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Neighbours Episode 4283 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4283
Australian airdate: 16/7/03
UK airdate: 8/9/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Valda Sheergold: Joan Sydney
Henry O'Rourke: Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Melody Jones: Robyn Arthur
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
Henry assumes that Valda spilt the beans, however Lyn doesn't confirm and asks him why they did it. Why they lied to her? Henry gets defensive and says they did what they thought was the best thing to do. Lyn asks how such a lie could be for the best.She seems disgusted as she says this and Henry continues to look down.
Erinsborough High
Taj is playing around with the video just as Lib comes in and says that she thought he'd finished the video. He tells her he's just recutting it and she tells him to not let it become an obsession. Taj tells her some thing's are worth obsessing about. Lib tells him she doesn't want him to neglect his other subjects and he tells her he won't. Libby then leaves for a staff meeting and tells him to lock up after he's done.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is a bit nervous about the advertisment's TV debut and Lou tries to calm him down. He and Jack tell Harold that very few people would be watching the reruns and the 1800 ads. Valda asks Lou if he's been watching some late night TV, even dialing some of those 1800 numbers and Lou gets a bit huffy and tells her they have to go to the pub. Harold tells them he thought it was a good idea at the time and Valda tells him that she can't wait to see it on TV. Melody comes in, and Lou tells her she might want to represent Harold after tomorrow. She just laughs and turns straight to Nina and tells her they need to have a little talk.
Henry is telling them about Valda, that she was a dreamer having expected Charlie, Lyn's father to actually marry her. He says that everyone could tell what he wanted except her. Henry tells Lyn and Joe about the family's reaction to Valda getting pregnant, and that it was a disgrace. He continues telling them that Valda was shipped off to some church run hostel and that was when Connie and Henry got involved as they'd been trying and couldn't have children of their own. They had brought Valda back home and after Lyn was born they took her in as their own. Lyn asks how Valda felt about it and Henry tells her that Valda realised it was for the best. It was either that or giving the baby up for adoption. Lyn prods him to tell her more, but Henry gets up and leaves, saying he doesn't see what good will come from discussing it more. After he's gone Lyn shows some empathy for Valda's experience.
Susan is reading the letter that Lori left while Libby is rambling on about the staff meetings. Libby questions her about the letter and Susan tells her it's from Lori and that she's gone back to New Zealand, without saying why. Susan is itching to find out why (in a nice way of course) and Lib tells her that if Lori had wanted them to know, she'd have told them. Lib then tells Susan that she's going to grab a quick nap so she can stay awake all night to see Harold's ad on TV. Susan asks if Cameron is going to be there as well and Lib tells her he won't. Susan asks why and Lib tells her she doesn't want to know, and Susan tells her she does want to know.
The Coffee Shop
Melody is talking to Nina about their relationship needing to be honest and open and that's why she appreciates that Nina felt she could tell her how she felt. Jack then asks why she hadn't contacted Nina in days and Melody tells them that she was busy trying to put out the fire that Nina and Robbie D's kiss lit. Jack continues to grill Melody until Melody says she wants to have a word alone with Nina. Jack leaves reluctantly and tells Nina to not do anything she doesn't want to. After he's gone, Nina turns to Melody and does a bit of grilling of her own. Melody says they should put the photo behind them and that if Nina wants to become a big star, she has to trust her.
Lib is telling Susan about why she broke it off with Cameron. Susan is obviously peeved and threatens to tell Karl. Lib defends Cameron and says he's allowed to his opinion and that she doesn't want Karl having a go at him.
Outside the pub
Valda and Jack are talking about Nina and Melody just as Lou walks out of the pub followed by Harold who is complaining about the size of the television. Jack and Valda watch them argue, obviously amused. Lou tells Harold he got a smaller TV so he, Harold, wouldn't look so chunky. Lou then goes back into the pub and Harold leave for the coffee shop. Valda then sees Henry walking towards them and the greets her with an insult. "What have you done, you stupid old woman?"
Valda is walking into Lou's office followed closely by Henry. He accuses her of telling Lyn, and Valda sets him straight by saying that it was in fact his mistake that let the secret out. Valda says it's probably a good thing that Lyn knows the truth now and Henry asks her how she can say that, Lyn is angry with them all. Especially him because he ruined her life. Valda gets a bit snarky and tells him that Lyn's life is not the only one he ruined.
