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Neighbours Episode 4241 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4241
Australian airdate: 19/05/03
UK airdate: 09/07/03
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Guests: Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Summary/Images by: Carly/Mona
- Max and Steph talk in the pub about Boyd
- Lyn finds out that Susan is taking care of Blanche and Stella
- Summer gets upset at Boyd for being mean to Steph
(Susan is sporting a new haircut) Susan is begging Harold to keep Stella and Blanche, but he wants her to take them back because he's breaking out in a rash. Susan gives in. Libby walks in with Ben much to Susan's excitement (Libby has a new haircut also). They comment on each others hair. Harold gives Susan some of Valda's perfume that supposedly calms the dogs down, and sets off to retrieve them. Susan and Libby chat, and Libby says the kids were great, and so was the country air but the "Nightlife was not so good." Libby gives Susan another surprise by showing her that Ben can walk un-aided, as they both watch on proudly.
Summer, Steph and Max have just finished watching Lord of the Rings. Boyd comes in and says "Hi" to Steph and is unusually cheery. Steph says she best be off - Joe is coming back home in the morning, and there is more work going on down at Moco. Max laments that "The holiday's over then." Steph's a bit embarrased to show her face at Moco, considering the amount of times she's quit and gone back to the place. Max says maybe she could look into getting another job. He says that he was thinking of going to the beach the day after tomorrow, and Steph says that they should still go. Boyd says to her "I can't give you surfing lessons if you're not there can I." Steph agrees to come and looks happily at Boyd.
Steph walks in and has a chat with Lyn while she irons sheets. Steph goes to make a coffee. Lyn asks about her night at the Hoylands', and how the kids were. Steph tells Lyn about Boyd's surfing lesson offer. Lyn is fake happy for Steph, and she can see right through it. Lyn keeps on talking about how fitting in with the Hoylands must be tricky for her, and Steph gets a bit annoyed and decides to skip the coffee and go to bed. She just wishes that Lyn would stop fussing and be happy for her. Lyn looks on, worried.
Intercutting between the Kennedys and the Scullys
Karl, Susan, Libby and Ben come in the door with Karl complaining about the airline losing some of his luggage, the plane being delayed, and not getting salmon pasta for a meal. He asks "What's that smell?" and sees if Susan is wearing new perfume or deodorant. Susan acts all innocent.
Joe and Lyn walk in their front door. Joe has lost some luggage too. It turns out that Joe got the last salmon pasta much to Karl's annoyance, and that Karl wasn't too happy with the replacement meal of sausage. Joe says Karl thought it would be more fun to go up and down the aisle doing his 'Deep Vein Thrombosis' exercises.
Karl is telling Susan the risks of DVT. Libby says to Karl "I hope you didn't do anything embarrassing." Karl replies indignantly "Don't be ridiculous."
Cuts straight to Joe.
JOE: It was embarrassing Lynny. I mean, he tripped up a couple of the air hostesses.LYN: Yeah, flight attendents love.JOE: Yeah, yeah. One of those as well.
Steph rushes in all excited and hugs Joe. She asks about his trip and Lyn jokes that Karl annoyed him all the way home. Joe tells Steph that he got gifts for the Hoylands but they are in his missing suitcase. Steph looks pleased and tells him that he didn't have to do that. "Yes I did," he replies. Lyn suggests that they all go over to the Hoylands' later so Joe can see how Steph is coping with the kids and Max. Joe asks where the poodles are, and Lyn tells him with a smile that they are at the Kennedys. Joe thinks it's odd that Karl didn't mention them, and realises that he doesn't know much to his amusement.
Karl is sitting at the kitchen table with Libby and Susan when he hears scratching. Libby and Susan feign deafness. Karl discovers Blanche and Stella and says "Oh, you can't be serious." He walks towards Susan angrily, and Susan can't help smirking.
Behind Lassiter's Complex
Nina is walking by a dumpster on the way to the hotel, and dumps her milkshake in it. Tahnee pops up from inside much to Nina's surprise, with milkshake all down the front of her. Nina asks what she is doing. Tahnee tells her she accidentally threw out a VIP customer's passport when she was cleaning, and she has to search for it. Nina can't cover up her smile, and finds it really amusing to see Tahnee in the dumpster.
Steph and Libby hug as Steph comes through the front door. Libby is excited and wants to know all the details about Max and Steph. Karl is still complaining about the dogs, and how poor Cassie is terrified of them. Susan accidentally lets slip that she let them sleep in their bed. Karl is outraged and storms over to the phone to ring Valda. Steph says she's sure that Lyn would be able to cope with the dogs, but Susan won't hear of it. Karl runs into the bedroom with the phone with Susan chasing after him. Libby says to ignore them, and wants details from Steph. Libby says that it's "The most exciting thing that's happened to you in ages!" Steph wishes that Joe and Lyn felt the same way.
Lyn is complaining about Joe's smelly laundry. Joe knows something is up with her, and Lyn confesses she is worried about Steph. She says "He's been married before, it's not as though he got a divorce, I mean his wife died." Joe says that's not his fault, and he knows at least one thing "Max is a good bloke." Lyn isn't convinced. Joe says he isn't entirely comfortable with it either but "At the end of the day, Steffy's not a little kid anymore." Lyn says that the 'warning signs' are obvious, and tells Joe that Boyd doesn't seem happy. That he's worried that Steph might replace his mum.
