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Neighbours Episode 4356 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4356
Australian airdate: 27/10/03
UK airdate: 18/12/03
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ryan Black
Chris Deckert
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
Number 28
Karl returns home to find Susan reading the note saying
"Do you know what your husband is up to?". Karl suggests that it might be the Hoyland kids mucking around again like they did with the hoax phonecalls, but Susan recons that it could just have easily been Izzy. Karl immediately jumps to Izzy's defence, but Susan points out that Izzy's a young, attractive, blonde female unlike herself. Susan goes on to ask Karl outright if he's sleeping with Izzy.
Number 24
David is outside at the front door on his mobile phone trying to work out what's going on with the business, but his partner cuts him off. Inside Serena is attempting to play her cello, with little sucess. Liljana asks Sky to set the table for dinner, but Liljana's rearrangement of the kitchen casues Harold to ask her where the compost bin is. She tells him she put it on the veranda outside because of the smell. David enters and after listening to Serena's first 'performance' tells her that she'll need to practise to become good on her 'cello. After playing, Serena throws her cello to the ground, and David starts telling her what an expensive insturment it is. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Harold tells Liljana to start serving the dinner, even though his isn't ready yet. Liljana suggests some vegetables, but Harold points out that they've been cooked in the meat juices. At the table, Liljana asks David about hs work phone, as she couldn't get through when she tried earlier in the day. He makes an excuse. Harold is annoyed to have to ask Liljana where the pepper is after she'd rearranged everything.
Number 28
Susan questions Karl over his recent activities including coming home late, using breathe freshener and going straight to the shower when he comes home. Karl tries to give Susan answers but she is unsure of all of them, and asks him why Izzy answered his mobile phone at the coffee shop earlier in the day, when any normal person would have allowed it to go to voicemail. He assures Susan that absolutely nothing is going on, but she asks him why he's been so distant lately. He admits that he hasn't been telling her everything and claims it's due to stress at work after sacking Cameron. Susan tells him she loves him and he shouldn't let his pride get in the way of telling her things. He agrees and they hug.
Number 24
Harold tries to make conversation with David by talking about current investment rates. He makes a remark about how many business men have been cheating on one another recently but David feels insulted claiming that not all business men are crooks.
Number 28
Susan is still bothered by the note, and tells Karl that she recons its Izzy. Karl asks what reason Izzy could have unless she is of course madly in love with him. Susan laughs mockingly, but is shocked when Karl suggests that they bite the bullet and confront Izzy. Karl drives Susan out the front door, saying that they may as well do it now.
Number 24
While doing the washing up, Serena asks Sky if the sports day at school is going to last all day. Sky tells her it is and comments that they should turn the whole country into one sports oval. Serena comments that it's better than school, and asks Sky whether the year twelves will be there too. Sky reals of a list of events that Taj is doing and offers to Serena to find out his timetable for her. Serena blushes. Sky says it's a shame she's at Eden Hills or she could perve on him all day. Liljana enters and overhears asking who they're talking about, telling Serena she's to young to perve. Serena says they were only mucking around. Sky asks Harold if she can pop to Boyd's to get some homework. He tells them to finish the dishes first. Liljana brings Harold a cup of tea, and while he puts it on the coffee table, she nicks the paper out of his hand.
Number 32
Izzy opens the door to find Karl and Susan. They come in and Karl asks her about the note but she says she can't help. Susan tells her if she's got a decent enough bone in her body then she'll tell them the truth. Izzy reitterates that she didn't writed it but tells them that she thinks she knows who wrote the note and that it was a very young schoolgirl who didn't know how much damage she was causing. At that point there's a knock on the door. Izzy opens it to find Sky and tells her that they were just talking about her. Karl asks Sky if she knows anything about the note.
Number 32
