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Neighbours Episode 4250 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4250
Australian airdate: 30/05/03
UK airdate: 22/07/03
Writer: Christopher Milne
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Sgt. Joanna Douglas: Matilda White
Michelle Glue: Joanne McKenzie
Joan Riley: Heidi Meininger
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista/Mona
- Max tells Boyd and Summer which one is going to Fiji
- Taj asks Libby for tutoring
- Lou expresses his feelings about the robbery and Ruby's connection
Max and Steph are having lunch at the pub, and he tells her that Summer is leaving tomorrow afternoon. Steph asks him how Boyd is coping, but Max just shakes his head and mutters that he doesn't really know. Lou then joins their table and begins to talk about Valda and how worried he is. Steph says that Valda is a grown woman, but Lou defends her in replying that he sees her as a single lady, not as strong as people think and doesn't have two pennies to rub together. He notices some impatient customers and goes to serve, and Steph faces Max breathless and goes 'are Lou and Valda...?' Max just shrugs and tells her that he is not sure
Lori is spending some time at the 'House of Trouser'. She is appalled with the mess, but Toadie just shrugs and apologizes. Stu then comes in and sits in front of the TV, and says that the mess is the beauty of the house. Lori rolls her eyes and tells them that she has forgotten what the floor looks like.
Taj drops by at the Kennedys for another tutoring session, and Libby just smiles and says that they ought to formalize their sessions more instead of Taj just dropping by. Taj apologizes and says that after a couple of assignments are due he should be back on track. Libby questions his position, and he looks embarrassed as he admits he will be just getting by. Lib offers to be his full time tutor if his parents agree, starting tomorrow. He begins to protest, as tomorrow is Saturday, but gives in at the end. He leaves as Harold comes by with lasagne. She tells him that her parents are visiting Lyn at the moment, but they should be home soon. Harold nods and says 'thank heavens she is alright' He asks if there is any new leads towards who did it, but Libby just shrugs and tells him that half of Erinsborough knew about the jewels thanks to Karl and Susan, so it could be anyone. She's glad it wasn't some state security secret!
Back at the 'House of Trousers' the guys and Lori are having pizza in front of the TV, again! Stu puts down his pizza and claims that the party needs some chicks. Lori just exclaims 'what am I? A drag queen? Stu laughs and says that she is a mate, not a chick. He gets out his phone book and begins ringing some people. He talks to a girl he met at the pub a few months ago, Natalie and reminds her who he is. She hangs up and the others burst out laughing.
Ruby confides in Harold about how worried she is about people pointing the finger at her for the robbery. He tells her not to worry, no one said she's guilty. She then shows her the promo posters she made for the Coffee Shop. It has a picture of afro Harold saying 'Putting the funk back into your functions.' He absolutely loves it, and offers to spend the day with her. She asks about the coffee shop, but Harold gives her a cheeky look and says that it is about time they threw a 'sickie.'
Max pulls Boyd aside and asks if he is ok about not going to Fiji. He assures Max that he is fine and he doesn't need this pep-talk. Max sighs and puts his hand on Boyd's shoulder and tells him that he will make it up to him, and Boyd smiles and goes 'you better.' He gives Boyd $20.00 so he can spend the morning doing something he wants; but to be back in time for lunch. Boyd says that he will, and he leaves Max looking unsure.
Stu sits in front of the TV with Toadie. He tells Toadie that he tried to clean the dishes, but the plates were stuck together. Toadie admits it's about time they did the dishes, but Stu informs him that there is no dishwashing liquid. He then announces to Toadie and Connor that the house of trousers, should look for some dates down at the pub. Connor backs out, saying that he has just said goodbye to Michelle and he is not looking for another girl. Toadie agrees saying that he is not ready to go back out on the market either. Stuart protests and says to Toadie that he is letting his past drag him down, and Toadie finally agrees to it.
Taj sees Boyd skateboarding around the school. He asks Taj when Tahnee is leaving for boarding school and next week is the reply. After Taj tells him about what boarding school is like, Boyd thinks it sounds like good times. Taj looks at him like he is crazy and leaves shaking his head.
Ruby and Harold are walking around the lake, enjoying the day. Ruby offers to take him to a lovely café round the corner when some guy on a bicycle just about hits her; however Harold pulls her out of the way just in time. Harold accepts Ruby's offer to eat at the café, and they leave. Ruby looks pretty shaken.