Tahnee's still going through the trash, and looks up in amusement to see Nina coming over to help. Chloe's on the warpath because the customer is threatening to cut off their account. Nina climbs in the dumpster and throws a piece of lettuce at Tahnee to shut up her gloating.
Karl gives Libby her presents (with the price tags still on!). Susan's are in the missing bag. Libby finds a wrapped up parcel which Karl says is Aunt Enid's costume jewellery. Karl thinks they should just throw it in the dress up box. He asks Libby about the country. Libby says Candice was right about her needing the experience up there. She wonders if she'll get a job in Erinsborough. Susan suggest tutoring, and Libby says she'll look into it.
Summer answers the door to Steph, Lyn and Joe. Summer asks Joe if she can call him 'Joe', and he says yes. Lyn gives Max a bought cake saying she didn't have time to make something. They all sit in the lounge room, Lyn and Joe on one couch, Steph, Max and Boyd on the other. Joe gives Boyd a skateboard signed by a pro skater. Boyd's pleased. Summer brings in some drinks. Joe gives Max a red cap, and says the gift is "An oldie but a goodie." Max puts the cap on and replies with a smile "Just like me, ay!" Joe gives Summer some make-up from Bloomingdales that Michelle picked out. Summer loves it and gives Joe a hug. Joe looks taken aback, but pleased. Max and Steph look on happily.
Tahnee is sending up Chloe with trash dress-ups. Nina and Tahnee keep finding useful stuff that people have thrown out. Tahnee finds some crumpled up pictures of Harold with different hairstyles (digitally done on the computer). There's a rainbow afro, dreadlocks, and a black afro. They joke that they're for Harold's "Modelling portfolio" or "Maybe he's joined a rap band." Tahnee wants to e-mail them to Michelle for a giggle. Harold walks out to put some trash away, and asks them what they're doing in the dumpster. They tell him about the missing passport, and start to laugh as he walks away.
Joe is telling his New York tales. He starts to ramble on, and jokes with Summer that he saw Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts. Max says to Summer that she should stop harassing Joe, and he probably doesn't want to tell all his stories at once. That puts an end to the conversation. Lyn and Joe get up to go, and Summer and Boyd ask if they could go to the Scullys to look at Joe's photos. They leave. Steph and Max kiss and collapse on the couch, relieved that 'Meeting the Parents' (per say) went well. Steph says there wasn't too many uncomfortable silences. Max gets up to clear some dishes and says "Yeah it was a walk in the park. It's easy to love the parents when you love the daughter, hey." Steph looks after him as he goes to the kitchen, in quiet shock.
Blanche and Stella are eating with Karl looking on. Karl gets the periwinkle treatment out of the stuffed kangaroo on the coffee table, and sprinkles it on to a plate. He picks some up and walks to the mirrored dresser near the front door to put it on his head. One of the dogs grabs the kangaroo off the table and knocks the plate to the floor. Karl goes ballistic and yells at them. He gets down on his hands and knees and tries to pick up the powder. He then resorts to wiping his head against the carpet in a vain attempt to get the reminents on his scalp. Susan walks in and asks him what he's doing. He looks at her with a funny expression.
Coffee Shop
Libby and Steph are at a table talking about Max saying "Love". Steph's confused because she thinks he said it the way "Someone would say they loved ice-cream." Steph asks Libby if she should talk to him about it, or pretend it never happened. Libby reckons that she should throw a "Casual 'L' word" into their next conversation and see what he does. Steph says she wouldn't know what to do without Libby there.
Summer and Boyd come back from the Scullys. Summer thanks Boyd for being nice to Steph before. He says "It was nothing" but Summer says "Nah, it was heaps." She walks out of the lounge room, and Boyd looks a bit pleased he made Summer happy but still not too sure.
Coffee Shop
Steph is telling Libby what happened at the Bed and Breakfast with Max and the chocolates, and the kissing. Harold is eavesdropping and looks stunned. Max walks in and welcomes Libby back. He gives Steph a kiss on the forehead, and walks up to the counter. Harold looks a bit nervous to see him. Max orders a pasta salad, and Harold asks if he wants a chocolate with that, then catches himself and says "Fork. Disposable fork." Max looks confused and says "No, that's alright." He walks back to Steph and she says to him "Taking care of the environment hey...You know, that's one of the things I love about you." She looks at Libby, Libby looks at Max, and Max just looks perplexed then gives Steph a small smile.
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Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4241
Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4241
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4241
Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker

Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker in Neighbours Episode 4241
Tahnee Coppin, Nina Tucker

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4241
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4241
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4241
Joe Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4241
Lyn Scully

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