Lyn is telling Joe that if Henry thinks this is then end of it, it's out in the open now and there's no going back. Joe tells her to sit down and starts massaging her shoulders. He tries to get her to calm down. Jack comes in and tells them that Gump insulted Valda in front of Lassiter's. Joe asks if she wants him to go down, but Lyn tells him that it might make things worse and that maybe they'll clear the air.
The Pub
Lou knocks on the door and ask if everything's alright and Valda tells him that everything is fine. Lou leaves after he's picked up what he came for. Henry then tells Valda that he's lost Connie and now she wants to take away his little girl, he asks why. He defends his actions in the past by saying they did what they did because it was the best thing to do. He then says that he thought she was able to move on and Valda tells him that she wasn't. When he tells her that they never stopped her from seeing Lyn, Valda tells him that she couldn't keep up the playacting. Henry tells her that Lyn is all he's got left, and Valda fires back saying Lyn was all she ever had and that he stole her. Valda tells him that he can't justw alk out of her life. She also tells him that if she had been just a couple of years older, she'd never have let them take Lyn away. Valda continues saying she isn't 17 anymore and she isn't afraid of him anymore either and that he had no right to take her child.
Henry walks in through the door and Lyn and Joe appear. He gets defensive when they question him and Joe tells him to settle down. Lyn asks him what he said to Valda and tells him that Jack told Joe and Lyn about the confrontation. Henry says they had a talk and resolved certain issues and that they'd decided Lyn has every right to know the truth. He apologises saying he never meant for this to happen and Lyn tells him because he never meant for her to learn the truth. Henry admits that and says that he never had the courage to tell her the either. Henry tells her that he and Connie love/d her. Lyn tells him she knows that, but she doesn't know how she feels anymore. That everything has changed. She tells him that she doesn't feel like his little girl anymore.
The Pub
It's 1am and everyone is kind of bored. Harold suggests celebrity head. He tries to find people to play and has to flatter Susan into playing. Jack and Nina appear to be Harold's victims and they play celebrity head for the next few hours. Nina then put a celebrity name of Harold's forehead and he starts asking questions about his famous person. The next scene we have is of everyone asleep. It's just before 4:30 and Harold asks a question about his celebrity is his sleep. He wakes up and sees the TV frozen on a 1800 ad. He quickly wakes everyone up and ignores various complaints just as his ad is shown. Everyone is either laughing or embarrassed. After it's finished everyone applauds and starts to leave. Harold tells Lou he had hoped they could discuss the ad. Lou tells him he can clean up. And just for those of you that are interested, Harold's famous person was Madonna.
On the way to the pub
Lou is using a walking stick as he walk and whines his way to the pub, whilst Valda merely listens. Lyn comes up from behind them and apologises to Valda about Henry's behaviour the day before. Valda tells het that she and Henry said a few things to one another that needed to be said. Lyn excuses herself and Valda tells her to have a nice day. Lou tells Valda that's a good sign, but she just says they have to get to the pub and walks off.
Erinsborough High
Lib has just finished seeing Taj's video and he asks her what she thinks, and when she says nothing he assumes that she hates it. But she tells him she doesn't hate it and that the extra hours he spent on it obviously paid off. She tells him the video is full of honesty and integrity, and continues, saying they all need a bit of honesty in their lives. Taj says he agrees and kisses her.
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Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4283
Lyn Scully

Henry O
Henry O'Rourke

Libby Kennedy, Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4283
Libby Kennedy, Taj Coppin

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Henry O
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Henry O'Rourke

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4283
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Melody Jones, Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4283
Melody Jones, Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Valda Sheergold, Henry O
Valda Sheergold, Henry O'Rourke

Henry O
Henry O'Rourke, Lyn Scully

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4283
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4283
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4283
Harold Bishop

 in Neighbours Episode 4283

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy, Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4283
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy, Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Lyn Scully, Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 4283
Lyn Scully, Valda Sheergold

Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4283
Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy

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