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Neighbours Episode 4210 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4210
Australian airdate: 03/04/03
UK airdate: 12/05/03
Writer: John Davies
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Valda Sheergold: Joan Sydney
Alex Argenzio: Marco Pio Venturini
- "Up To Our Necks In It" by Skunkhour
Summary/Images by: Actual/Karen (Katie)
Libby and Steph talk outside the pub. Steph insists that she's over Max and nothing happened between them anyway. Libby thinks Steph still has feelings for Max because she hasn't told Joe and Lyn about her trip with and Alex and she hasn't seen much of Alex lately. Steph tells her it's just circumstance. Libby says to Steph that it's ok to tell her. Steph starts to get annoyed and says there is nothing to tell. Libby says she doesn't believe her. Steph isn't happy and says, "So, you think I'm a liar, now?" Libby replies, "To yourself, yes." Steph appears to have had enough and says she has to go. Libby looks disappointed and tells her they haven't even eaten. Steph says she'll fix up the bill at the pub.
Steph walks in the pub. Valda is on the phone ordering some meat. She says, "Thank you, Mr. Michaelson" and puts down the phone. Lou walks up and says, "Was that Grant Michaelson the butcher? He's a crook." Valda tells him she was told Grant Michaelson has the best quality meat in town and that she won't be working with the sub-standard meat at the pub. Lou says the meat isn't sub-standard. Valda insists it is and she couldn't even mince his meat. Steph interrupts them to pay her bill. Valda tells her not to worry about the bill, which leaves Lou not looking very pleased at all. Valda and Lou start arguing about giving away free meals. Lou starts to threaten her with unemployment. Max steps in and says he'll handle it and tells Lou to take a walk outside to get some air. After Lou leaves, Valda tells Max she was perfectly prepared to pay for Stephanie's bill anyway, which was only an orange juice. Max asks her why she didn't tell Lou that. She tells him she didn't because Lou got up on his high horse and she won't accept that sort of behaviour.
Summer rides along on her bike doing her paper round, when she comes across an arrow with her name written under it on the footpath. She follows several more arrows until she comes up to an envelope stuck on a wall with her name written on it. The letter inside reads: "Summer, the paper round is mine! Tell anyone and your dead!" Summer looks around worried and rides off.
At the pub, Valda and Lou again argue over the meat. Lou tells Valda to take the meat back. She tells him she can't because she's turned it into pies. Lou tells her she's not selling the meat. Valda tells him she will make some pies with his meat as well for comparison. Lou refuses at first, but eventually he agrees, telling Valda the only change will be the meat. Valda and Lou walk into the kitchen, continuing to bicker. Alex gets Rosie a bottle of wine with a bird label on it, and Lyn a bottle of Cherry for a trifle, while Lou's busy. Alex tells Lyn not worry about Steph being gone too long on the trip. Lyn asks, "what trip?" then Alex realizes she didn't know about it.
Boyd is on the phone to Heather when Summer comes home. She seems to be in a bad mood. Boyd asks her what's wrong. She tells him nothing. He asks if she delivered all the papers. She says she has, but it's her last paper round, because she's quitting. Boyd tells her it doesn't look like nothing is wrong. Summer says she just doesn't want to do the paper round anymore, because it's childish and the pay's lousy. Boyd tells her what can she expect when it's just a paper round. He asks her what she's going to do now. She tells him homework. Max walks in and says homework is a good idea and tells Boyd to go and do his. After Boyd leaves, Max asks Summer what's wrong? She says nothing.
At the Scullys, Lyn isn't pleased with Steph for not telling her about the trip. Steph says she's sorry, that she was going to tell her, but with Valda showing up and Lori's accident she couldn't find the time and that she might not go at all. Lyn starts growling at Steph and tells her she should talk to Alex and get her facts straight with atleast one of them. Then Lyn suddenly apologizes and tells Steph she takes her for granted. Steph tells Lyn she doesn't take her for granted and she doesn't have to go on the trip. Lyn tells Steph she does have to go, because it's been her dream. She tells Steph that she just wishes she'd given her a bit of warning, because she's going to miss her.
Alex walks into the Scully house and asks Steph why she didn't tell her parents about the trip. She tells him because there's been a lot of stuff going on. Alex tells her he doesn't do things by halves and neither should she. He asks her to think carefully about whether she really wants to go on the trip. Then he leaves.
Susan and Libby discuss her getting a job as a teacher at Erinsborough High. Susan tells Libby if she was principal she would help get her the job, because she's a great teacher. Libby says she thinks she'll have to stop trying to be the students friend, but she just wanted to be like the teachers that she liked. Susan tells her when teachers are friendly it means the students respect them, but it doesn't necessarily mean they like them. Libby laughs and says, "I just though I liked them." Susan tells her, "Oh, you did. But students know when the teacher is trying to be their friend, they can smell that a mile off." Libby smiles and says she thinks she's getting the hang of it. Susan touches Libby's face with her hands and tells her she definitely is. Libby asks, "So, what are we cooking?" Susan replies, "Spaghetti and Beetroot." Libby laughs and says, "Yum! My favourite!" Susan suggests they go to the pub, Libby agrees. They go out the front door and close it. Ben starts making noises, and Libby rushes back in laughing because she nearly forgot him. She picks up Ben and says she's sorry. Then she laughs, telling Susan not to tell anyone about it.
