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Neighbours Episode 4270 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4270 (Lyn Scully discovers that Valda Sheergold is her mother)
Australian airdate: 27/06/03
UK airdate: 19/08/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Kat Riley: Gemma Bishop
Summary/Images by: Mona/Mona
- Karl telling Lori that she should have a few tests done
- Boyd stealing Max's money
The Hoylands
Boyd is on the phone to Daniel telling him how cool his new runners are (he has gone out and bought the expensive ones). Summer looks on curiously. She realises that the runners are the real thing.
The Scullys
Lyn answers the door to Karl, who has brought over his movie projector that Joe rang him for. They seem uneasy around each other. Karl says that Valda's doing much better, as Steph and Joe come into the loungeroom to join them. He asks what they're going to watch, and Steph says that her Gump sent down an early birthday package with heaps of stuff they haven't seen before, including home movies. Karl decides to leave after a bit of silence. Steph finds a movie labelled 'Easter 1957', "Mum! That's before you were even born!" Joe suggests Steph invite Max and the kids around for a BBQ. Lyn thinks that's a great idea, "as long as it's not some kind of excuse to get Susan and Karl over."
The Hoylands
Summer and Boyd are bickering over the shoes, when Max walks in with some groceries. He tells them that he had a huge trolley of food, only to realise that he was short $100 when he got to the check-out. He was not impressed. Boyd goes wide-eyed, and Summer cottons on that, that's where the money went to. Max sees that Boyd has his runners on, and he's pleased that he's wearing them, and likes them now. He doesn't notice that they're different. Summer shakes her head at Boyd.
The Kennedys
Karl walks in and is met with a kitchen full of Afro Harold t-shirts that Lori is folding. "Gah!" "What?!" "A room full of Harold Bishop's, what a drastic prospect!" Once Karl knows that no one else is home, he tells Lori that her test results were clear, but she'll have to have follow up tests. Lori is relieved. She gives Karl an AH t-shirt. "I think you're more of a large than a medium." Karl tries to excuse his lack of fitness by blaming orange duty on his football team, but it isn't too long before it is revealed that he has been taking a cab almost every where. He then challenges Lori to a race, which according to Karl is just a 'training session'.
Joe has been sucked in by Summer into donating two dollars for every hour she doesn't eat food. He doesn't seem that keen on the idea. Max then diverts attention to the Scullys' old film movie night. Boyd tries to worm his way out of going and Steph says it's alright, but Max insists that he goes. He then mentions that he lost a hundred dollars. Whilst he and Steph are discussing the lost money, in the mean time Joe has developed a fascination for Max's shoes and asks about them. Max tells him about the bargain he got from Lou. He then asks Boyd to let Joe try his shoes, because Joe's feet are smaller then his. Boyd refuses, and Max notices that Boyd's shoes are different to his. He thinks that Lou might've ripped him off just as Summer blurts that she took the money from his wallet. Max doesn't believe her at first, but she insists, saying she gave it to Harold for the Salvos. Joe excuses himself, and then Max settles into giving Summer a talk about why what she did was wrong. He then grounds her and Summer leaves whilst Boyd stands quietly near the door.
Lori makes a quip at Karl's clothing (a purple-ish top and black bike shorts), asking whether he was meant to be going for some dancing classes he hadn't told her about. He tells her there is nothing wrong with being dressed appropriately. Lori asks him again to make sure that the purpose of their training session is fun and Karl agrees. He then tells her to let him know when she's had enough. She then asks what if he has had enough before her, to which Karl laughs and tells her that her positive attitude is good.
Summer is reading some Olde English stuff just as Boyd walks in and tells her to give it a rest. She asks him where he is going and he tells her he's going across the street in a less then enthusiastic manner. Summer tells him not to complain since he is not the one who is grounded, which sets Boyd off. He tells her she didn't have to do what she did because Max would not have found out. And she tells him the reason she fessed up was because whenever Boyd got into trouble Max and Steph always fight and she'd rather be grounded then let that happen again.
Lyn is having a bit of trouble finding the cream and Max asks where Jack is. Joe tells him that Jack is out with Nina, which confuses Lyn, as she was told that he was going to see Valda. Joe seems to cover for Jack by saying he'll probably go later. Lyn then finds the cream in the crisper and asks rhetorically 'who would put the cream in the crisper?' Max asks Boyd if he'd like to help with the barbeque and Boyd says yes, but he doesn't seem to be happy about being there. Lyn makes a quip about Boyd hating being with the 'oldies' and Steph excludes herself from that comment. Lyn then asks Joe to take Harvey out and Joe tells her he can't because he's marinating the steaks. Boyd agrees to take Harvey out. Lyn tells Max she's surprise that Boyd is there at all and Max tells her about the hundred dollars. Lyn and Max don't seem to see eye to eye on his take with the issue. She then asks after Joe's gone outside, whether it'd be OK for her to take some cupcakes over and Max smiles and relents. Boyd comes back in and asks if Max wants him to go and check on Summer. Lyn again makes a quip about hanging around with the oldies and Max agrees to let him go (home and to Daniel's) but says he has to be back by nine. After he's left Max begs Lyn to tell him that boys get easier to handle as they get older, but Lyn doesn't give him a very encouraging look. Steph then tells Max about her high school reunion and Max doesn't seem very keen on the idea. Eventually she manages to twist his arm by telling him that she'd do the same for him and Max tells he might taker her up on that.
