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Neighbours Episode 4334 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4334
Australian airdate: 25/9/03
UK airdate: 18/11/03
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Edwina Valdez: Lucia Smyrk
Erin Perry: Talia Zucker
Brian Williams: Roy Edmonds
Braeden Murphy: Christopher Christo
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Max gets sick of Lou and Harold fighting
- Summer and Boyd tell Max he's losing it
The Hoylands
Max tells the kids he's fine, but Boyd says they're not little kids anymore and they can handle the truth. Max hates that he made Summer and Boyd feel like they couldn't come and talk to him. Boyd goes to watch TV, and Summer gives Max a hug.
Number 30
Toadie's watching the footy, Stu's reading a vegetarian cookbook, and Taj is over asking Stu about cars. Lou comes over and asks Toadie to write a formal letter to Rocco for him that expresses his dissatisfaction with the coffee machine.
The Hoylands
Max is on the phone to Lisa's mum, Andrea. They're arguing about what happened between Boyd and Lisa. Boyd and Summer are behind him, listening. Summer says she tried to stop him, but he was so angry he wouldn't listen.
Number 30
Taj invites Toadie and Stu to a party of Edwina's in the country (Stu was picking his nose at the beginning of this scene... blah.) Stu asks about Edwina, and Taj says that she's a really nice girl. Toadie finishes his letter to Rocco quite pleased with himself.
Outside Rocco's Warehouse
Harold takes Lou to drop off the letter. Lou nervously leaves it by the door and runs back to the car. Harold burns rubber outta there.
Erinsborough High
Boyd and Sky are chatting, and Boyd gets a little jealous of Sky's new Science class friend, Simon, that she seems to like talking about a lot. Her and Simon like the same sci-fi and occult stuff.
The Pub
Max burns himself on the coffee machine, and tells Lou the machine is crap. Lou says to give it time. A rowdy, drunken patron accidentally breaks a glass, and Lou says to keep an eye on him.
Erinsborough High
Sky wants to know if Boyd wants to check out stuff in the library with her and Simon, but Boyd wants her to come to the pub with him to see Lou's old collection of 1960s magazines. Erin walks by and her and Sky have a bickering-fest. Sky says that she'll be getting her revenge soon.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie and Stu talk about tofu (Stu's eating it to get into Kaveesha's good books apparently, and not her pants as Toadie suggests). He decides not to take her to Edwina's party after Toadie reminds him that most country blokes would think that yoga was some kind of snack food. Summer comes in all sad and depressed because she's lonely.
Erinsborough High
Boyd and Sky are chatting with friends. Erin comes up all angry at Sky because she hacked into her computer account and changed her essay around. The teacher wasn't impressed with Erin. "You're gonna pay for this." "Do you think she knows how much she sounds like the end of a Scooby Doo cartoon?!" laughs Sky.
The Pub
Max won't give the drunk guy more beer, so he gives him water instead. When Max is about to call the man a taxi, the drunk guy pours his water all over the counter. He and Max get into a scuffle, and Max raises his fist to punch him before Lou comes out of the office and stops it. Max goes into the office not knowing that Boyd saw him, and wasn't too happy.
Pub Office
When Lou comes to speak with Max, Max breaks down. He is ashamed that Boyd saw him (when Lou tells him). He says that his brain won't let him think Steph's gone. Lou's sympathetic, but says Boyd and Summer need him to be strong.
Erinsborough High
Sky tries to talk to Boyd about what happened at the pub, but Boyd isn't dealing with it very well and walks off to his class.
Edwina's Party aka Bonfire Bonanza
The boys arrive at the party. Toadie and Stu laugh at all the snogging and shennanigans going on around them, and Taj looks a little worried. Edwina's happy to see him and takes him to introduce to everyone.
The Coffee Shop
Sky finally gets Boyd to talk to her about what happened with Max today. He's really worried about Max, and he's not sure if things are going to be okay.
Bonfire Bonanza
Stu tries to steal meat off Toadie at the BBQ, but Toadie won't let vegieboy near it. Taj chats to one of Edwina's friends, Braeden. He finds out that Edwina has "dated" half the guys at the party, wink wink nudge nudge. Edwina walks up and Taj doesn't quite know what to say.
The Hoylands
Max and Summer are eating dinner (not takeaway for once, much to Summer's delight). Boyd comes home and Summer leaves them to chat. Max apologises to Boyd for what happened that day, and says he's going to get things back on track. Boyd seems a little happier.
Bonfire Bonanza
Toadie and Stu are surprised when Taj wants a lift back with them. Edwina wants to know what's up with Taj, and guesses that it's still about Jack and how history repeated itself. The look off Taj's face seems to prove this right.
<<4333 - 4335>>
Taj Coppin, Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4334
Taj Coppin, Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4334
Summer Hoyland

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4334
Max Hoyland

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