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Neighbours Episode 4244 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4244
Australian airdate: 22/05/03
UK airdate: 14/07/03
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Ruby Dwyer: Maureen Edwards
Ted Stamp: Kevin Whitney
James Atkinson: Jeff Keogh
Summary/Images by: Actual/Mona
- James demands the money Darcy owes him
- Lou accuses Ruby of robbing the pub
The Pub
Ruby asks Lou if he thinks she robbed the pub. He tells her she does have a track record and she was standing right next to the bar. Ruby insists she didn't do it and she didn't even see the money. Lou doesn't believe her and says "Well, I would like to find out if you don't mind." Ruby empties the contents of her handbag, but there is no money. Lou still doesn't look convinced and says "That doesn't prove anything." Ruby asks Lou why he didn't tell the police if he thought she was guilty. He tells her he didn't because Harold is his friend and that is the only thing that is stopping him.
The Surgery
Darcy puts the stolen money from the pub into an envelope when James walks in. He tells Darcy that it was a wise move to be there. Darcy gives him the envelope. He has a look in it and doesn't look pleased. "Is this some kind of joke?" he asks. Darcy tells him it is nearly $2,000 dollars. "What makes you think I operate in some sort of instalment plan? You owe me $60,000." James says. Darcy tells him it is all he can pay for the moment and the foreseeable future and that he will resign from the club. James is getting annoyed and tells him it isn't about the club, it's about the large sum of money he owes him. Darcy tells him he can't pay and it's only a gambling debt, so he could choose to wave it if he wished. "I don't wish. But since you're finally being honest with me, I'll give you an extension. Say, another week." he says. Darcy tell him he can't pay it at all, let alone a week. James says he isn't nice like the other people at the club. He starts threatening Darcy, saying that he knows where he works and lives. Then he says he knows an awful lot about Dee as well. As he leaves he says, "Keep it in mind." Darcy looks very worried.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Lou that he thinks it's terrible that someone robbed the pub and suggests that he might be able to get the money back. "Only if the thief owns up." Lou says. Harold thinks that whoever did it must have been very close to the bar during the car demonstration. Lou tells him he knows that, but the place was full of people, including Ruby. Harold doesn't look happy and tells Lou that it definitely wasn't her. "It's a distinct possibility." Lou says. Harold insists that she just wouldn't have done it. Lou reminds him that Ruby does have certain tendencies. "Not any more." Harold says. Lou points out that when she left Erinsborough she was a gambler, a thief a liar and she took him for a big ride. Harold still insists that there is no way Ruby stole the money and tells Lou not to mention it again.
Karl plays with the remote controlled car. Susan is sitting at the table when the car hits the leg of her chair. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for work?" she asks Karl. "Work, schmirk." he replies. "For goodness sake! Your a grown man." says Susan. "Yeah, I never grew up, thank goodness." Karl says as he continues crashing the car into things. Lori comes out with a walking frame and the car hits it. Karl apologizes to Lori and says he'd better get lost. "Could you?" Susan asks him. After he leaves, Susan tells Lori, "I'm going to confiscate that thing! It's lethal!" Lori smiles and says, "And amusing." Lori starts walking towards the door and says she's off to school. Susan asks if she wants to wait a minute to get a lift in the car. Lori tells Susan she would rather walk because the more walking she does, the sooner she'll be rid if that ugly thing (walking frame). Just as Lori gets to the door, Darcy comes in. He asks Susan what happened at the pub the night before, after he left. Susan tells him the police got a statement from Lou but they couldn't really do anything. Darcy just pretends he doesn't have a clue what happened. Susan changes the subject and asks him if Dee's moved all her stuff out yet. Darcy tells her nearly everything has been moved out and Dee should be out by the afternoon. Susan asks him if he'll miss Dee. He tells her he'll see Dee at work. Then he changes the subject and asks Susan if she can do him a favour and let him stay there for a few days because his plumbing went haywire and there's water everywhere. Susan says he can. Darcy goes to get his stuff out of the car. Susan laughs and says he was confident to think she would say yes. "Well, I am your favourite nephew." Darcy says. "Yes there is that." smiles Susan. "Are you sure you don't mind?" Darcy asks. "Well, if you can stand baby's, teenagers and Karl's second childhood, you're quite welcome." Susan says. "Believe me. I'll enjoy the distraction." Darcy replies.
The Pub