Community Hall
Stu has snagged two seats at the back of the hall for himself and Kat. Connor tells him Kat probably doesn't want to snog for 6 hours and Stu moves a few rows into the middle. Connor sits down beside him and Stu asks him what he's doing, he then tells him that the seats are for him and Kat. He also tells Connor of his great plan to be Kat's knight in shining armour when she gets scared. Connor gets up just as Kat arrives and asks where he's going, he tells her he's going to the front for maximum impact and Kat is off to go with him, until Stu tells her he got the seats he...got for them. He then puts him around around her after she sits down, and tells her that he did that just in case she gets scared. Kat tells him she's scene Aliens thousands of times, she then offers him popcorn and he takes it and starts eating.
Ramsay Street
Lori rides up onto the footpath and stops outside 28 before she starts looking around for Karl. She spots him and he's groaning and breathing heavily as he rides up slowly to where she is. As he comes to a halt beside her, she asks him how she is and Karl says something that I think was meant to mean, "I'm fine".
Community Hall
The movie still hasn't started yet and Connor and Kat are getting a bit impatient. They start thinking up elaborate Aliens related scenarios which would explain the delay. The movie then starts and Stu says something about not really caring about whether they show the movie at all. I can't hear what they're saying, but she holds onto his arm. Kat then spots a friend and tells Stu she's just going to go and say hi.
Joe is trying to fix the projector and Steph suggests that they call Karl and ask him how it works. Joe tells her he's not going to call Karl because Karl would just come and gloat. Max who was talking on the phone tells Steph that the babysitter has to go out for half an hour and says he's going to go and check on Summer. Steph tells him she'll go instead, taking a cupcake for Summer so it'll look less suss. After she leaves, Joe continues to play around with the projector and seems to be getting more and more frustrated, he then picks up the projector and Max finds a booklet, which Joe takes from him - The instruction manual.
Karl comes complains about his lungs burning and Lori gives him some comfort food (ice cream). When he asks her why she's not having any, she tells him she can't eat for another half an hour because of her antibiotics. Karl asks her if she'd been having these antibiotics when she'd had...you know with Connor and she says yes. Karl then tells her that some antibiotics, especially the one she's been having, makes the pill less reliable. He then suggests she should have pregnancy test.
Community Hall
Connor is whining about the projector breaking down, then he asks where Kat is. Stu tells him he doesn't know just as Kat appears. She apologises for having disappeared, as one of her friends was venting to her and she didn't feel she could just get up and leave. Stu tells her it's OK and asks her if she's free to go out the next day. She says she's not and when he asks why, she tells him she's meeting that friend (Jazza?) for dinner. Stu assumes that she is dating the other guy as well as him and Kat tells him to back off. She tells him she is here (with him) because she wants to be. Stu accepts this and she goes off to buy more popcorn and ice cream whilst he looks on.
Boyd is giving Summer the money he got from Daniel for selling his shoes. He tells her he can't put up with the guilt anymore and tells her to give the money back to Max. They argue about it just as Steph has walked into the house. She over hears them and then walks in just as they're done arguing.
Lori has just walked in and throws a paper bag onto the counter. She then goes to the sink and then looks back at the bag, before walking back and taking the pregnancy test out of the bag.
Joe, Max and Lyn are watching the movie and commenting on how thing Lyn's mum looked when she was pregnant with Lyn. They start searching around for Valda in the shots and when they spot her, Joe comments on her size, until Max states that Valda is clearly pregnant in the film. He looks at Lyn who is staring at the film.
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Karl Kennedy, Lori Lee in Neighbours Episode 4270
Karl Kennedy, Lori Lee

Lori Lee, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4270
Lori Lee, Karl Kennedy

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4270
Stuart Parker

Kat Riley in Neighbours Episode 4270
Kat Riley

Max Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4270
Max Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4270
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

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