Rocco tells Stuart the Police paid him a visit and they didn't find anything.
Sindi is leaving another message for Channel 44 to call her. Sindi starts talking to herself about the fact they won't call her back. The then talks to Audrey and Dahl asking them if she's going insane. Audrey barks and her. Sindi goes to check her email and notices there is one from Toadie.
Stuart tells Lou he saw him talking to Rocco at the markets today and seeing as they are close Lou might have some information on Rocco, something that would bring into question his standing in the community. Lou tells Stuart he knows Rocco parades around like Tony Soprano but he's a reasonable man and warns him not to get on his bad side.
Coffee Shop
Sky and Boyd are trying to come up with a plan to get the money back they owe Walter Mouse. Boyd suggests saving their pocket money but Sky says that will take too long. Sly wants to do kids parties. She'll dress up like a fairy and Boyd can be a cowboy. Boyd doesn't like the sound of that so Sky says maybe they can cut hair. Do funky look and Sky says she thinks Dr Kennedy could do with a Mohawk and Harold could do with a gothic look using her black hair dye. Boyd says he's glad the old Sky is back as he missed her. Sky thanks him for sticking around.
Connor tells Lori that he thinks She and Maddy should move into number 30. Just as friends then they could share the costs, and duties. Lori asks Connor is Stuart has agreed to it. Connor says he hasn't asked him but he'll be fine. He tells Lori she can stay in Toadie's room until he gets back. Lori agrees.
House of Trouser
Stuart gets off the phone from Angie. Sindi runs in with the email from Toadie telling Stuart he broke up with her.
She reads the email to him...
"Dear Sindi, I'm sorry I skipped town but I had to blow off Erinsborough for a while. I realise that a relationship between us isn't going to happen now that Rocco has told me about your past. I'm sorry about doing a runner on the kid, I know that Rebecchis don't let family down and Scott is one Rebecchi I wanted to be there for but I can't. I hope you understand it's over. Jarrod."
Stuart tells Sindi it's a fake. Toadie never calls himself Jarrod, he is always telling them that Scott is a Timmins not a Rebecchi. Stuart then says he told Rocco about Toadie not wanting to leave Scott so he knows Rocco wrote the email. Sindi tells Stuart to forget it, it is from Toadie. Stu tells her Toadie would never break up with her on an email... it is definitely a fake.
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Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4466
Sindi Watts

 in Neighbours Episode 4466

Sindi Watts, Rocco Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 4466
Sindi Watts, Rocco Cammeniti

Lyn Scully, Lori Lee, Maddie Lee in Neighbours Episode 4466
Lyn Scully, Lori Lee, Maddie Lee

Lou Carpenter, Connor O
Lou Carpenter, Connor O'Neill

Harvey, Bob, Audrey, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4466
Harvey, Bob, Audrey, Sky Mangel

Lyn Scully, Lori Lee, Maddie Lee in Neighbours Episode 4466
Lyn Scully, Lori Lee, Maddie Lee

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4466
Boyd Hoyland

Audrey in Neighbours Episode 4466

Harvey in Neighbours Episode 4466

Lou Carpenter, Connor O
Lou Carpenter, Connor O'Neill

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4466
Lou Carpenter

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4466
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Stuart Parker, Rocco Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 4466
Stuart Parker, Rocco Cammeniti

Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4466
Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Maddie Lee, Lori Lee

Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4466
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

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