Taj is trying to read his speech for his media assignment in front of Libby who is filming him. However he is putting no emotion in his voice and stumbles around feeling pretty nervous. Lib stops him and asks how he was feeling at his first soccer match. When he informs her that he threw up, Lib just says 'lovely' but like soccer, public speaking takes time. He tries again and you can see a bit of improvement.
Ruby asks how the meal was, and Harold says it was great... but not as good as the Coffee Shop. They are walking by a store and they see a black afro wig in the window. They look at each other, and Ruby asks him if he is thinking the same thing.
Taj continues to make mistakes with his speech. Libby tells him that what he has written is excellent, but he just needs some confidence. She suggest he watches the news to see how they do it, and Taj thanks her for the help she is giving him, and really appreciates it. Lib thanks him, and he looks straight and the camera and begins to talk with more confidence.
Lou is talking on the phone talking to the cruise liner Valda was on a few months ago. He asks them if she has booked with them recently but they refuse to give any information. When he hangs up, the members of the 'house of trousers' walk in, with Stu giving out girl advice. Connor walks up to Lou and tells him that he tried as hard as he could, but couldn't get the periwinkle. He expects Lou to go off at him but Lou just shrugs and says that it was a stupid idea anyway. Connor is amazed.
Max approaches Toadie and Stu and asks what is with the crinkled shirts. Stu informs him that it is a 'ladies thing' and Max just laughs and says that he must had missed that era. He goes back to serve, when Stu points at a table with two girls eyeing them. He grins and says 'we are sooooooooo in'
Taj continues to talk with confidence, and Libby applauds at the end. She congratulates him on doing such a great job and he blushes.
Steph and Max are meeting at the pub and she asks how Summer is. He tells her that she is packing at home, but he will probably end up having to repack her suitcase. They notice that Boyd still isn't there. Max just shakes his head and mutters how he thought he had got through to him. Steph reaches for his hand and insists he'll be here. At that moment Boyd comes in, and Max asks is he is hungry. While Max is getting some lunch, he asks Steph if he can talk to her about something when Max isn't around. She looks confused, but agrees in the end.
Lou continues to tell Connor that Ruby was involved with robbing the pub, and Connor admits he saw her at the Kennedys approximately when the robbery was taking place, and that he waved, but she seemed in a hurry. Lou grins and says that he knew it!
The girls Toadie and Stu picked up at the pub come home with them, and are appalled at what they see. They suggest that they should sell some of their stuff so they can employ a cleaning lady. Both girls leave, and Toadie suggests it's time to clean up.
Connor defends Ruby saying that it may just be a coincidence that she was there, and that they have no evidence. Lou says that he is an eye-witness and that is a form of evidence. He picks up the phone and calls the police.
Steph and Boyd are in the Coffee shop, and Steph asks what is going on. Boyd confides that he wanted to talk to her, and wanted her to be the first to know. He admits he wants to go to boarding school. Steph is shocked, and says that he should be having this conversation with his father not her. Boyd asks her to put in a good word for him but Steph still seems to look puzzled.
Ruby laughs as Harold comes out of the room wearing his Afro wig. She admits he looks great and he should wear that to work, as part of the marketing strategy. He smiles says that it will make him look crazy, but she does have a point. The doorbell rings and Ruby suggests that he should try it out on whoever is at the door. Harold refuses, just in case it is the Salvation Army. Ruby answers it and notices the police standing there. They ask if that can have a talk with her down at the station about the robbery that took place at number 28.
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Taj Coppin in Neighbours Episode 4250
Taj Coppin

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4250
Libby Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Michelle Glue, Stuart Parker, Joan Riley in Neighbours Episode 4250
Toadie Rebecchi, Michelle Glue, Stuart Parker, Joan Riley

Michelle Glue, Joan Riley in Neighbours Episode 4250
Michelle Glue, Joan Riley

Lori Lee, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4250
Lori Lee, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4250
Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4250
Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4250
Harold Bishop

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