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Neighbours Episode 4392 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4392
Australian airdate: 16/12/03
UK airdate: 20/02/04
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Carmella Cammeniti: Natalie Blair
Jamie Clark: Angus McLaren
Santa Claus: Bill Gray
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Graham
- Sky telling Serena how upset she is about what happened to her at the formal
- Stu telling Jamie about the shares his mother left for him
- Toadie asking Taj is he cheated on the exams
Taj tells Toadie that lawyers are not supposed to make unfounded accusations. Toadie says it's not an accusation it's an observation. Taj reminds Toadie that he got into trouble at school but he got good exam results and he organised his time, he then accuses Toadie of being jealous. Toadie says he's not jealous and Taj's results just seem suss.
Sky is on the couch drawing. Serena comes in and tries to show Sky the pictures Chris took of her. Sky ignores her. Serena shows Sky a shirt she found for her. Sky still ignores her and Serena gives it to her and walks off.
Caravan Park
Stu is fixing Taj's uncles old motorbike. Stu tells Jamie that his whole family rides, even his mum and as a kid Saturday morning they all fixed their bikes. Jamie tells Stu that he had to look after his dad a lot. Stu asks Jamie is he is sick. Jamie says it's something like that. Stuart tells Jamie he can buy a bike with his money from the Shares. Jamie says he's happy to walk and nothing is worth going back home. Stuart tells Jamie he has an extra helmet if he'd like to go for a ride.
House of Trouser
Boyd comes over praising Taj telling him he is a legend and asks him how he beat the system. Taj tells him he just studied. Boyd says he saw him studying cricket and bar-b-quing . Boyd keeps asking him wanting to know how he did it. Taj's mum rings and Taj tells him he did ok in the exams.
Serena is making a sandwich. Sky comes out in the shirt that Serena gave her but she's cut the arms off it. Sky says she's was just making it her own. She asks Serena if she minds. Serena says not if it makes Sky happy. Sky tells Serena her sandwich looks good then takes half.
House of Trouser
Toadie apologies to Taj for accusing him of cheating. Toadie says he was jealous and it was pathetic and congratulates Taj on all his hard work. Taj confesses that he did cheat.
House of Trouser
Taj tells Toadie that he convinced himself that it was ok. He had worked so hard to get into film school and then he had to sit exams that had nothing to do with it. He said it seems like the whole system was against him and he just really wanted to get into film school. Toadie says he still may be able to if they says he didn't understand the full ramifications of what he was doing. Taj says he did though. He says he'll talk to him parents ver Christmas and the exam board after that. Toadie says he will cop a caning. Taj says it can't be worse than what he is feeling now.
SERENA: What are you drawing?
SKY: Nothing you'd understand
SERENA: Why what is it?
SKY: It's an abstract. Loyalty to your cousin. Like I said, You wouldn't understand.
SERENA: Are you going to stop treating me like dirt or what?
SKY: Um... I'm thinking like what sounds pretty good at the moment.
Serena says it wasn't her fault. She didn't lock her in or tip it over. Sky says no but she didn't do anything to help her either and if it was Serena in there she would have helped. Serena says it wouldn't have been her in there and she didn't make Sky unpopular sky did that to herself. Serena asks Sky if she is going to tell David and Lil about the modelling. Sky says she won't, they are like sisters.
Caravan Park
Stuart and Jamie come back from their ride. Jamie asks Stu how hard it is to get a bike licence. Stuart says he got his first go. Jamie says it mustn't be hat hard then. Stuart playfully grabs Jamie and Jamie shouts at Stu to get off him. Stuart asks Jamie if he's been knocked about before and if it was by his dad. Jamie tells him that when his dad got really bad they had to put him in a Psych hospital and he was to young to live on his own so he went to a hostel and some of the older boys hit him.
Sky is writing out christmas cards and Boyd comes over. Boyd reads the card and says "Dear Serena" is that it?Sky says she has lots to say just not the language that should be used at Christmas time. Boyd says she probably deserves it.
