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Neighbours Episode 4321 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4321
Australian airdate: 08/09/03
UK airdate: 30/10/03
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Candace Barkham: Kate Whitbread
Hank Humbert: Zelco Vanis
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
- Boyd suggests to Sky that they go to Lassiter's
- Harold tells Sky he'll miss her
- Steph tells Karl he told her she was too young to have breast cancer and asks what's going to happen to her now
The Coffee Shop
Harold is telling Izzy that he'll miss Sky terribly when she leaves. Izzy says of course he will, seeing as he is a kind, warm, generous man. Harold thinks she's having him on and Izzy insists that she knows people and she's seldom wrong. Harold seems to have bought her lines and tells her that he's been thinking about fostering kids after Sky leaves. "See?" Izzy says, "I knew you were kind." Harold then airs his concern about not being able to spend enough time with the kids though and Izzy suggests he get a manager. She tells him that he should allow the manager to have a stake in the business that way they'll be just as dedicated. Harold seems to like the idea or is at least considers it.
Steph walks into the building for Lib and Stu's place and knocks the door. When Lib answers it, Steph asks where Stu is and Lib tells her, he crashed at Toadie's. Lib notices that Steph is acting a bit oddly, "What's happened?" Steph hesitates briefly, "I've got breast cancer, Lib." Libby asks how's Max and Steph tells her, he doesn't know. "No one does, just you and your dad." Lib asks about Joe and Lyn and Steph tells her she hasn't been able to find the right time, but she says she will tell them soon. "And Max?" Lib asks. Steph says she can't tell him. "It's just too hard."
Summer seems to be having a bit of difficulty holding something back/breathing and calls for Izzy, who comes in with a fruit bowl and empties it on the couch before handing it to Summer, saying she couldn't find a bucket. Steph then walks in and Izzy says she's so glad Steph's there because Summer's sick and she has to go somewhere. Steph agrees to look after Summer till Izzy gets back. Summer asks where Izzy's gone and Steph tells her she's gone somewhere important, "but I'm here." Summer kind of nods before running off towards the bathroom.
Erinsborough High
Susan is giving Candace a run down on what's been happening. Something about a toilet block and the uniform code. Candace asks about Libby's resignation and Susan tells her, that wasn't on the agenda. Candace tells Susan that she's heard what happened and that she'd "really like to discuss the matter directly with" Lib. Susan asks why and Candace tells her she thinks it's fairly important. Susan asks that Candace "let it go" because Lib has been through so much. Candace ignores her plea and asks whether Lib will be home in the afternoon. Susan tells her she doesn't know, before fessing up that Lib doesn't live with them anymore. Candace asks where she can find her. She tells Susan, if Lib doesn't want to talk to her, she can tell Candace herself.
Harold and Sky are playing operation, but Harold's new red tie falls on the board and sets off the alarm thing. He's also wearing a hat that Sky got for him from an op shop. When Sky misinterprets his complaints about the tie falling on the board, he tells her he likes it, but he now knows why surgeons only where bow ties. Sky tells him he can get her one from the op shop "down the road. It's so big it's got everything. Just like the school." Harold asks her how she knows about the school and she tells him she met up with Boyd there. She tells him Erinsborough high is very different from her school where it's just "me and tonnes of space." Sky successfully plucks something (can't see) and tells Harold it's his turn and that he's going for the spare rib. He tries to prep himself, and Sky cheers on, telling him he can do it. And he sure can...set off the red light.
The Pub
Izzy is telling Max about Summer, and when he asks what she ate, Izzy tells him "not much. Few pancakes, bit of ice cream. Must've gone down the wrong way," she chuckles. "But don't panic," she tells him, "Steph's looking after her." She tells him that she could've looked after Summer, herself, but she thought they, Steph and Summer, could use some quiet time. Max asks her if she wants a coffee, but she tells him the coffee there is terrible, which Max takes offence to. She tells him she only came down to tell him about Summer. "But now I'm here, there is something else." She tells him, it's hard for her to find the right words without sounding melodramatic and Max suggests she spit it out. Izzy says she needs his help and when Max asks why, she tells him it's something that will change her life forever.
Steph walks into the living room carrying a glass of lemonade. Boyd then comes out and heads out the door, saying bye to Steph and 'Spewwy.' Steph tells Summer to ignore him and just take it easy. Summer asks her to watch TV with her and Steph, having agreed, sits on the other couch. Summer tells her she can sit next her, she won't spew on Steph. Steph gets up and sits beside her. Summer then leans on her and thanks her for staying with her, "it's really horrible when no one cares about you when you're sick."
The Pub
Max is apologising to Izzy, because he can't help her. Izzy insists it's not that much money, but Max tells her it's too much for him. He then gives her a rundown all the past investments she's conned him into. Including a Llama farm and a recording studio and something else, that I couldn't hear. Izzy acknowledges her past not so successful business ventures, but tells him that the Coffee Shop is a solid investment and he can trust Harold if not his little sister. Max isn't convinced. She admits she's flighty and she changes jobs "like my undies and choose the wrong men." Izzy tells him she wants to stop all that. She wants to be more like him. "I want the chance to be apart of...something."
Libby rushes into the place and answers the phone. It's Susan, asking her where she's been. Libby says she just got back and tells Susan she should've tried calling on the mobile. "I did. Twice." Libby starts telling her why she hadn't heard the phone and Susan talks over her and says there's something she should know. Someone then knocks at the door and Lib tells Susan to hold on while she answers it. And Susan is left on the line telling the air, "That it's probably....Candace." Libby answers the door and surprise, surprise, it's Candace! Libby looks more then a little surprised and Candace asks whether Susan told her she was coming. Libby says Susan tried, having realised why Susan had called. Candace says she wants to talk, but Libby doesn't seem that happy about the idea. Candace tells her she's not alone, that she also got involved with a student once.