Sky says she was trying to help. With the arrival of Harold and Boyd in the room, Sky tries to explain that she saw Karl getting out of a taxi and using breathe freshener. Karl curses the breathe freshner saying he wished he'd never bought it. Sky goies on to explain seeing Izzy in the house with a man she claimed as a prowler. Boyd comments that it probably was a prowler in the garden. Sky tells them about hearing Izzy talk to 'Dr Love' and finding out that it wasn't the bread man. Izzy tells them that she is seeing someone, but sees no reason why she should have to tell a 15 yr old. Harold tells Sky that he's dissapointed in her, and tells her to apologise to Karl, Susan and Izzy. Sky refuses.
Number 24
Harold tells Sky that he is ashamed of her and that she will be appologising to all invloved whether she wants to or not. He also grounds her for two weeks only allowing her to go to school and accompany him to the coffee shop. Harold goes to bed and Serena appears from the kitchen. She gives her cousin a hug, agreeing that Harold's punishment was harsh.
Number 24
Next morning, Harold asks Sky if she's got her kit for school spots, she says she has and reassures him that she's not going to be bunking spots day. Liljana asks David if they can meet for lunch. He says he's too busy. She jokes that she'll have to start booking times with him if she wants to meet him for lunch. Serena tells Liljana that she'll make her own way home and leaves with Sky for school.
Sports Ground
While standing at the side of the running track, Sky tells Boyd that she's been grounded. Izzy arrives and mockingly asks Sky why she's so glum. Boyd tries to change the subject by telling Izzy that he's in the high jump which is later on. Over on the track, a friend points out Izzy to Jack, telling him to check out the 'chick'. Jack smiles at Izzy. Boyd dissapears of to check out his event time. Izzy tells him sh'es got all morning and after he's gone she tells Sky that she's got the rest of her life to pay her back.
Lassiters Park
David leaves a message for his colleague saying he may be forced to call the lawyers. Liljana calls David and explains the school called and that Serea hasn't turned up. David tells her that there's probaly a reasonable explaination and not to worry, but to meat him in the coffee shop.
Sports Ground
Izzy comments on the young men who are running in a race. Sky says she wouldn't be surprised if she was having an affair with all of them. Serena turns up to watch. They establish that she likes Taj, and Izzy tells her she has every right as a young woman to perve on the boys. Jack comes over to talk to Izzy, but she asks Boyd to take her to get a drink. Later, Jack asks Izzy why she is ignoring him. She reminds that their relationship is supposed to be a secret and that it's no strings attached. He agrees.
Coffee Shop
Liljana is unable to find Serena and begins to worry. They aks Harold, who suggests that Sky may know, and that she's at the park for sports day. Liljana and David thank him and leave.
Sports Ground
Izzy suggests to Serena that she goes to the finish line where Taj can hear her. She cheers him on and congratuleates him at the end of his race. Liljana and David find her and send her home. Liljana tells Taj that he's old enough to know better. Boyd, Sky and Izzy watch on.
Number 28
Susan gets off the phone as Karl arrives home. She offers to make dinner and suggests tey take the phone off the hook to give themselves some time after dinner. He asks why, and she explains their advertisement for Jaime Clarke went national that morning, and the phone has been non stop all day, even though the real one hasn't called. Karl sasy he's not takin it international as he's already spent too much. Susan mentions that Libby called and is still upset about Audrey. Karl recons she'll have to accept that Audrey is gone.
Shot of Audrey walking past a sign saying Adelaide 354km to the right and Melbourne 380km to the left.
Number 24
Serena is unsure what the whole deal about wagging school is, and is more upset about being humiliated in front of Taj. David tells her he's had enough and is going to enrole her at Erinsborough the following day, seeing as though she spends so much of her time there anyway.
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 in Neighbours Episode 4356

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4356
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4356
Karl Kennedy

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4356
David Bishop

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4356
Serena Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4356
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4356
Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4356
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4356
David Bishop

Izzy Hoyland, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4356
Izzy Hoyland, Jack Scully

Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4356
Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop

Liljana Bishop, Taj Coppin, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4356
Liljana Bishop, Taj Coppin, Serena Bishop

Audrey in Neighbours Episode 4356

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