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Neighbours Episode 4327 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4327
Australian airdate: 16/09/03
UK airdate: 07/11/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Lisa Jeffries: Rhiannon Fish
Det. Alec Skinner: Kevin Summers
Summary/Images by: Kulin/Mona
- Steph telling Stu she quits.
- Lyn shoplifting.
Detective's Office
Det. Skinner tells Lyn that the shop wants to charge her. Lyn says that she didn't even realise she put the statue in the pram. The Det. says that this is the second incident in a week, as Oscar starts to cry. He says that Oscar may need a feed or a change. Lyn just stares at the baby, and then snaps at the Det. when he presses the issue. "Leave me alone! I just can't do it now, okay. I'll fix him up later." She gets teary. "Just leave me alone." The Det. looks concerned.
The Hoylands
Max is bundled up on the couch with a cold. Summer has made him brekky which remains untouched on the coffee table. He realises what the time is and shouts out to Summer that he'll drive her to school. She says that he's too sick to take her and she'll walk. Max says he's going to call Lou and tell him he's taking the day off. Summer happily says that she'll stay home and look after him then, but Max says no.
Detective's Office
Det. Skinner is nursing Oscar, and he tells Lyn he has two boys of his own. He says that Oscar is going to grow up to be a handsome young man, and Lyn should be proud. "I really don't feel he's anything to do with me," she says sadly. "I look at him... and I don't feel anything. Sort of like there's this grey veil between us." Det. Skinner is sympathetic. He wants to call Joe to come and get them. Lyn gets panicked and says that she can't contact him. Det. Skinner then asks for her GP's number, it's in her and Oscar's best interests.
The Coffee Shop
Libby and Steph are having a drink. Steph has to be at the hospital in eight hours, and her operation is in the morning. "What do you suggest I do for my last day of freedom?" Libby says she'll be fine, but Steph says to humour her to take her mind off it. Libby suggests retail therapy... or she could tell her parents. Stu comes in wanting a word with Libby. He wants to know why Steph's stuff is in his old wardrobe (he went to get the rest of his clothes), and asks if it is all about her unresolved feelings for him. She says there aren't any, and it's not even an issue. Stu gets a bit miffed, and then turns on Steph, clearly still annoyed at her abrupt resignation. Steph informs him that she and Max broke up, and she needed somewhere to stay. Stu says he's sorry about the spilt, but still doesn't understand why she quit work. Steph says it just got all too much for her.
Outside the Detective's Office
Det. Skinner is talking to Karl, and Lyn is in the background, crying. The Det. has been through the same thing with his wife, that's how he recognized the symptoms. Karl suspected something was up, but he wanted to be proven wrong. He says he's glad the Det. called him, and goes in to see Lyn. She tells him that she's so ashamed. Det. Skinner leaves them to have a chat. Lyn still doesn't understand why Karl's there. Karl tells her that her recent behaviour might be the result of a medical condition. "I suspect you're suffering from postnatal depression." She looks a little stunned.
The Pub
Max has stopped by to grab some paperwork, and nearly bumps into Stu on the way out. Max is coughing and spluttering, and tells Stu he could be contagious so be careful. Stu tells him that he just heard about the break-up with Steph, and he's sorry. He also tells him that Steph's living with Libby for awhile which gets Max's attention. Stu says that Steph quit her job too, and Max is surprised but says she must have her own reasons. "Plain ingratitude and selfishness I reckon," says Stu bitterly. Max gives him the eye, "Watch it mate." Stu says sorry and Max leaves.
The Kennedys
Karl explains PND to Lyn, and says that they can treat it with counselling, some medication, "and good old fashioned time." Lyn says that Joe knows she's tired, but not how she feels about Oscar. Lyn wishes that she could feel some love for him. "When I pick him up, it's like I'm holding someone else's baby. Why Karl? He's my baby, why can't I love him?" She starts to cry again, and Karl tries to comfort her.
Joe is talking on the phone and is apparently trying to track Lyn down again, just as she walks in through the door. He asks her if she's been crying and she tells him she's just got hay fever. She tells Joe she's taken the day off and will stay with Ozzy, Joe asks if she's sure and she says she is. Joe is just about to leave when Lyn says he's name. She asks him whether roast lamb would be OK for dinner and Joe, looking a bit confused, says she's got him.
The Coffee Shop
Summer is telling her friends that soon she'll be able to get free food from the Coffee Shop. One of her friends (the Canadian one) walks and says that her mum just told her that Steph dumped Max like a sack of potatoes. Summer tells her it's none of her business. But the girl (her name so escapes me) keeps at it saying that it's true and her mum thinks Steph dumped him because he was too old for her, that she got bored with him. Summer doesn't take this too kindly and they (having taken a lesson out of the Taj and Jack's guide to fighting) start tugging at one another's jumpers. The man of the moment, Jack comes and breaks them up, and the other gals zip off to Grease Monkeys. Jack asks Summer what that was about and Summer tells her it was about Steph, she asks him why she had to leave, "why did she have to leave us?"
Max is unconscious on the couch, snoring away, when Summer comes in and puts the papers that he was reading on the table. He wakes up and asks her why she's there and she holds up a bag of lemons and says she'll make him some lemon juice. She tells him that she hates seeing him like this and he needs someone to care for him and asks if he's called her. "Sorry?" He says. "Have you rung Steph?" He tells her he hasn't and he won't. Summer asks where Steph is now and Max tells her she's at Lib's. Apparently.
The Coffee Shop
