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Neighbours Episode 4343 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4343
Australian airdate: 8/10/03
UK airdate: 1/12/03
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tony Simpson: Stan Tsitas
Delivery Guy: Ben Taylor
- "Old Pictures" by Something For Kate
Summary/Images by: RAEMAE/Karen (Katie)
- Susan accusing Izzy of stealing her purse.
- Nina and Jack in the hotel room.
Hotel Room
Nina and Jack are on the balcony with their arms around each other. Jack says the whole world has changed, it's perfect. Nina tells him she wants to stay in his arms forever. Jack tells her he remembers the first time he saw here, he knew he loved her.
Lou is in the officer playing with a pencil he then picks up the newspaper and reads the classifieds. Karl & Susan are having dinner. Karl asks Susan if he can sample her wine. Izzy walks in and two guys open the door for her. Susan gives Izzy a look. Izzy goes up to the bar and orders a drink from Lou, she takes the classifieds he was reading and asks him if he was looking for a bargain. Izzy looks at what Lou has circles and starts laughing saying she didn't know they even made them. Lou tells her he bought the lot. Izzy & Lou are laughing and Susan glares at them.
Hotel Room
Jack tells Nina he wants to stay the night but she says she has to go and watch her parents perform. She tells Jack that Melody organized a radio interview for her tomorrow. Nina tells Jack she will never forget today and it was beautiful. Jack goes to answer a knock at the door and it's Taj with room service. Taj asks Jack why he is here as the room was booked for Mr & Mrs. Jones. Jack tells him he's here with Nina and her agent Melody organized the room. Jack tells Taj things have never been better with Nina and tells Taj that he promised not to say anything about Edwina. Taj said he never promised and tells Jack that secrets always come out and it'd be better from Nina to hear them from him then someone else. Jack says he's left all the lies behind, Taj tells him he hasn't he's just swept them under the carpet.
Karl is at the bar paying for dinner, Izzy is standing next to him. Karl tries to make small talk. Izzy asks how Susan is. Karl sees Susan watching him and he leaves. Connor comes in and asks Lou why he was called in for a shift. Lou says it isn't for a shift he has another job for him and he holds up $50 saying it's a sample of what he could be earning if he sells the box. Izzy tells him she thinks they'll sell like hotcakes. Connor takes a look in the box and says they are men's padded undies. Izzy tells him to try on a pair. Lou tells him they are to enhance the shape of the buttocks and he's booked a stall at the markets for Connor to sell them tomorrow. Connor tries to leave but Izzy & Lou stop him.
Karl is telling Susan to give Izzy another chance. Karl says she's a nice person and they cleared up the business of her talking about Lyn and the purse. Susan says they haven't cleared it up and she's hurt everyone believes Izzy over her and she knows that one day Izzy will slip up and see what she's really like.
Connor is in the office. He has a pair of the padded undies on. Izzy knocks on the door wanting to see them but Connor locks the door. Izzy walks around to the other door and opens it. She laughs at Connor then chases him around the office & grabs the padding on the pants.
Coffee Shop
Nina and Jack walk in holding hands. Jack orders a coffee from Izzy. Izzy says she likes to see a man taking care of his girl. She then says "Jack isn't it?" Jack says yeah and goes back to Nina. Nina tells Jack that her dad didn't show up last night and her mum went on alone. Jack says he missed her and went to the mall and bought her something. Jack pulls out a journal and gives it to Nina. She reads the inscription inside "The journey, not the arrival matters, the vouge not the landing. Lets walk together., Love Jack" They kiss and Izzy interrupts them telling them their coffee won't be long. Outside the coffee shop Izzy is clearing away plates & cups when Karl walks by with a coffee & food from Grease Monkeys. Izzy asks if she's driven him away to the competition. Karl says a change is a good as a holiday. Izzy tells him she can understand he'd like a change from the old and she's sure she'll win his back somehow as she's full of surprises.
Connor comes back from the markets with the boxes telling Lou he only sold one pair and he's never been so embarrassed in his life. Lou tells shim he has to convince people it's a good idea to pad out their assets. Connor says it scares him that Lou actually believes his own lies. Connor tells Lou he's sick of his plans. Lou tells him not to forget who threw him a life line. Connor says he knows but Max has employed him now not Lou.
Jack wishes Nina good luck for her radio interview. Nina tell shim she'll dedicate a song to him. Nina goes to her locker and Taj says welcome back and hat she looks really happy. Nina tell him there was a few bumps when she got back because someone did what someone else wouldn't want them to do while they are away but it's ok now. Taj says he can't believe Jack fessed up. Nina says what. Taj says about Edwina.
