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Neighbours Episode 4237 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4237
Australian airdate: 13/05/2003
UK airdate: 19/06/2003
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Lisa Jeffries: Rhiannon Fish
Summary/Images by: Lisa/Karen (Katie)
- Nina tearing the notice about Tahnee down.
- Lori regaining feeling in her leg.
The Kennedys
With Dahl watching on, Lori takes some cautious steps.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn is trying to tempt Susan into sharing some chocolate cake with her; she doesn't take much persuasion. Tahnee is thanking Nina for sticking up for her. Nina points out that this doesn't make them friends though. Nina tells her she just knows how it feels to be picked on. Tahnee feels that this means they have something in common.
NINA: The only reason I know, is that you did it to me. How does it feel? (Ouch!)
The Kennedys
Susan has just had a call from Karl. His aunt has just passed away, so he will be staying longer to sort out funeral arrangements; he will be away another week. Lori suggests Susan gets some sleep, however it seems Stella and Blanche have other ideas; they have taken over her bedroom. She would put them outside, but Cassie is terrified of them. Lori offers to have them in her bedroom.
SUSAN: No point ruining another set of sheets. Not to mention Karl's favourite pair of slippers. I don't know how I am going to tell him.
LORI: I'm sure he'll understand.
SUSAN: (Shakes head) No, no they were a bargain buy 20 years ago. His pride and joy for staying power, and value for money. I don't suppose you could tell him?
LORI: (Laughs)
SUSAN: (Worried look on face) No, I'm serious. Could you?
The Scullys
Lisa and Summer are knocking on the door. Jack comes to the door sporting some very cool pyjamas; they make the girl's laugh. They want him to show them some soccer tips.
Ramsay Street
Summer and Lisa have managed to get Jack outside (minus pyjamas); he has brought his football along. Unbeknown to Jack there is a gang of screaming girls waiting outside for him; they are friends of Summer and Lisa. Jack can't resist by showing off some of his fancy footwork. Lisa manages to hit the ball straight into his stomach; he recovers quickly enough to show them some headers. One of the headers goes slightly astray and lands on Max's car. Jack apologises. Max is curious as to how he got roped into helping out. Jack tells him his daughter is very persuasive. "Yeah tell me about it".
The Scullys
Michelle is asking Lyn if she can have a leaving party. Lyn tries suggesting a family get together, seeing as most of Michelle's friends aren't speaking to each other! Michelle has her heart set on it though, and she is sure they will all behave themselves. Michelle shows Lyn the list of guests. It has Taj, Tahnee and Lori on it. Lyn decides she is definitely calling for backup.
Number 30
Lori and Taj are sitting with their feet in the pool. Taj wants to know why she hasn't told anyone that she is able to walk again. She tells him she wants to take her time. Jack's football rolls into the garden; he sees them by the pool enjoying themselves.
Ramsay Street
Lyn comes out and asks Jack what he is up to. He explains he is teaching the girls some soccer tricks; they go off to the park. Lyn goes over to Harold. She is complementing him on the music he was just playing on his tuba; infact she says it sounded like he was playing in his back garden! It turns out he was. Gino apparently needs time to do his meditation, and Harold's tuba is a distraction. Susan comes running down the street. She is chasing after Stella, Blanche and Audrey. Lyn seems surprised to hear that she has been lumbered with the dogs. Lyn assures Susan she will tell Valda to sort something out. Susan tells her it's ok, and that it is Audrey that is the problem. The dogs break free and Susan goes running after them.
The Coffee Shop
Nina bumps into Jack. He tells her he needs to see her, ands asks if she is going to Michelle's party, she says she 'has' to. He asks her would things be better if Lori and Taj had hooked up with other people. Nina enquires as to whether they are, he tells her he doesn't know. Lisa and Summer come over and ask Jack to be their soccer coach. He tells them it was just a one off. They try begging him; he looks at Nina and laughs.
The Kennedys
Michelle is telling Lori and Taj about her party. Lori is curious as to who has been invited. The both look shocked when she says Jack and Nina are coming. Although you would expect her brother to come to be coming to her party!
The Hoylands
Lisa and Summer are telling Max all about their search for a soccer coach. They put on their sweet voices and try to convince Max to take on the role. He has other ideas and says no. Lisa then tries a bit of flattery. She says that Summer is always saying how fit, funny and smart he is.
MAX: I've never even played soccer. I wouldn't know were to start.
LISA: We'll teach you.
MAX: Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose.
He suggests that they ask Jack. Obviously Max doesn't know he has already said no to them. They think it would sound better if he was asked by a grown up.
The Scullys
Max is talking to Lyn about Jack coaching the girl's soccer team. Lyn thinks it's a great idea. She calls Jack into the room, and asks him whether he will do it. Jack abruptly says no. Max leaves the room and tells Lyn he will see her later. Lyn is angry with Jack for being rude to Max. He explains he is to busy with year 12. Lyn however thinks that after everything that has gone on, it would be good for him to 'do something for someone else for a change'. Jack walks out of the room leaving her furious.
