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Neighbours Episode 4278 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4278
Australian airdate: 9/7/03
UK airdate: 1/9/03
Writer: Kim Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Valda Sheergold: Joan Sydney
- "Eleventh Avenue" by Ammonia
- "Back To Me" by Stella One Eleven
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
- Melody telling Nina that Jack will understand about the picture.
- Lyn telling Valda that she's seen the home movie.
- Lori upset at Connor for leaving her on her own.
The Surgery
Karl is telling Lori that she shouldn't be making any rash decisions until she knows all the alternatives and is calm. He says that she shouldn't make any plans on her own, and Lori says "Well, who else is there?" She says that the father couldn't care less. Karl reasons that the father just acted out on his own fears. He wants Lori to sleep on it, and go and see the counsellor that he recommended. Lori gets up and leaves.
The Scullys
Joe is reading the paper at the kitchen table, and Jack walks in with a baby mobile. He explains to Joe that there's a VCE curriculum morning at school, that's why he's in casual clothes. "VCE curriculum meeting? In my day mate..." "Yeah, you all carried donkey's on your back, right?" Jack wants to know if he should hang the mobile up, or if he should wait in case Valda comes back. He keeps asking questions about her, and Joe keeps averting the topic. Joe tells Jack that Nina's twin is in the paper kissing some bloke. Jack looks at the paper and sees the picture of Robbie D kissing Nina.
The Coffee Shop
Lori is at a table and has just seen the offending Nina picture, just as Nina walks in. Lori goes up to her at the counter. Nina greets her. "It's good to have the morning off, isn't it? You enjoying your freedom?" Lori puts the paper in front of her. "You obviously are." Nina can't believe the picture was published, and Lori walks out in disgust. Harold comes over, and looks happily at the picture of Nina and Jack...until he realises that it's not Jack. Nina tries to explain what happened, but Harold goes and busies himself with some toast. Nina's mobile rings, and she looks pained when she sees the caller's name on the screen. "Hello, Jack?" Jack's on the other end holding the paper. Nina tells him it's not what he thinks. "Oh yeah? What am I thinking, that my girlfriend who lied to me is dating some B-Grade pop star in the hope of becoming famous?" Nina says she wants to explain herself, and tells Jack she's at the Coffee Shop. He says for her to wait there.
The Scullys
Jack and Lyn say hi and bye, as they pass each other. Lyn walks into the kitchen, and sees Joe and his mess of tools. She asks what he's doing, and he says that he's making extra shelves for the nursery to store Valda's stuff on. Lyn says the nursery is for the baby only, and Joe says they can't ignore it forever. Lyn says that she's got other things on her mind at the moment. Karl told her that the baby is in the breach position. She's got some exercises to do, but if the baby won't turn she may have to have a caesarean. Joe looks a bit bewildered.
The Pub
Lou and Valda are behind the counter trying to read an invoice with their failing eyesight. A couple walk in the door, and Valda freezes. "Don't worry, it's not a Scully," Lou says. Connor comes in and Lou is surprised to see him saying he thought he'd be half way to Adelaide by now. Connor says he can't go because he's got a few things to sort out. Lou gets angry that he's wasted money on hotel bookings for him. Then Connor gets angry at Lou, saying there's more important things than money. Lou tells him to go into his office. He asks what's going on. "I've stuffed things up Lou. Like majorly stuffed things up. If it was just my life that was ruined, then there'd be no problem but...well, I've ruined Lori's as well."
The Coffee Shop
Nina is waiting at a table when Jack walks in. She says it's not what it looks like, and Jack says he knows. Harold cautiously glimpses over at the two of them, Jack says he's more disappointed than angry. Nina starts to say something about Melody but Jack cuts in and says he's sick of Melody sticking her nose in. Nina tries to make up some excuses for Melody's behaviour. Harold comes over and gives them a piece of caramel slice each, wanting to know their opinions on the new biscuit base. Jack says he doesn't want to talk about Melody anymore, he's got more important stuff on his mind. He tells Nina that it's important family stuff. She's all ears.
The Pub
Connor has just finished telling Lou about Lori's pregnancy. Lou admits that it's a difficult situation, but at least there's a lot of options available to them nowadays. Connor says that it doesn't seem that way, and he's only 20. Lou tells him that he was only 19 when he was a father, and he proved everyone wrong by being a good father at that age. Connor says that he doesn't love Lori, he just wants to be her friend. "You're not even being that now, are you?" He tells Connor he knows he's a good lad, and that he's probably scared, but he needs to be there for Lori.
The Coffee Shop
Jack has just told Nina about Lyn and Valda. Nina wishes he had have told her sooner. She comes to the conclusion that they might have a communication problem. "Sorry?" "Well, I said I think we might have some sort of comm..." Jack smirks at her, and Nina clicks. "Stop it! I'm being serious!" Harold comes over and Jack and Nina compliment his food, with Jack saying that he may have "taken caramel slice to new levels." Harold's impressed by that, and asks if he can use that phrase in his ad. He then says that it would be wonderful if they could help him with ideas, and Nina could help him with hair and make-up. They find themselves agreeing much to Harold's delight. He walks away, and Jack looks at Nina. "How did that happen?" "I think we might have a communication problem with Harold too."
The Scullys
Lyn is on the coffee table on all fours, doing one of her exercises. Joe is next to her saying that he thinks she's moving wrong. He gets on his hands and knees, and starts moving his hips in a way that would make Shakira proud. Susan walks in the door much to her amusement, as Joe scampers up in embarrassment. Lyn tells her that the baby is in breach position, and Susan tells them that she had the same problem with Billy. She says that putting ice under her ribs helped because the baby didn't like the cold. Joe scurries off to write that down, more so he can escape his embarrassment than anything. Susan asks how Lyn is then how things are with Valda. Lyn suddenly remembers she has a client to attend to at the salon, and her and Susan walk out.
Outside Erinsborough High
Jack and Nina are walking to school, and agree to have no more secrets and lies between them anymore. They spot Connor pulling up and getting out of the car to talk to Lori. Lori tries to walk away but Connor stops her. Nina asks Jack what's up, but Jack says it's nothing. Connor has convinced Lori to come with him, and she gets into the car. Susan is on her way in from the car park, and spots Lori getting in Connor's car. She looks over in concern.
The Kennedys
Lori is sitting at the kitchen table, and Connor is pacing behind her talking. He tells her that he's been an idiot, and he's sorry for dumping all the mess on her. "I've been a total selfish idiot, a dumb cough (?), a goober, a nuffy, a shmuck, a dingbat. Actually it's safe to say I've been a total tollywaddle ." Lori cracks a small smile, and asks what a tollywaddle is, and Connor says him. He gets serious again, and tells her that they're in this together. Whatever she decides to do, he'll support her. Lori smiles at him and says, "It's nice to have you back." He smiles back at her.
Outside the Pub
Valda and Lou walk out to clear a table. Valda spots Lyn walking to the salon, and Lou tells her to go over. Valda rushes over telling Lyn to wait, and blocks her entrance to the salon. Lyn just looks at her and says "excuse me" to get by. Valda looks sad.
The Coffee Shop
It's night time, and the place is packed with people setting up to do the ad. Nina is applying blush to Harold's cheeks. Lori asks him if he's really going to do a rap, and Harold thinks it's going to add a modern funky element. Lyn comes over and puts Harold's afro wig on him. Valda comes in with snacks for everyone, but Lyn basically ignores her, and walks away with Nina following. Connor, Lori and Jack are chatting about Harold doing a rap. Lori says they're relying on the "it's so bad it's actually good, principle." Connor just wants to query what a "McGuffin" is. Lori says she's not sure, but it rhymes with muffin. Valda dumps the snacks on the table, says good luck to Harold, and walks out upset with Lyn looking on.
The Kennedys
Karl is chopping up carrots. "It says dice the carrots Karl, not hack them." "Dicing is for wimps!" Karl wants to know why Susan is in a mood, noting that she's picked on a few things tonight. Susan says she's worried about Lori, and that she seems preoccupied. Karl says it's probably nothing, and that they should just give her some space. "You know something, don't you." Karl just walks away to put dinner on.
The Coffee Shop
Everyone is set up for Harold's ad. Connor calls out action. A techno beat starts up.
It's Harold here, I'm in the house
Of the Coffee Shop, where the food is grouse
There's sandwiches and lasagne too
Served with a smile, that part is true
I'm keepin' it real, you get a great deal
On a yummy snack, and that isn't whack

