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Neighbours Episode 4406 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4406
Australian airdate: 02/02/04
UK airdate: 11/03/04
Writer: David Hannam
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Trixie Tucker: Wendy Stapleton
Chris Cousens: Simon Mallory
Man In Suit: Rodney Mills
- "Danger Zone" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Mona
- Serena telling Liljana the $200 she found was from her, Lil tells Serena she wants to know the name of the photographer
- Summer and Declan boxing
- David confronting Chris
- David and Liljana finding Harold walking the streets
David and Lil bring Harold home. Liljana tells Harold to sit down and they'll get him some lunch then he can have a nap. Harold says he's not tired and he doesn't know what all the fuss is about. He tells them he is going outside to prune the garden. David says he'll keep and eye on him. David then notices all of Serena's stuff in the lounge room. Serena tells her parents she won't sleep in the same room as Sky and they can't make her. Liljana grabs her doona and gives it to Serena telling her to bring the stuff back to her room immediately.
Lou and Trixie's
Trixie comes home with the shopping telling Lou if she ever has to negotiate a shopping centre carpark again it would be too soon. Lou says next time he will drive her. Trixie shows Lou a card from Nina saying she's having a great time. Lou tells Trixie that Harold tuned up but he hasn't seen him yet. Trixie hands Lou a tin of biscuits saying she baked them herself, even putting each choc chips in by hand. She says they are a little burnt but she's getting the hang of it. Lou's not sure if he will go around after Harold's comments about Trixie. Trixie tells him he should, they are good friends and Harold's world has been turned upside down and he just needs to be around people who understand that.
Outside the Bishops
Harold is pruning a small bush. He cuts the wrong branch and the whole top of the plant comes off. Sky walks past Harold without saying anything. Lou comes over and gives Harold the biscuits Trixie made. Harold comments on them being burnt. Lou tells him it's the thought that counts. Lou yawns and says he should go home for a sleep as having a young wife tires a man out.
HAROLD: I thought it might you randy old goat.
Harold asks Lou about married life. Lou says it's great, he adores her and it's the picture of domestic bliss. Lou then confides in Harold that he's not sure if Trixie is really content just being his wife or if it just a show and maybe she gave up showbiz too soon. Harold: Well maybe you could ask her to put on a private show, just for you hey Harold says perhaps she's just afraid for losing face and she's really dyeing to sing again.
Sky asks Summer what her problem is. Summer asks Sky when she started caring. Sky say's she has to start somewhere and she senses major pre-teen angst. Summer tells Sky Boyd won't been home for ages and she wouldn't understand anyway. Sky says she's right. Summer then tells her that she and Declan were meant to go riding on their bikes but she got a puncture and Declan went with his friends instead and he didn't even offer to fix it and she was really looking forward to going. Sky tells her that's just boys, they're heartless and asks her what she's going to do now. Summer says nothing. Sky tells her she can have lots of fun with boys and bikes. Sky tells Summer she knows that Sum doesn't like her but it doesn't mean she can't learn from her mistakes and have fun with it, as long as she looses the attitude.
Sky and Summer are at the top of a hill holding tyres. Summer looks down at the plastic and tells Sky she's starting high school this year and is too old to be doing this. Sly tells her 'no guts, no glory' and begins to slide down. Summer looks around to make sure no one is looking then follows Sky. At the bottom Summer says it was unreal and wants to go again. As they are walking back up the hill, Summer asks Sky what she meant by boys being heartless. Sky says they don't mean to be, they just think differently to girls and Summer shouldn't be worried about Declan as he asked her first. Sky asks Summer if there is anything else worrying her. Summer says no but Sky gets it out of her. Simmer says she was worried she was a bad kisser but now she's worried Declan thinks she's boring to be around. Sky tells her the thought hasn't even entered his head and to take Boyd for example.
SUMMER: Yeah, Boyd hardly thinks of anything, ever.
Sky tells Summer she will jinx it if she keeps trying to second-guess Declan and she should do what she wants to do and have fun being herself.
Liljana gives Serena her $200 back saying she doesn't want it as it wasn't earned honestly. Lil tells Serena they need to have a chat. Liljana tells her it's serious. She knows Chris is a man not a boy and he makes her feel special but she has to be careful as some men only want one thing. Serena sys she knows what she's doing and she thinks she may even love Chris. Liljana tells Serena she doesn't and she doesn't even know what love is. Serena says she does. Liljana yells at her that she knows Serena thinks they are too strict and she wants to be treated like an adult but she's a child and she's had enough.
Chris's Studio