The Coffee Shop (Outside)
Susan is 'still' having trouble with the dogs. She takes a seat outside.
HAROLD: Your usual latte?
SUSAN: Espresso Harold, Double, and a donut no a lamington. No I'll have both!!
He asks how Karl is getting on in America. Susan tells him that Karl's aunt passed away. Harold asks how close they were; she says although they lived so far apart, they were very close. The dogs decide to bark; Susan tells them to shut up (seems she is losing her patience!). Harold is curious as to whether Karl has agreed to the new additions to their family. Susan laughs.
HAROLD: He doesn't know does he?
SUSAN: No Harold and I can't wait to tell him!!!!
Out of desperation Susan tries to convince Harold to take Stella and Blanche. Harold doesn't think it would be a good idea with his allergies. Susan points out that poodle hair shouldn't be a problem. He then fumbles (desperately searching for another excuse) and explains Gino wouldn't be happy. That sparks a light bulb above his head. Seems he has come up with an idea.........
The Hoylands
Max has gathered some soccer 'stuff' off the internet. Summer and Lisa point out that they already know the rules. Max is curious about the offside rule, they try to explain it to him; it leaves him looking more confused. Thankfully there is a knock at the door; it's Jack. It seems he has changed his mind, and he offers to help out. The offer only extends to assistant coach though, and he tells them his school work needs to come first. Summer and Lisa are ecstatic. Max asks Jack to explain the offside rule to him.
The Scullys
Michelle's party is in full swing. Lyn is busy fussing around by making sure everyone has a drink. She asks Michelle where Jack is; as she could use his help. Michelle tells her to stop worrying, and that everything is under control. Michelle teases Lyn about the 'tacky' plates she has out up. Lyn says she was concerned Michelle's friends might throw the good one's. Jack comes in with Summer, Max and Lisa. Summer gives Michelle a present. Jack glances over at Lori and Taj (it's obvious they are enjoying themselves). Michelle asks Jack how things are going.
JACK: I think Lori secretly wants to poison me, and Taj is trying to refrain himself from punching my lights out!
Michelle tells him she is going to miss him. Max asks Lyn if she needs any help. There is a knock at the door- it's Nina. Taj, Tahnee and Lori all glare at her. Looks like the party is about to get interesting! Taj gently reminds them that they are there for Michelle.
Number 24
Susan is going through Stella and Blanche's vitamins and feeding instructions with Harold. She also tells him their exercise requirements, and that Valda doesn't like them fraternising with other dogs. Harold is frantically trying to write it all down.
SUSAN: Thanks for this Harold. You've not only saved my sanity, you may have also saved my marriage.
It's all part of Harold's devious plan to get rid of Gino. Susan suggests she should just tell Gino its not working. Harold thinks the dogs will do the trick as Gino prefers everything tidy.
HAROLD: (to the dogs) Well now, what are you going to destroy first?
The Scullys
Susan joins the party celebrations. She asks Lyn if anything has got broken yet! Lyn does ask her if she would like a knife to cut the tension with. Michelle makes a speech. She thanks everyone for coming and tells them she will miss them all; especially her mum. She talks about the mistakes she has made along the way, but says you can make up for things by forgiving and forgetting. Her speech has everyone thinking, it has obviously hit a nerve with certain people. She ends the speech by reminding them all to email her.
MICHELLE: Here's to me and you, friends and family.
Everyone raises their glasses. Lori decides this is the moment to show everyone she can walk again; she walks over to Michelle and gives her a hug.
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Lori Lee, Dahl in Neighbours Episode 4237
Lori Lee, Dahl

Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4237
Jack Scully

Susan Kennedy, Stella/Blanche in Neighbours Episode 4237
Susan Kennedy, Stella/Blanche

Nina Tucker, Jack Scully in Neighbours Episode 4237
Nina Tucker, Jack Scully

Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries in Neighbours Episode 4237
Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries

Jack Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4237
Jack Scully, Lyn Scully

Stella/Blanche, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4237
Stella/Blanche, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Max Hoyland, Jack Scully, Lisa Jeffries, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4237
Max Hoyland, Jack Scully, Lisa Jeffries, Summer Hoyland

Stella/Blanche in Neighbours Episode 4237

Max Hoyland, Jack Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Susan Kennedy, Tahnee Coppin, Joe Scully, Lori Lee, Nina Tucke in Neighbours Episode 4237
Max Hoyland, Jack Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Susan Kennedy, Tahnee Coppin, Joe Scully, Lori Lee, Nina Tucke

Summer Hoyland, Jack Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Lori Lee, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4237
Summer Hoyland, Jack Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Lori Lee, Susan Kennedy

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