Boyd and Sky are walking through Lassiters complex and they see kids lining up to sit on Santas knee. Sky dare Boyd to go and sit on Santa's knee too. Boyd says he will but Sky says there is more. She whispers in Body's ear. Boyd looks shocked and says he can't say that to santa. Sky calls him chicken. He says he will do it as long as he can pick any dare for her and she has to do it. Sky agrees.
Boyd goes and lines up for Santa. Serena is looking at them and smiles at Sky. Sky just stares at her and Serena walks off. When Santa sees Boyd he asks him how old he is. Boyd says he is doing it for a dare and can he please sit on his lap. Santa agrees and after Boyd has his photo taken Santa asks Boyd what he's like for Christmas. Boyd whispers in Santas ear. Santa is shocked and call the elves to get rid of him.
Coffee Shop
Sky is covered in tinsel and wearing a wreath around her head. She takes Toadies order buy singing it to the tune of Jingle Bells. "how would sir like coffee, black, white or cappuccino?" Toadie looks embarrassed and whispers black. Boyd starts laughing. As Sky walks passed him he asks for a drink. Sky asks him what he would like. Boyd reminds her about the net and she sings. "how would sir like coffee, black, white or cappuccino?" Boyd laughs and says he'll just have water.
House of Trouser
Toadie brings Taj some of Izzy's muffins saying that he thought Izzy's muffins could cheer any man up. Taj is watching TV saying he doesn't know what gets into people over Christmas. He suggests there should be a non-Christmas channel that caters for grumpy people like them. Toadie says it's discrimination against the festively challenged and they should make a stand. Taj asks how?
Caravan Park
Jamie and Stu are in Stu's caravan. Jamie is looking through Stu's Phantom Comics and finds the paper with Stu on the cover and details of the Life Mechanics scam. Jamie asks Stu if he ripped people off. Stu says Life Mechanics did and he was part of it and he should have realised what they were doing. Jamie accuses Stu of trying to catch him with the shares his mother left him. Stu says he wasn't.
House of Trouser
Connor and Carmella are eating food that Carmella bought over. Connor asks about Rocco and will he find out where she is. Carmella says she told him she was going shopping but they should eat a bit faster.
Outside Harold's
Sly tells Boyd about David's Christmas lights and how no-one is allowed to see them until he reveals them on Christmas eve. She suggests they make a few modifications. Boyd says he loves the Christmas spirit.
House of Trouser
Connor says he's full. Carmella tickles him. Carmella says she should go and Connor starts to pack the basket. Carmella sees that Connor is terrified of her dad and says that his bark is worse than his bite. They head to the door and Carmella pulls out some mistelle toe. Connor kisses her on the cheek and she leaves. Connor says to himself "Note to self - stop having naughty thoughts about the cute Mafia girl. Why do I do that?"
Later that night
Toadie and Taj put a big Santa face in the winter with the words "Say no to Christmas" on it. Toadie says David is going to hate it. Taj thanks Toadie for being a mate. Toadie says it's ok, he just made a mistake. Taj says that's exactly what Stuart did and asks Toadie to go and talk to him.
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Taj Coppin, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4392
Taj Coppin, Toadie Rebecchi

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4392
Serena Bishop

Stuart Parker, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 4392
Stuart Parker, Jamie Clarke

Boyd Hoyland, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4392
Boyd Hoyland, Taj Coppin

Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4392
Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4392
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Boyd Hoyland, Santa Claus in Neighbours Episode 4392
Boyd Hoyland, Santa Claus

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4392
Sky Mangel

Taj Coppin, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4392
Taj Coppin, Toadie Rebecchi

Jamie Clarke, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4392
Jamie Clarke, Stuart Parker

Carmella Cammeniti, Connor O
Carmella Cammeniti, Connor O'Neill

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4392
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Carmella Cammeniti, Connor O
Carmella Cammeniti, Connor O'Neill

Toadie Rebecchi, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4392
Toadie Rebecchi, Taj Coppin

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4392
Toadie Rebecchi

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