He stops here and asks Connor if whack is good or bad because Tad didn't e-mail him back about it. Connor ushers him to continue.
The food is great, we're open till late
He stops again and says that's not actually true. Weeknights they shut at 9, and on weekends he likes to close by 6. He finishes.
So don't be a McGuffin, come butter my muffin...Yo!
He poses in his Saturday Night Fever stance. Connor, Jack, Nina, Lori etc have been trying not to laugh all throughout. They clap him, and Lori jokingly tells him that he's the new Eminem. Harold admits he hasn't heard of them. He looks a bit relieved it's over.
The Scullys
Lyn is lugging a suitcase into the lounge room, and Joe berates her for not asking for help. She says it's got Valda's stuff in it. Jack walks in the back door and can hear them talking. Joe says to Lyn that no one can help her if she shuts the world out and pretends nothing is wrong. Lyn says she's not trying to purposely shut Joe out, she just can't talk about it. She can't tell him what's she's feeling because she doesn't even know herself.
The Kennedys
Karl and Susan are playing poker with jellybeans instead of money. Susan beats him with two pairs of Kings. Lori comes in and tells them that they've just missed the best laugh she's had in a year. "A cross between Harold, Fat Albert, and the guy in the used car ad!" "Oh! The one who thinks he's Eminem!" Karl chimes in. Susan says it's good that whatever was on Lori's mind before has gone. Lori looks worryingly over at Karl, but he motions that Susan doesn't know anything, behind her back. Lori says that she does feel better, and Susan says it's good because she's got a lot of schoolwork to catch up on and mentions her skipping classes that day. Lori says she'll make up for it, and goes to bed. Karl tries to shuffle the cards but only succeeds in flicking them everywhere.
The Pub
Lou serves Valda a drink as Jack walks in. He asks them what the special that night is, and Valda tells him it's beef pie and vegies. Jack says he'll have that, minus the peas. He then invites Valda to have dinner with him. She's surprised, but happy and wonders what brought this on as they sit down. Jack holds her chair out for her, "Well, can't a guy have dinner with his grandma?" She pauses then thanks Jack, a huge smile forming on her face.
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Karl Kennedy, Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4278
Karl Kennedy, Lori Lee

 in Neighbours Episode 4278

Harold Bishop, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4278
Harold Bishop, Nina Tucker

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lou Carpenter

Jack Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4278
Jack Scully, Nina Tucker

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4278
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4278
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4278
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lori Lee

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4278
Lyn Scully

Harold Bishop, Lyn Scully, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4278
Harold Bishop, Lyn Scully, Nina Tucker

Harold Bishop, Connor O
Harold Bishop, Connor O'Neill

Jack Scully, Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 4278
Jack Scully, Valda Sheergold

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