Connor walks in with a box. Lou asks him what's in it. Connor tells him it's the beer coasters he ordered and asks where to put it. "Out the back." Lou tells him. Connor puts down the box and tells Lou he thinks he has a way of making a quick buck. Lou doesn't seem very interested but he asks what. Connor tells him he's found some good quality T-shirts for two dollars each and they could sell them at the pub. Lou tells him it's not a good idea because he's tried it before and it didn't work out. Connor keeps trying to convince him and says they could put little logos of Lou's Place on the T-shirts. Lou tells him he's not interested because it's dodgy and fashion's change every five minutes. "But their really good quality and only two dollars each." Connor says. "They are only two dollars because no one would buy them. I've got bigger concerns." Lou tells him.
The Coffee Shop
Connor enters the Coffee Shop and walks past Lori who is sitting at a table reading a book. Lori says hello to him, but he doesn't seem to hear. She picks up her walking frame and jabs Connor with it. She laughs and says she doesn't like being ignored. "That was vicious." jokes Connor. "Yeah, it's good for getting attention." Lori says. Connor tells her maybe he can borrow it sometime so he can jab Lou with it. "What's he done know?" Lori asks. Connor explains how he wants to buy a shipment of t-shirts to sell them, but Lou thinks it's a bad idea. Lori says he should just sell them himself. Connor doesn't think he can. Lori tells him that if he thinks selling the t-shirts is a sure thing, then he should go for it. Connor still isn't sure about it. Lori tells him to think about all the profits he would make, and most importantly, to prove Lou wrong. Connor smiles and says, "Yeah. No guts, no glory."
The Pub
At the pub, Darcy asks Lou how much money was taken, even though he already knows. Lou tells him it was nearly $2,000. "At least you have insurance." Darcy tells him. Lou says that it true, but he doesn't have as much trust in people now. "He must have been a pretty desperate fella." Darcy says. Lou tells him he doesn't think it was a he. "So you know who did it?" Darcy asks. Lou tells him he has a pretty fair idea who it was and he's not going to let her get away with it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is angry that Lou accused Ruby of stealing the money. Ruby tells him that Lou had every right to suspect her of doing it, and so does he. "Oh Ruby.." Harold starts to say. "No Harold. No." Ruby says. "I came here to right past wrongs, and last night when things got tough I fell apart. So, I've decided to do something I've never been able to face. And I want you there. Not to hold my hand, but to see how much I've changed."
Lassiter's Complex
Connor tries selling his t-shirts but doesn't sell any. Lou walks up and says he did warn him about clothes. Connor tells him he's doing alright. "Doing alright would imply the transfer of cash for fabric." Lou says. Connor tells him he's not helping and wants him to go. "Sorry mate." Lou says. "If it gets a bit chilly, pop back inside." He winks to Connor and goes back to pub.
Harold and Ruby at gamblers anonymous
Harold and Ruby drive up to the gamblers anonymous building. Harold asks Ruby why she's so nervous when she's gone to meetings before. She tells him she has never actually gone before because she was scared, that she's only even done one on one counselling. When they walk into the building Harold asks Ruby if she's sure she wants to do it. She tells him she has to publicly own up for what she did. Then a woman calls out that the meeting has started.
The Coffee Shop
Lori walks in and goes up to Connor. He doesn't look very happy. "That doesn't look like a no guts, no glory face." Lori says. Connor tells her he made a big mistake because he was trying to sell the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time. Lori says she's sorry for pushing him into doing it. She looks at the t-shirts and says they are good quality but they don't have anything on them. Connor feels bad because he wasted all his money. Lori tells Connor she has an idea to sell the t-shirts and it should be interesting.
Erinsborough High
Lori is successfully selling the t-shirts for $15 each in the school playground. Jack walks up and asks if he can buy one. Lori tells him it depends on whether he likes them or he's just being nice. Jack says he likes them. He picks a t-shirt and Lori tells him it's too small. "It's a present for Michelle." he says. "I don't need your pity Jack. But I will take your money, That will be $15 please." Lori tells him. Jack says "Ta" and walks off.
Karl is by himself. He looks around to make sure no one's there. Then he gets a small packet from his shirt pocket containing periwinkle extractor. He starts using it on his head when Darcy walks in. "What are you doing?" Karl asks him. "I'm staying here, remember?" Darcy replies. Then he notices Karl's head and asks what's on it. Karl hesitates for a second because he's afraid Darcy will make fun of him. "It's a hair loss cure." he says. "Fair enough." Darcy tells him. Karl is surprised he didn't make any jokes and asks why. Darcy replies, "Why would I make fun of you? If I was bald, I would do the same thing." Karl is a bit annoyed and says, "I'm receding, not bald!" He sits down and asks Darcy, "So, are you broke yet." Darcy looks a bit worried and asks, "Sorry?" Karl replies that he had said he hired a plumber and they cost a bundle. So he would probably have to hock his furniture. Darcy relaxes again, smiles and says, "Yeah, probably."
Harold and Ruby at gamblers anonymous