Connor tells Lou he spoke to Max and he confirmed he is only employed by him to work in the pub. Lou has a go at Connor. Connor tells him he can't believe that Lou has a great pub, a huge house and the only thing that gets him by is scamming people. He tells Lou that he runs through old sales routines to sell useless junk to morons, Connor tell shim it doesn't say a lot about a man and if it's the only thing that's worthwhile in his life, he's a joke. Lou tells him to go back to work and he won't bother him anymore.
Karl is having lunch and Izzy walks up to him says it's ok a she's not staying she just wants to tell him it's ok and she understands why he's been avoiding her. Susan is his first priority and he should support her. Izzy adds that they did have fun though and walks off.
Switching between the school and radio station
School. Jack is sitting with a group students listening to Nina's radio interview. Taj is watching them.At the station the announcer asks Nina what her best subject is a school . She says she's not it's her best but she like's English. He asks her if she is working on an album. Nina tell shim she is still completing songs and she wrote one on the way to the station. The announcer asks her if it's about love and she says not it's about betrayal. Jack looks at Taj. Nina says' its about giving your everything and finding out it means nothing. The announcer says he senses some heartbreak and he hopes the loser knows what he is throwing away. Nina replies he will.
Izzy is having lunch with Lou. She tells him a joke to cheer him up... "How can you tell when a blonde has used your computer? There's liquid paper all over the screen" Lou doesn't react. Izzy asks him what's wrong and he says that life teaches you some hard lessons. Izzy says she knows and she's tried so hard to fit in but all she's done is cause trouble. Lou asks her if she's talking about Susan. Lou tells Izzy she's a breath of fresh air and to ignore Susan. Lou tells her old issues were raised when she became friends with Karl and I has nothing o do with her as a person. Lou adds that Karl is a nice enough bloke but he couldn't pour water out of his shoe even if the instruction were written on the heal. They both laugh.
Jack asks Taj why he told Nina. Taj says he thought he'd already told her. Nina had told him they'd had a fight and he though it was about Edwina. Jack tells him he can't believe he broke his word and he's ruined everything just when things were perfect with Nina. Taj says he thought things were perfect when he was with Nina too. Jack asks if it's payback. Taj tells him he should think about what he is going to say to Nina and he's not going to wish him luck .Taj then calls Jack a jerk & leaves.
Susan walks in and asks Lou for a bottle of wine. Lou tells her the wine list is on the counter. Susan asks Lou if he's having a bad day. Susan keeps talking and Lou snaps at her. Susan asks if she's done anything wrong. Lou says she's being a little judgemental of people and he thinks her attitude towards Izzy is poor and she shouldn't be so judgemental.
Jack is on the phone leaving a message for Nina. Nina knocks on the door and Jack answers it. Jack tells her he was leaving her a message and he knows she must be angry. Nina asks why? Jack says he knows that Taj told her what happened, it only happened once, it was stupid and she has every right to be angry. Nina says even after what he's done she still love shim. Jack tells her he's not asking her to forgive or forget he just wants a chance to make it right and he'll never make the same mistake again. Nina says she believes him, she him back his ring and journal saying she hopes when he meets someone else he'll never make the same mistake again. Nina goes to leave and Jack tries to stop her. Nina tells him she's not going to let him break her heart again.
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Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4343
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Taj Coppin, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4343
Taj Coppin, Jack Scully

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4343
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Connor O
Lou Carpenter, Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4343
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Connor O
Lou Carpenter, Connor O'Neill

Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4343
Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

Jack Scully, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4343
Jack Scully, Taj Coppin

Tony Simpson, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4343
Tony Simpson, Nina Tucker

Jack Scully, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4343
Jack Scully, Taj Coppin

Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4343
Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4343
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4343
Nina Tucker

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