Ramsay Street
Boyd is skating around showing Sky what he can do. Boyd then tries to teach her how to do an Olly (sp?), but she's not that stable on the board and keeps on falling against him. Harold then comes out and Sky tells him to have a go to, but he picks up that she's having a go at him and walks back into the house, smiling. (He's smiling a lot these days aye?) After he leaves, Boyd and Sky get back to their lessons... Well, their inadvertent hugging sessions.
Candace is telling Lib about her student love. She tells Lib how after that had happened she'd quit teaching for quite a while. Lib tells her she'll never go back. Candace tells her it'd be a shame if she didn't. Lib tells her, she's still got her writing and it's probably better for her. Candace tells her she's a good teacher, "and so is your mother." Candace tries to get her to reconsider, but Lib tells her she won't change her mind. Candace gets up and heads towards the door, saying she thought she might make a difference, Lib tells her she has. But Candace says, "obviously not enough." She tells Lib she's made one small mistake, that's all and that she shouldn't miss her calling because of it.
Harold is reading Izzy's resume as she follows close behind him, telling him about all the experience she's got. Harold tells her these things can't be rushed, and Izzy tells him, there's no time like the present. Harold then agrees to talk to his accountant just as Boyd and Sky come back in. Boyd asks why Izzy's there and Izzy tells them, she and Harold are going into business. Sky is not happy. Harold tells Sky it's just a thought, but Izzy tells 'Harry' to not fight fate, because "you and I are going to rock the café world." Boyd and Sky go off to one side and Sky tells him that his aunty shows a lot of skin. Boyd defends her, by saying she likes to look good. Sky tells him she looks like a pole dancer. Boyd tells her to lay off, "she's actually a lot of fun." "Well show me a pole dancer who isn't?" They then discuss how they're going to get to Lassiter's and decide on meeting up at 7pm at Harold's.
Max comes in to find Steph receiving a manicure. Izzy then runs in and drags him off to one side. She tells him about Harold talking to his accountant. She tells him it's all thanks to him. Max is confused and Izzy tells him, "because you agreed to lend me the money." Max says he did no such thing. "You said, you'd help." Max tells her he said he'd think about it. Izzy tell him that always means yes. Which is exactly what he says...just a bit reluctantly, but, he tells her, it depends on what the bank says.
Harold is playing his tuba, when Sky walks out and gets his attention. He tells her she looks beautiful. "It's just a bit of make up and hair spray," she tells him. She goes over to the window, then quickly runs into her room, telling Harold to stall Boyd. Harold then answers the door and Boyd is wearing casual clothes, unlike Sky. Harold mentions the possible dress code to Boyd and he takes the hint and runs off home to change. After he's left Harold calls Sky. She asks him if he said anything, and Harold says he did, in a very subtle way. He also tells her he spoke to her dad on the phone and Joe is considering letting Sky stay longer. Sky says that's unreal and thanks him before running off to her room.
Boyd and Sky both say it's a good thing they got dressed up. Boyd picks up on Sky's unusual chirpiness. She tells him, it's probably because she's going to see Candace all dolled (right word?) up. She then spots Candace coming in, Boyd turns to look, "don't look," she snaps at him. She might recognise him. Boyd asks her questions and Sky commentates on what Candace is doing. "She actually looks pretty hot," which makes Boyd try to turn around again. Boyd starts thinking up worse case scenarios on how they might have screwed up. Sky tells him not to stress. The waitress gives them the menus and Boyd casually asks what Harold is doing. She tells him he went to see Lou. "They should just get married, and be done with it," she tells him. Blue Suit Man™ then comes in. Sky is commentating again, and she tells him Candace looks very happy.
Izzy is on the phone to Barry. She's trying to get a reference from him, even though she was only working wherever he is, for a very short, but memorable two weeks.
Summer is feeling a lot better, and Max suggests she go to bed. "But I've been lying down all day," she argues. "Good then you'll know how to do it properly." Summer agrees, but only if Steph will come and see her collage she did for art. Steph agrees, but Izzy says she'll go, saying that Steph could use a break. Summer asks her if she knows anything about art. "I was a nude model once." Silence takes over the Hoyland household as Steph, Max and Summer look at one another.
Sky is still commentating whilst Boyd is leaning forward in his seat, looking as if he's trying to visualise what is happening behind him. Suddenly Candace and Blue Suit Man™ get up and leave. "Looks like they've got somewhere better to be," Sky says with a cackle. After the two lovebirds have gone, Boyd and Sky settle into an uncomfortable silence, before he suggests they should leave too. Sky says she was thinking of getting a coffee. Boyd is happy with that. "Well," Sky tells him, "I think that was the beginning of a beautiful romance." Boyd just looks at her with a half smile. "Only got eyes for each other," Sky continues, and Boyd smiles, showing teeth and all. (He is so in lurve!)
Steph is sitting by herself, when Max comes and joins her, after he talks to Summer's door and the giggling that's coming from within. He asks Steph if she's feeling tired, and she says, she is, a bit. He says, she's had a hard day. "It's tough work taking care of sick people." When she doesn't say anything he asks her if something is wrong. "This isn't working," she tells him. He asks what, and she says 'us.' Max asks her what she's talking about, and she says she wants to move out.
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Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4321
Harold Bishop, Izzy Hoyland

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4321
Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Candace Barkham in Neighbours Episode 4321
Libby Kennedy, Candace Barkham

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4321
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4321
Sky Mangel

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4321
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

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