Serena tells Chris about the Liljana. Chris tells her not to worry and she's just being over protective. Chris tells Serena he's got some good news for her, an English magazine is looking for a new face to help launch and underwear line. Serena looks nervous. Chris tells her if she's unsure maybe she should talk to her parents about it. Serena says no and her career is a parent free zone and agrees model for Chris.
Chris's studio
Serena is modeling, Chris tells her she looks amazing and takes a couple more. They take a break and Chris goes to kiss Serena he pulls back and apologises saying it wouldn't be appropriate. He takes a gold chain and cross he was wearing off his neck and gives it to Serena telling her he bought it especially for her.
Lou and Trixie's
Lou gets off the hone and tells Trixie he has organized a house cleaner for her so she can concentrate on other interests. Trixie says it's really sweet but she wants to do it herself.
SUMMER: So how come you know so much about boys?
SKY: Well have you ever been to the zoo? The monkey enclosure can teach you everything you need to know.
Summer laughs.
Sky sees a man in a suit walking by. Sky and Summer hide behind a tree. Sky points to the man telling Summer Asio are monitoring the whole area, he's Christopher Skase's orthodontist and the link to the missing millions. Sky asks if they should follow him. Summer says yeah.
Trixie and Lou are having dinner Lou tells Trixie they have the best table in the house. Max pours them some wine.
MAX: You sure know how to make a lady feel special Lou!
LOU: Waiter, you still do want that tip I promised you?
MAX: Here's a tip... stay away from the Greek salad. Chef found a Huntsman (spider) in the lettuce.
LOU: Boom boom!
Lou tells Trixie she looks radiant and he has another surprise for her. He gives Max his cue to dim the lights. Lou goes to the microphone and tells everyone that his beautiful wife Trixie Tucker is here and if the crowd give her enough encouragement she may sing. Everyone claps and cheers but Trixie tells Lou she doesn't want to. Lou asks her again and Trixie shouts "No"
Pub Office
Lou is working in the office when he hears Trixie singing. He goes out and when Trixie sees him she stops saying the champagne made her do it. Lou says you can take the girl out of showbiz but you can't take showbiz out of the girl.
Sky brings Serena, Lil, David and Harold hot chocolates. They are all sitting in the living room and Serena pulls out a bag and gives a present to Harold. Sky says it looks expensive. Serena tells Harold they are designer pruning scissors that never go blunt. She tells him she knows they haven't been getting along lately but she wanted him to know there was no hard feelings.
Harold: Absolutely not. I'm closer to Sky of course, she's always been my favorite but she always makes an effort. Where as you seem to be interested in is money and clothing and well...it's nice to see you spending the money on me for a change.
Serena runs off. David asks Harold why he said that infront of her. Harold says he was only speaking the truth. Sky says she'll go after her but David says he'll go.
Trixie tells Lou he is one in a million. Lou say's he's sorry and he shouldn't have let her give up performing . Trixie says she just wanted to go out on the top, awards, applauds and leave them wanting more but it was just a silly dream. Lou says that hello Dolly would have been able for her to do that. Trixie says not the financial risks were too high. Lou says it would have made her happy. Trixie says that marrying him made her happy.
Outside Bishops
David tells Serena not to worry and Harold is just mixed up. Serena says it's not just Harold, everyone hates her and she can never do the right thing. David tells her if it's about Chris she shouldn't waste her time with him. Serena says they really had something special. David says he tried to take advantage of her. As David and Serena are talking it cuts to Chris uploading pics of Serena onto a website. Serena keeps telling David that Chris cares about her and Chris took pictures of her because he wants to show her off to the world. David says real relationships are about intimacy.
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Lou Carpenter, Trixie Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4406
Lou Carpenter, Trixie Tucker

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4406
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4406
Sky Mangel, Summer Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4406
Summer Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4406
Liljana Bishop

Chris Cousens, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4406
Chris Cousens, Serena Bishop

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4406
Serena Bishop

Summer Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4406
Summer Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4406
Max Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4406
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4406
David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

David Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4406
David Bishop, Serena Bishop

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4406
Serena Bishop

Chris Cousens in Neighbours Episode 4406
Chris Cousens

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