Joe has ordered something just as Karl comes in. They greet one another and Joe tells him that he got Susan's message about the water system. Karl says she shouldn't have bothered him about it. But Joe, seemingly reluctant, says that he helped install it. But Karl says it's out of warranty and is probably a job for a plumber. Joe seems to take this as a brush off and Karl tries to make amends and thanks Joe, saying he's very grateful. Joe tells him he'll be around at 6 and Karl pays for his stuff and turns around to leave. But then he turns around and asks Joe if he's had a chance to talk to Lyn. Joe says he has, and Karl says that's good, "It's probably good to have the problem out in the open." Joe asks him what he's talking about and Karl says "the whole situation," which is obviously not clear enough and Joe starts shouting at Karl, telling him that "Lynnie, doesn't have any problems. I'm fine, Lynnie's fine, Oscar's fine, I wish for the last flamin' time that you'd stop sticking you nose in-" Karl backs off, saying he's sorry. He is about to walk off, but stops again and turns around...again. "No, dammit, why should I apologise?" He says, slamming his sandwich into the counter. Joe starts up, but Karl talks over him. "Why don't you just be quiet and listen for once in your life. I would never interfere unless I thought there was a very good reason. So why don't you pull your head out of the sand and go home and have a heart to heart talk with your wife." He then picks up his sandwich and drink and leaves, whilst poor Joe looks a bit confused. Or maybe gob smacked. (Go Karl!)
Joe walks in and does a Karl (slams his sandwich into the table... Poor food!). He tells her that Karl says they have some sort of problem. "Now is he just being a busy body (how dare he!) or is there something we need to talk about?" Lyn asks Joe to not get angry. She tells him she was caught stealing. She also tells him about the rattle she stole the week before. He asks her why she didn't call him and how did Karl find out? Lyn tells him that the detective could tell she wasn't coping with Oscar and he called Karl. "They reckon I've got post natal depression." Joe can't seem to think of something to say. "See it's why I, uh, it's why I can't cope, why I'm tired all the time and it's why I can't bond with Oscar." "What do you mean, 'can't bond'?" He asks. "It's why I don't love him enough. But it's not my fault Joe. It's the depression thing." Joe gets up and hugs her. Lyn tells him she should've told him that morning, but she was so ashamed. She tells him that he (I assume she means Karl) reckons she has to tell Steph and Jack, that they have to deal with this as a family. Joe tells her they'll get through, "you and me together."
Jack asks why they're having a family conference. Lyn wants to hear Steph's news, but she insists they go first. Joe explains that Lyn has had trouble recently and probably has Post Natal Depression. Lyn helps him to tell them a little of what it means and when he gives as one example of Lyn's uncharacteristic behaviour the fact that she hasn't been able to bond with their new little brother, Steph moves over to hug her. Joe continues by saying that since they know how fantastic a mother she is, they must realise what a big thing that is for her. He feels he 'brainless' has been no help at all, but now they know what it is they can start to put it right. Lyn notices that Jack's hanging back and tells him tentatively that it will be Ok., she will recover fully., but she needs his support to get through it. He replies that she always has that and moves forward to hug her. She mentions that she has been doing some very strange things, but Joe adds that they'll tell them more about it while they have coffee. Lyn asks Steph for her news. After some hesitation, Steph says that she and Max have split up. Both Lyn and Joe are shocked and listen sympathetically as she says it happened the previous week and she's been staying with Libby. Lyn hugs her and says how sorry she is, but Steph answers that these things happen and she'll be OK. When Joe and Lyn have left the room, Jack tells Steph that Summer told him about her and Max.
Coffee Shop
Lisa and the gang come up to Summer who seems about to apologise, but Lisa announces that Summer has been uninvited to her big birthday party planned for a few days' time, the gang have just had a meeting and Summer has been unanimously voted out of the House. Summer looks tearful as they walk off.
Lyn and Joe are taking Oscar out for a walk, but Jack and Steph won't go with them. After they've left, Jack says 'Shoplifting! Mum must be freaking out'. Realising that Steph's not with him, he reassures her that she and Max will sort things out, but then sees that she has already burst into tears. She sobs as she tells him that she can't let their parents know because of all their problems, but she has breast cancer and is going into hospital that night to have the lump removed. He holds her, confessing that he doesn't know what to say, but agrees not to tell as it's so important Lyn gets better, for her and the baby. Steph asks him to come back with her to Libby's to help while she packs some things.
<<4326 - 4328>>
Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4327
Lyn Scully

Detective Alec Skinner in Neighbours Episode 4327
Detective Alec Skinner

Karl Kennedy, Detective Alec Skinner, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4327
Karl Kennedy, Detective Alec Skinner, Lyn Scully

Karl Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Detective Alec Skinner in Neighbours Episode 4327
Karl Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Detective Alec Skinner

Karl Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4327
Karl Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4327
Lyn Scully

Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4327
Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4327
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries in Neighbours Episode 4327
Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries

Lisa Jeffries, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4327
Lisa Jeffries, Summer Hoyland

Lisa Jeffries, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4327
Lisa Jeffries, Susan Kennedy

Lisa Jeffries, Jack Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4327
Lisa Jeffries, Jack Scully, Summer Hoyland

Jack Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4327
Jack Scully, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4327
Steph Scully, Jack Scully

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