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Neighbours Episode 4259 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: Episode 4259
Australian airdate: 12/6/03
UK airdate: 4/8/03
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
Candace Barkham: Kate Whitbread
Summary/Images by: Actual/Mona
Karl shows Lou the new wedding ring for Susan - Libby kisses Taj on the cheek and he looks thrilled - Harold realizes that Lou went to the police and told them Ruby robbed the Kennedy's
Karl is a bit hurt that he hasn't been asked to be the godfather of the Scully's baby. Susan thinks he's being silly and tells him it's not a personal rejection. "Well. it feels like it." he says. "I'm sure they think you're wonderful, like I think you're wonderful." Susan tells him. "Not wonderful enough to be a godfather." he sulks. "Oh, shutup give us a kiss." smiles Susan. They kiss and hug. Then Karl says to Susan, "Actually, now might be a good time." Susan looks at him and says that dinner is nearly ready. Karl smiles and tells her it won't take long. "Not really what a woman wants to hear Karl." she says. Karl tells her they can't leave her finger bare and presents her with the new wedding ring. Susan plainly doesn't really like it, but she pretends she does by saying it's so impressive. "That is what a man wants to hear." Karl smiles. Susan tells Karl he shouldn't have. He gets worried and asks if she doesn't like it. She tells him that of course she does and it's the thought that counts.
The Coffee Shop:
Taj runs into Libby and tells her he'll see her at the pool the next day. Libby leaves and Taj asks Harold for a latte. Gino comes in and goes up to Harold. He asks for his envelope that has just boring paperwork. Harold holds up the afro picture of himself. Gino tries to pretend he doesn't know where the pictures came from. Harold tells him the jig is up. Gino says he's really sorry and it was just a bit of fun. "Fun?" asks Harold. "This picture has been emailed to half of Erinsborough." Gino tells him he really is sorry and he'll give him a free scalp treatment anytime.
Lyn and Susan are in the bedroom for the baby. Lyn is using a sewing machine to make some sheets. She tells Susan how the "hot pink" paint Joe picked will clash with the curtains. Susan says she thinks that after she bought the curtains that would be the end of it. Lyn says that Joe has already bought the paint, but she still wants another colour, "shell pink". Lyn notices Susan's new wedding ring and comments on how big it is. Gino comes in with two teddy bears for the baby. He looks at Susan's wedding ring and says how magnificent it is. Susan doesn't look that happy and says, "To be honest, I don't like it. It feels like I'm wearing a doorknob." Gino says he can't believe what he's hearing and tells Susan that if she wants to throw the ring out, to throw it his way. Lyn suggests she get Karl to exchange the ring. Susan doesn't want to because she thinks it will break Karl's heart. Gino asks if he can try on the ring. Susan gives it to him and he puts it on. He smiles and says "It's right at home." Susan doesn't look very happy and says she'll just have to remember what it stands for, and maybe in time she'll learn to love it.
The Coffee Shop:
Karl walks in and tells Harold he's come to settle the Surgery Tab. Harold is surprised because Karl doesn't usually do it until the end of the month. He asks Karl if he's closing the account down. Karl says he's not, that he just thought he may as well do it when he remembered. Harold goes off to find out the total of the account. Karl notices Ruby and he looks awkwardly over at her.
The Pub:
Lou is setting up things at the pub. There's a knock on the door. He says the pub isn't open yet. The knocking continues so he opens the door. Ruby walks in and asks why he's treating Harold like he is when he's just angry at her because he thinks she robbed the pub. "I think that's been pretty well established." he replies. Ruby tells him she just wants him to stop treating Harold badly by avoiding him when Harold's always been so good to him. Lou coldly tells Ruby that the ball is in her court, and he'll stop avoiding Harold when she leaves. "You're bad news, Ruby." he says.
Susan is talking to Lyn about being a godmother. Gino looks a bit disappointed and asks, "I suppose Karl is the godfather?" Lyn tells him Karl isn't and it's Joe's job to decide who the godfather is. Gino looks happier and asks if Joe has anyone in mind. Lyn tells him he'll have to ask Joe himself. "Where's Joe now?" Gino asks. Lyn tells him Joe will probably be at the pub for lunch. Gino suddenly says he has to go and quickly walks out. 'Have you got the feeling that Gino wants to be godfather?" Susan asks Lyn. Lyn smiles nervously and says she doesn't know what Joe will think of that.
The Pool:
Taj arrives at the pool and looks around for Libby. He sees what looks like Libby walking away in the distance. He smiles and waits for her to come back.
Lassiters Complex:
Candace is sitting outside the Coffee Shop. She sees Libby walking past and asks her over. She tells her that the teaching job at Erinsborough High has become available again and asks if she's interested in another interview. Libby is really pleased and says she'll do an interview anytime.
The Pool:
Taj continues to wait at the pool and sees who he thinks is Libby. When he sees her face he realizes it's not Libby. He looks disappointed.
The Surgery:
Lyn, Susan and Ben visit Karl at the surgery. Karl notices that Susan's wedding ring is gone. He gets worried and asks her where it is. Susan attempts to make something up when Gino rushes in and tells her he's sorry that he forgot that he was wearing her ring and gives it back. He says he's due at the pub and quickly walks out. Karl realizes Susan doesn't like the ring and takes her into his office. She still tries to make things up and says she does likes it. Karl tells her that anyone who gives someone else their ring and forgets about it obviously dislikes the ring. Susan gives up and tells him she just didn't want to hurt his feelings, but she would just like a plain ring like her old one.