Ruby stands up in front of everyone and says, "My name's Ruby Dwyer, and I have a gambling problem. It's pretty much under control now, but not so long ago everything I had went straight into the poker machines." Ruby pauses for a second and continues. "And just when it seemed I had ruined every relationship and destroyed everything good in my life, I met Harold. He offered me friendship, help and love." Harold looks up at Ruby and smiles. "And I betrayed him." Ruby says. Harold's smile disappears. Ruby continues, "I cheated, I lied and stole just so I could get more money to gamble with. I can't think of anything lower than what I did. And I still hate myself for it. But I know now that I'm more powerful than my addiction." She looks at Harold and says, "It's hard. And facing consequences hurts. But it's a small price to pay for hope." Ruby finishes her speech by saying "Thanks for listening." She sits down next to Harold and he smiles at her.
Ruby and Harold get ready to go to the Kennedys for dinner. "You're a handsome man Harold Bishop." Ruby says. "Thank you Madame." Harold replies. "May I say you look exceptionally lovely yourself." Ruby says it was nice of the Kennedys to invite them to dinner. "Yes." smiles Harold. Just before they leave Ruby asks if the Kennedys know about her gambling problem because she wants to be prepared. Harold tells her that Karl knows, but he wouldn't be judgemental, he just knows that she would be a decent person. "Well, I'm still on probation for that score." Ruby says. "I think we all are." Harold laughs. Ruby looks at Harold and says that she won't fall again. Harold tells her he knows she won't. But even if she did, he would be there to catch her.
Darcy walks in and Susan says he can join them for dinner. He asks her if he can help. Susan tells him he can clear the table. Karl has the jewellery he got from his aunty on the table and starts to clear it off when Ruby asks if she can have a look at it. Karl thinks it is all worthless and tells Ruby she can take anything she likes the look of. She looks at a ring and tells Karl he should have it valued. She keeps looking through the jewellery and finds a few more things she thinks are valuable. "Dear old Aunty Enid." says Karl.
Connor is surprised when Lori has sold all of the t-shirts. She tells him she just made them more desirable. Connor is even more surprised when Lori tells him she sold the t-shirts for $15 each instead of $10. "Well, I had to cover my costs and my commission." she says. "Your what?" Connor asks. Lori tells him he's on to a winner and she wants a slice of the action. Connor is again surprised that she wants to go into business with him. "Yeah, your contacts and my creative genius." Lori tells him. Connor decides it's a good idea and they seal their partnership.
Ruby continues looking through Karl's jewellery. She shows him a broach, two necklaces and a ring. Karl is very pleased that she discovered they were valuable because he was going to take the whole lot to the op shop. Harold tells Karl he still could. "So you could sell these and get your hands on my loot?" Karl laughs. "Well, can you think of a better cause?" Harold asks him. "I tell you what. "Karl says. "If any of this stuff turns out to be genuine, I'll donate 10%." Harold tells him if he makes it 15 they have a deal. Karl laughs and tells Harold he should be in real estate. Karl changes the subject to the pub robbery. Lori says that everyone at school is talking about it. Susan is intrigued and asks who they think it is. "You." Lori tells her. Susan laughs and asks why they think it's her. Lori says that she was at the pub and she's on a teachers wage, so that's the means and motive. Darcy interrupts and tells everyone that he did actually hear it might have been a woman. Harold looks angry and ask him who told him that. "Lou." Darcy tells him. "He was pretty adamant about it." Harold isn't very happy and tells him that rumours like that can hurt innocent people and aren't a good thing. Darcy tries to be cheerful and says he's sorry and won't mention it again.
The Pub
Lou hangs up the phone in the pub office when Connor walks in. He tells Connor he has a job for him after his failure with the t-shirts. Connor tells him they've been sold to students. Lou looks surprised and says, "You've found a market. Good for you." Connor tells him about his partnership with Lori and how she has a great fashion sense that you wouldn't believe. Lou tells him that's good, then he changes the subject to the job he wants him to do. Connor asks him what it is. Lou tells him that he thinks he knows who robbed the pub, but he needs him to find proof by watching the person. Connor doesn't want to do it and is afraid he might get arrested for following people around. He tells Lou that he could just ring the police because it would be easier. Lou tells him it won't be easier because it has something to do with Harold.
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James Atkinson in Neighbours Episode 4244
James Atkinson

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4244
Darcy Tyler

 in Neighbours Episode 4244

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4244
Susan Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lori Lee

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4244
Harold Bishop

Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4244
Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4244
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Ruby Dwyer, Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4244
Lou Carpenter

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