At No. 32, Boyd asks Summer if she's given up you know what for good. Rosie asks what they're conspiring about. They both say nothing. Rosie tells them it doesn't look like nothing to her. The phone rings and Boyd runs off to get it, then Summer goes off to do some homework. After Boyd and Summer are gone, Rosie tells Max she would check her bed for short sheeting if she was him. Max tells her as long as they aren't fighting, he doesn't care. Then Rosie tells Max she heard something interesting at the pub that day. Max tells her he's not interested if it's about Lou and Valda. Rosie tells him it's about Steph, that she hadn't told her parents about the trip yet, so it doesn't look like she will be going. Max tells Rosie, "Well, it's Steph's life, I guess." Rosie says, "Max, faint heart never won fair lady."
At the pub, Susan and Libby have just finished eating pies. Valda comes up and asks each of them how the pies were. Susan says it was lovely, while Libby says it was a bit on the dry side. Valda yells out, "I knew it!" Libby asks Valda, "You knew it was tough?" Valda apologizes, telling Libby it was an experiment. Lou doesn't look very happy and tells Valda, "Allright you win, but don't get anything else besides the meat." Valda tells him, "Only the meat! Everything else can come from you're slaughterhouse!" and she starts walking out the back. Lou goes after her yelling that it's not a slaughterhouse. Libby laughs, telling Susan she wishes she had been told before she had the pie that it was an experiment. Stuart walks up to them. Susan tells him to sit down with them. He says he better not, and he's already full from one of the pies. Susan asks him how the pie was. He tells her, "It was great. Juicy and tender." Libby laughs and says, "Was I the only one in group B of this experiment?" Susan insists Stuart stay with them. She tells him they are lashing out because Karl isn't there. Stuart gives and sit down. Libby smiles at him.
At No. 22, Rosie is telling Max that she knows how he feels about Steph, and he should do something about it. Max tells her he doesn't want to make things more complicated for Steph. Rosie says, "For yourself you mean." Boyd and Summer come in to get some ice cream. Rosie's moblie rings and she goes to talk in private. Boyd says yuck because there's only strawberry ice cream left. Max tells him he noticed that, as well as two litres of milk disappearing in a day. Boyd starts to explain, but Max just smiles and tells him he doesn't care. Rosie comes back and says it was the Bishop on the phone, and he wants her to go up to Sydney the next day for briefing to attend something in New Guinea. Max says that's very short notice. Rosie replies, "Yes, very."
At the pub, Stuart says he's sorry about the night before, that he was immature. Libby tells him it's ok. Stuart says he just wants things to go back to how they were before. Libby smiles and tells him, "That would be nice."
The next morning, Lyn walks over to Harold, who is doing some work in the garden. She tells him she has photos from the play, but Harold doesn't look very happy. She shows him a photo of the first act and she tells him she just loved it and it was great. Harold smiles and asks her, "Do you really think so?" Lyn tells him yes, that she could watch the whole play again. Harold thanks Lyn and tells her she doesn't know what it means to him. Lyn invites Harold to come in for a 'cuppa' and choose which photos he would like copies of. Harold and Lyn pass Steph, who is about to ride off on her motorbike. Summer can hear the motorbike starting from No. 22 and tells Max it must be Steph going to work. Max tells Summer he'll be right back and runs outside after Steph yelling to her. She doesn't hear him and keeps going. Max stands on the footpath, looking sad.
At the garage, Stuart is looking over Alex's motorbike. Alex asks him to give his bike the full service. Steph drives up and Stuart walks away. She tells Alex she's been thinking about what he said, and he's right that she's been unsure about the trip, but now she is sure. Alex asks her what she's decided. She tells him she likes him and it's the trip of a lifetime, so it's yes. Alex is excited telling her it's great and hugs her.
At the pub, Lou finds out Valda has ordered some crayfish tails. He asks her how much they are. She tells him she's going to negociate with Orlando when he gets there. Lou asks, "So, you don't even know the price yet?" Valda tells him she wants to see the produce first. Suddenly Lou cries in pain and sits down. Harold asks him if he's taken his medication. He tells Harold that of course he has. Then he slightly smiles and says that he just shouldn't get worked up. Valda says that maybe they should get the tails some other time and she goes to contact Orlando. Lou smiles with triumph as she walks away. Rosie and Harold look suspiciously at him. Harold says to him, "You weren't in pain at all." Lou tells him, "Oh, I was. I jabbed myself with this bottle opener." Harold tells him it was a dreadful thing to do. Lou laughs and says it's a great way of handling the 'foul cook'. Rosie asks Lou, "How could you?" Lou just laughs.
Max sees Steph at the Lassiters Complex and goes up to her. He tells her he heard she wasn't going on the trip. She asks him where he heard that from. He tells her, "Just around." She tells him from what he heard she hadn't told her parents yet. But now she has, and they are all for it. Max suddenly looks very miserable. Steph tells him, "Theres nothing keeping me here is there?" Max looks very sad as Steph walks away.
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Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4210
Libby Kennedy

Valda Sheergold, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4210
Valda Sheergold, Max Hoyland

 in Neighbours Episode 4210

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4210
Summer Hoyland

 in Neighbours Episode 4210

Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4210
Valda Sheergold, Lou Carpenter

Alex Argenzio, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4210
Alex Argenzio, Rosie Hoyland

Lyn Scully, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4210
Lyn Scully, Stuart Parker

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4210
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4210
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Max Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4210
Max Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4210
Susan Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Libby Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4210
Harold Bishop, Lyn Scully

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4210
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4210
Max Hoyland

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