The Coffee Shop:
Harold comes in the kitchen holding a box filled with plates wrapped up in newspaper. He tells Ruby he bought the plates for only 50c each. Ruby says she will unwrap all the plates and wash them. Harold goes out for a minute and Ruby starts unwrapping the plates and has a look at an article on one of the newspapers. It reads "LOCAL RESIDENT WINS JACKPOT FORTUNE AT GAMING VENUE". Ruby looks a bit tempted at what she reads. She is startled when Harold comes back in and tells her he forgot some lettuce and asks her if she could go to market and buy some. "What about the plates?" she asks. Harold tells her he'll wash the plates and she should have a break.
Taj comes in looking for Libby. Susan tells him Libby isn't there at the moment. Taj gives her a book he borrowed from the library that he thought Libby might like. Susan thanks him and says she's sure Libby will like it. Taj asks her where Libby is. She tells him Libby has just gone to the pool. He thanks her and leaves.
The Pool:
Taj arrives back at the pool just as Libby is getting out. She asks him if he's going for a swim. He tells her he is, that he just needs to get changed. Libby's mobile rings and she asks Taj to make sure it's hers. He tells her it is and gives it to her. Candace is on the phone and asks Libby to come over straight away for the interview. Libby's a bit hesitant because she just got out of a pool, but she decides she'll go straight away. She tells Taj what's going on and leaves. Taj again looks disappointed.
Karl comes in with Susan's new wedding ring. He gives it to her and tells her she has to be honest about whether she likes this ring or not. Susan tells him she really loves it because it's just like her old one. Karl says he hopes she does because he had it engraved. Susan reads the engraving on the ring and her smile drops. "Is this some kind of joke? she asks. Karl looks surprised. Susan tells him the ring says, "so much behind, so much ahead". Karl isn't happy because the jeweller mucked it up. He tells her the ring should say, "so much behind us, so much ahead". He goes to ring up the jeweller fix the ring, but Susan tells him she's never taking the ring off and she loves it, insult and all. Karl smiles at her and says, "And I love you, behind and all."
Erinsborough High:
Libby is being interviewed by Candace and a couple of others. Candace apologises for bringing her in on such short notice and asks her how her teaching stint in the country went. "It was great, except for the blowflies. They never handed in their homework." Libby jokes. Candace and the other two laugh. Libby smiles and it looks like her interview is going well.
Ruby walks up to a shop called "The Money Cave" she sees some leaflets for the shop and has a look at one. It looks like she is just about to go in the shop when Lyn walks past with Harvey and notices her. She goes up to her and asks what's she's been doing. Ruby tells her she just got some lettuce from the market. Lyn says she's just going for a walk with Harvey and asks Ruby if she wants to join her. Ruby agrees and they walk away.
The Pub:
Gino asks Lou where Joe is. Lou tells him Joe doesn't always come to the pub a lot. Gino tells him if he does see Joe don't tells him he's looking for him because he doesn't want to seem desperate. Gino goes over to Karl and Susan and notices Susan's ring has been changed. He thinks it was a mistake to change it, but says he guesses it's up to them. He walks away and Karl and Susan laugh. Libby comes up and tells Karl well done for changing the ring. Susan asks her how the interview went. She says she thinks it was pretty good except for just getting out of the pool and smelling like chlorine. "So you're in for a good chance?" Karl asks Libby. "I don't know." she says. "I told them one of your jokes."
A Park:
Lyn and Ruby walk along, talking. Lyn says she needs to sit down because her back starts to hurt when she's walking for a while. They sit down on a bench and Ruby thanks Lyn for being kind to her. Lyn tells her there's no reason she shouldn't be, because she knows she didn't rob the Kennedys and she's certain it's a man. Ruby tells her, "When I'm feeling at my lowest, I feel like returning to bad habits." Lyn tells her that's understandable. Ruby starts to get upset and tells Lyn she would never have forgiven herself if she gave into her temptation to gamble. Lyn puts her arm around Ruby and tells her it's alright and she has her and Harold to support her.
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Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4259
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Gino Esposito, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4259
Gino Esposito, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4259
Taj Coppin

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4259
Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Lyn Scully, Gino Esposito, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4259
Karl Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Lyn Scully, Gino Esposito, Susan Kennedy

Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4259
Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop

Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4259
Taj Coppin, Libby Kennedy

Candace Barkham in Neighbours Episode 4259
Candace Barkham

Ruby Dwyer, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4259
Ruby Dwyer, Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully, Ruby Dwyer in Neighbours Episode 4259
Lyn Scully, Ruby Dwyer

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