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Neighbours Episode 4310 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4310
Australian airdate: 22/8/03
UK airdate: 15/10/03
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista/Mona
- The coroner gives out the verdict of Dee's death
- Jack tells Edwina that he has a girlfriend, but Edwina asks why he answered to her e-mails
- Toadie tells Stuart that he is suing him for Dee's death
Harold and Connor are visiting the Scullys and the baby. Harold looks at Oscar and says that Lyn and Joe must be proud. Joe offers the baby to Connor and he is a bit hesitant, but takes Oscar and holds him. Joe tells him that he will make a great Dad, and Connor recites some poetry for the baby. The blokes look a bit surprised and Lyn says that he has a great way with words. Connor smiles and says that it must be the Irish in him.
Libby is shocked when Stuart tells her that Toadie is suing him. She tells him that this is starting to get beyond a joke, and that Stu has to talk to Toadie. Stu sighs, saying that he'll take whatever he throws at him. She just shakes her head and tells him that Toadie suing is a waste of time, and soon he won't have any friends left. Stuart tells her to put herself in Toadie's shoes, but the Libby reminds him that she was in his shoes, and that just letting him abuse you isn't helping either of them. She advises him to stop being so nice to Toadie and to talk to him, because your not doing him any favours walking all over you.
Harold is home telling Sky how nice the Scully baby is. Sky informs him that no baby will ever come out of her body. Harold smiles, and tells her that he remembers Kerry saying that, but when she had Sky it changed everything. Sky looks intrigued for a moment, but then asks him to change the subject. He then gives a letter to her, saying that he was going to post it to WA, but now that she's here she can read it now. She opens it up, and to her glee it's a love letter (poem) from Boyd. Harold looks surprised when she says the letter is from Boyd and says that he must of thought she was leaving, so now he can say those things to her. Sky smiles to herself and tells him that she doesn't think so.
Nina and Taj are in the coffee shop, and she tells him that Libby's car was in the Kennedys' driveway so she must be back. Taj smiles and says that he wants to let Libby go, so now it's girls his age... or nothing. He tells her that he thinks that Edwina looks pretty good to hang round with. Nina scoffs when she hears Edwina's name, and tells Taj that she has wandering eyes, and the impression she got from her was quite tarty. Taj defends Edwina, telling Nina that she only met her for a minute, and she needs more time to build an opinion about her. Nina sighs and says that she doesn't need any more time, and is worried about Jack's relationship with her.
Connor is talking to Boyd about poems. Boyd is a little bit judgmental about the poems, however Connor insists that words are a way to a woman's heart. Connor starts to read some poetry, but Boyd looks around and tells him to keep the noise down. He continues to read, and offers Boyd two poems for the price of one. Boyd shakes his head, but Connor says that his 'lady friend' might like some more poetry. At that moment, Sky walks in, and Connor makes himself scarce. Boyd looks surprised, and said that he thought that she was halfway to the WA by now. She just shrugs and says that she changed her mind. Sky then gets out the poem Boyd sent her and starts to read it 'Your name is tattooed on my heart.' Boyd looks embarrassed, and she tells him it was beautiful.
Nina and Taj are at the coffee shop still discussing Edwina. Nina confides in him that everytime she hears the name 'Edwina' bells go off in her head. Taj just sighs, and Nina feels that he knows something's going on, and begs him to tell her. Taj looks at Nina and reminds her that he cheated on him with Jack, and now she wants him to care? Nina opens her mouth to say something, but Taj continues, telling her that karma is catching up with her, and what goes around comes around.
Sky continues to read Boyd's poem out loud, making Boyd look embarrassed until she finishes. She tells him that it was so sweet it made her a diabetic. She smiles at him and points out that it is ironic that he is wearing the jumper that she gave him. Boyd tells her that it was the only clean one left and takes it off and gives it to her. She also points out that he is listening to her music. Boyd says that it's ironic, because Summer must have put it on. Boyd then asks her why she kissed him goodbye, and she tells him that it was an ironic kiss. She thinks of a reason to leave, and Boyd asks her if she's going to give him 'an ironic kiss' goodbye; (sarcasm) and she just rolls her eyes and says 'ironic isn't it?'
Connor is trying to sell poetry to other people, who are quite interested in buying it. At that moment, some of the sheets blow away, and suddenly Lou arrives and picks them up. Lou takes the poems back from the 'potential customers',' but Connor tells him that they are selling like hotcakes. Lou informs him that he took those poems off him, and he should be calling the police for stealing. Connor looks taken aback, and says that he thought that he would be interested to get a share of the profit. Lou looks stern, and says that he was going to offer Connor another job, because his three month trial period was up, but to forget it now- because he is fired.
