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Neighbours Episode 4430 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4430
Australian airdate: 05/03/04
UK airdate: 16/04/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: None
- "Treacherous Head" by Skunkhour
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
Susan coming to Karl's office to sign some forms.
Connor swearing Max to secrecy on the home brew.
Lou reading Trixie's farewell letter.
Lou's Hotel Room
Lou is on the phone with the airline trying to cancel one of his plane tickets home. They can't refund it though so he can't get his money back. Front desk rings him to say that his credit card has been declined for his room payment. Lou tries to find another one for them.
Coffee Shop
Karl comes in from jogging to order some breakfast and sees Susan there. Susan wants to know if he got her message last night, and isn't too pleased to hear he didn't because he got home late. Susan tells him that Libby rang and she told her that they were separated. Karl seems worried about what Susan may have also said to her. "You think I would turn your own children against you?" she asks evenly. "I'm sure you can shatter any illusions Libby has about you all on your own."
Connor's complimenting himself on his beer when Stu walks in. He's complaining about his training, "Evil has a new name, it's Senior Constable Alan Schtiger." Stu says that he's not going to give up though; he's going to see this career through no matter what mind games the Snr. Constable plays with him. Stu tries some of 'O'Neill's Old Style Lager' and loves it much to Connor's delight.
Lyn's trying to make her video diary for Making Mansions but Jack keeps interrupting her with annoying questions. She gets fed up and starts to tell the video camera all of Jack's annoying habits just to get him back. Lyn takes the camera and runs to Jack's room to film all his "knickers and socks" on the floor. Jack chases after her to stop her.
Surgery/Law Firm
Liljana's giving Karl short answers again much to Karl's annoyance. David tells Lil to ease up when Karl goes into his office. "Hey, I was being perfectly nice." "Yeah, in a 'punch your lights out' kind of way." He asks her nicely to keep her moral outrage at Karl to a minimum, which she halfheartedly agrees to.
Ramsay Street
Lou arrives home to be greeted by a surprised Harold. Lou cringes, "Oh, hell." Harold gets on Lou's nerves right off the bat by enquiring about the whereabouts of his "child bride", and pondering if the audience even know about Hello Dolly of if they think it's "a musical about cloned sheep!" Lou gets angry. "Harold! Stroke or no stroke, one more word out of you, you'll be picking your teeth off the grass. So put a sock in it!" He stalks off, but Harold finds the whole thing quite amusing.
Harold comes over to offer his apologies and tells Lou he's also a bit jealous of him because of Trixie. He says that he'll never have what Lou has, "no more slap and tickle for me I'm afraid..." Lou interrupts and says he's very tired and he'll talk to him later. Harold takes the hint and leaves, telling him on the way out that Valda's back in town. By the look on Lou's face, that's the last thing he wants to hear.
Lil and David can't help overhearing Karl on the phone with Libby, who sounds like she's ripping into him. David gets up and takes a memo into Karl's office from Toadie. Karl sadly tells David that his daughter thinks he's a disgrace, then apologises for bringing him into it. David says it's fine and invites Karl over for dinner. Lil can hear them outside and looks irritated. Karl says he appreciates his offer and he'd like to. Lil gives David a death stare when he comes out.
Pub Office
Max and Stu are sitting a blindfolded taste test for Connor on three different types of beers. Max and Stu are making comments like they're at a wine tasting. Connor asks about the finish of beer A, and Stu jokes, "Well they live in Finland, don't they?" Max says that beer B "smells like a box of Boyd's socks," and is "boggy, like something died in it." Beer C on the other had is just right for Goldy-Stu and Maxy-Locks which pleases Connor as it's his home brew.
Lil and David are arguing about Karl coming over, while Harold is trying to choose some dinner music. "Christina Aguilera, do we like her? Hoo I must say, she's quite a saucy minx!" Karl comes to the open door just in time to hear their argument. Lil says she's Susan's friend and doesn't want to be a traitor by having Karl over, but David says Karl's his friend and he wants to cheer him up. Karl knocks, pretending he hasn't overheard anything and David lets him in. He says hello to Lil and Harold. Harold laughs, "Lucky you weren't here a minute ago, they were talking about you!"
Coffee Shop
Susan is showing Valda and Jack the books she bought on sale for Lyn and Lil to re-start the book club (Memoirs of a Geisha I think). Valda invites Susan back for some coffee and cake, but she says she's fine. Susan tells her she's thinking about applying for some adult education courses in Creative Writing and Modern Philosophy at the local Tafe. Jack says he knows some Philosophy, "Des Carte, Des Carte was a drunken old..." Valda tells him to zip it when he protests it's a Monty Python song.
Lil is still giving Karl the evil eye. Karl compliments Lil on dinner. "Thank you, it's a family recipe," she replies pointedly. David answers the door to Susan who has come by to drop a copy of the book off to Lil. She gets flustered though when she sees Karl is there and makes a hasty retreat. Lil runs out to apologise to Susan, saying that David was the one to invite him over. Susan says it's alright, her and Karl are bound to bump into each other from time to time, but Lil still feels bad about it.
O'Neill's Old Style Lager is going down a treat with the customers. Connor has run out of the first batch, but says there'll be more, later in the week. Max excites the cheering masses by adding that O'NOSL will be the house beer at Lou's Place from now on. Max tells Connor that there's no way he's going back home now that he's a national treasure. Connor does a merry little jig into the office.
Karl thanks Lil for the meal again and gets up to go. David says he's sorry about the uncomfortable environment, but Karl says it was nice to get out of the flat and be around normal people. "Did that cabbage give anyone else wind?" wonders Harold. David and Karl share a look. "Did you say normal?" David mutters. When Karl leaves, David and Lil resume their Karl argument with David on Karl's side and Lil head chief of the 'We Hate Karl Club'. "I don't want him in my home," complains Lil. Harold indignantly reminds them it's his home, his guest, and he wants to watch TV so "zip your lips, alright!"
Outside Number 32
Max gets home from the pub and sees the lounge room light on at Lou's. "Oh Boyd, not again," he sighs in disbelief, making his way over.
Max knocks on the door, "Open up mate, I know you're in there!" He gets a surprise when Lou answers, but pretends he knew he was home in the first place. Max tells him about Connor's home brew and asks if Trixie's back as well. Lou says she's still over there; he came back because he wasn't feeling well. Max eventually sees that Lou isn't in the mood for talking and says it's nice to see him back, and goes home. Lou looks depressed.
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Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4430
Lou Carpenter

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4430
Stuart Parker

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4430
Lyn Scully

Jack Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4430
Jack Scully, Lyn Scully

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4430
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Max Hoyland, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4430
Max Hoyland, Stuart Parker

Max Hoyland, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4430
Max Hoyland, Stuart Parker

Max Hoyland, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4430
Max Hoyland, Stuart Parker

David Bishop, Karl Kennedy, Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4430
David Bishop, Karl Kennedy, Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop

Liljana Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4430
Liljana Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Max Hoyland, Connor O
Max Hoyland, Connor O'Neill

Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4430
Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

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