Harold asks Sky in the coffee shop what she is going to get up to today. She suggests that annoying Boyd might be a good idea, so she'll invite him for a swim. Harold thinks that annoying Boyd isn't something she should be doing, but Sky says that she'll be at home if he wants her for some reason, and with that she leaves.
Libby and Stu are talking about Toadie again. Lib still thinks that Stu should talk him, but he still thinks it is the best idea if he just lets Toadie vent his anger out. She says that it's not like him to cop unnecessary flack, without giving some back- and that he doesn't deserve it. Toadie then walks in, and Stu tries to talk to him. Toadie advises him that next time he sees him, to walk away. Stu tells Toadie that he is there if he wants to talk, because they are still friends. Toadie looks at him and says that if he thinks they are still friends, he is stupider than he thought, Toadie walks off leaving Lib to watch on a confused Stuart. Libby tells him that grieving isn't an excuse to treat people like this, and his best friend has just thrown his friendship back in his face. Stuart tells her that he is angry, and will go and talk to him.
Stu knocks on Toadie's door. Toadie answers and tells him to go away. Stu stands his ground, and says that it was a shame Dee died, but it wasn't his fault. Toadie tells him that it was, and he will pay. Stuart yells at him that if it was anyone's fault it was his, because when he leaned over to kiss her, he lost control of the car. Toadie looks coldly at Stuart before slamming the door in his face.
Lyn is pecking around her plate when Joe arrives at the hospital. He tells her that he smuggled in some bacon for her, and she sighs in relief, saying it is just what she needed. Joe is looking at Oscar but Lyn tells him to be careful, because he's just gone to sleep. He looks at Lyn and says that the baby looks hungry, but Lyn insisted that she just gave him a bottle. Joe looks confused and reminds her that she said she was breast-feeding the baby. Lyn snaps she has changed her mind. She then looks at Joe and sobbingly apologizes, saying that she has never got the chance to rest with the nurses constantly coming in and jabbing her. Joe hugs her and says that it will be ok, because her and the baby are going home.
Boyd is on the phone to Heather, who is asking whether Boyd got her letter. Sky arrives at the Hoylands with a letter to Boyd she picked up at the front doorstep. She opens it teasingly and begins to read it, and Boyd desperately tells Heather that he will call her back. Sky realizes it is the same poem Boyd wrote her, and Boyd shakes his head and mutters 'Connor.' Sky reads the letter and says that it looks like this girl wants to be more than friends. Boyd tells her that they are ex-friends, and the relationship will go nowhere. She secretly looks relieved, and asks Boyd if he wants to go for a swim- if his 'ex-friend' doesn't mind.
Nina apologizes to Taj about before being so insensitive. Taj just shrugs, and says that it is fine. Before to long Nina is complaining about Edwina again, and she smiles and apologizes again. Taj groans and says that she is a constant broken record. He advises her if she is so worried, talk to Jack.
Lib and Stu are taking again, and Lib asks if he knows where he is going to live. Stuart complains that living somewhere himself is too expensive, and he considered asking Connor... but now that might not be such a good idea. Lib then gets the idea of him, her and Ben moving in together. Stu tells her that it might not be a good idea, seeing that they had trouble controlling their feelings. She waves that aside, saying that those feelings have changed now, and there's nothing there. She admits that she wants to get out onto her own two feet again, and if they both want to find a place, they might as well do it together.
Lyn and Joe bring Oscar back to the house, introducing him to his new home. Joe keeps asking Lyn whether she wants anything. She says that she's all right, but Joe reminds her of 3rd day baby-blues; especially since she was looking a bit down at the hospital. Lyn shrugs and blames it on hormones. Joe smiles and tells Oscar that all a bloke needs to understand about women is hormones, and his mother will teach him. Joe heads for the kitchen, and Lyn looks at Oscar. She lays him carefully on the couch, and just stares away.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Oscar Scully, Harold Bishop

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4310
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4310
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4310
Nina Tucker

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4310
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4310
Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4310
Libby Kennedy

Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4310
Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully

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