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Neighbours Episode 4201 from 2003 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4201
Australian airdate: 21/03/03
UK airdate: 28/04/03
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Sindi Watts: Marisa Warrington
- "Traffic" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: snazzy_sista
- Darcy giving Dee his key.
- Stu telling Flick that the engagement is off. He asks Libby if she feels the same way
Stuart tells Libby that he's falling in love with her. Libby tells him to slow down and look at his track record. He is young, she has commitments and she can't afford to make mistakes. Libby reassures him that he will always be a part of their lives; but is just not ready for a relationship. Just as Libby is thanking Stu for his honesty Toadie interrupts and Libby leaves.
Karl is on a foot ladder looking in the roof for the rat. Lib comes in and rolls her eyes. 'Not that rat again!' She tells him that she will take Ben for a walk, to avoid the disaster. However just as she leaves the room, it strikes. Karl gets his hand caught in a mouse trap and falls to the ground moaning in pain. Libby and Susan rush to his aid and when they see his hand in a mousetrap, they try not to laugh. Susan tells Karl that enough is enough, it's time to get a pest exterminator. He begs for another chance to catch the rat, and reluctantly Susan agrees. When Karl leaves the room they quietly begin to laugh, and comment on how they hope Ben won't remember the incident.
Toadie tells Stuart not to blame Libby for nor rushing into a relationship, as with Ben she has a point. He also says that Libby was right about Stu's track record. He has been in 2 broken engagements already at his age. That hits a nerve and Stuart tells Toadie that he cannot talk. He was in a perfectly functioning relationship with Dee, and just because she didn't tell him about her mistake, he breaks up with her. Toadie becomes angry at tells him that it is none of his business, and just for the record 'she lied.'
Dee and Darcy are having lunch and joking around comparing themselves to 'The Simpsons.' Darcy is in a cheerful mood saying that 'all is right with the world'
Connor and Lou are in the pub and Lou pays Connor commission for selling some of his stock. Connor tells Lou that that was nothing, he could sell 10 DVD players by the end of the day; but for a reasonable cost, like say 20%. Lou offers 15% and Connor agrees. Lou asks how things are going. He sighs and tells him that things aren't going to well. Explains that the Scullys won't even let him in the front doorstep and Lou tells him to give them time.
Dee and Darcy are in the Coffee shop. Lib spots Darcy and asks him if he could check Ben, because he's been coughing. Darcy tells her to drop by the surgery sometime in the afternoon. Darcy then bumps into Sindi. Sindi explains that she is jobless, and tells him that she needs to make a phone call. While that is happening Dee and Libby are sitting at a table talking. Then Lib asks how things are going with her and Darcy. Dee reassures her that everything is fine, but seeing the look on Libby's face informs her that they are just friends. Dee beings to look depressed, and confides in Lib that since she has left no #30 that all she's thought about is Toadie. Lib smiles, telling Dee not to worry and comforts her by saying that Toadie will soon see how miserable he is without her. She gives a small smile and hopes that Libby is right.
Susan walks in on Karl fiddling with another mousetrap. He looks up to see Susan with a triumphant look on her face, holding up the dead rat in a bag. Karl looks shocked at asked how Susan did it. She informs him that it was lying on the living room floor with its feet in the air. Looking at all the cheese that Karl was trying to stuff into the mousetrap she jokes that it probably died due its cholesterol level. He looks disappointed and tells her that he wanted to kill the rat himself.
Meanwhile in the surgery Darcy pronounces Ben to be fine. Libby thanks Darcy, as she just wanted to make sure that he wasn't asthmatic - after all Bill was, and when he was growing up he had lots of problems. Darcy asks Libby for a favour, as he wants to play 'matchmaker' with Dee and Toadie. Lib looks surprised and asks since when has he cared about doing nice things? Darcy laughs and informs her that this generous streak doesn't happen very often. He tells Libby his idea: Which consists of a few blokes to have a 'boys night' out at the pub. He want's Lib to get Dee there and see how it goes. Libby looks hesitant but agrees in the end.
After Libby leaves Darcy makes a phone call to Sindi, reminding her that she owes him a favour.
Darcy jokes about being sick of filling out medical forms as him and Toadie play the play-station. Casually, Darcy tells Toadie that is quite different now having Dee around the house. Toadie assumed that Dee was staying with her parents, got upset that Dee had'once again' neglected to tell him something important as this. Darcy apologized and told him that he thought he already knew. Toadie shook his head and Darcy offers Toadie a boys' night out at the pub. Toadie agrees.
Karl is pacing around looking for something to do. Susan smiles and points out the only reason he was obsessed with the rat is because it took his mind off the court case. Karl sat down and told her how embarrassing it would be to stand up in front of everyone and plead guilty. Susan puts an arm around him and tells him not to worry as after all she would be there. He looked surprised and asked about the classes she was supposed to take, but Susan reassured him that she has set work for them and that she will deal with Candice Barkham when the time comes. Karl smiles and hopes that Toadie will be ready to represent him tomorrow, but Susan tells him to stop worrying.
Lou gives Connor his 15% commission, and a proud looking Lou says that Connor has a gift. He asks Connor if he is into more permanent work; just running round picking up some goods and selling them to the consumers. Stu rolls his eyes and Connor smiles.
Toadie is heating up the BBQ and Stu comes out and apologizes for bring up the whole Dee thing. Connor then arrives with a huge meat platter, that a mate of his 'won,' and gave it to Connor. Toadie warns him about Lou's 'dealings' because he occasionally bends the laws. Connor looks worried, when Darcy arrives and declares tonight as a 'no talking about the feminine side of things' night.
Dee and Libby enter the Kennedy dining room and Susan says that they look brilliant. Karl and Susan excuse themselves, just as Dee says to Libby that she can't do it, she's not ready to be single yet. Lib feels sorry for her and admits that Toadie is going to be there, and it was a set-up to get them to talk to each other. Dee looks nervous but Libby tells her that she also wants to go out and have fun, so she'd be doing her a favour. Dee considers.
At the pub the guys are playing pool. Lou is talking to Connor about sales, but Darcy interrupts telling Lou not to be to hard on Connor. Then Darcy notices Sindi and greets her. Sindi clarifies that she will do it on the grounds that she does not leave the pub, so there is no going home business. Darcy shakes his head and tells her only to make him feel special. He points out Toadie and tells Sindi that he is the one she will talk to. Sindi introduces herself and praises Toadie about being on talk-back radio. Toadie looks politely bewildered.
Dee and Libby leave for the pub leaving Karl and Susan talking about the court case tomorrow. Karl is still worried and when Libby tells him that Toadie is down at the pub Karl groans 'Great that's all I need. My attorney with a hangover.'
Back in the pub Stuart and Connor are talking about Michelle. Connor seems depressed when Stu reminds him that everyone here tonight has lost someone, and that it will sort itself out. Darcy interrupts with the 'no talking about the other sex rule.'
Dee and Libby get ready to walk into the pub, but just as Dee finds the courage she spots Sindi and Toadie sitting at a table talking to each other. Sindi looks quite comfortable, and Dee runs off. Toadie and Sindi never noticed Dee or when Libby shook her head and ran after Dee. Darcy gave a satisfied look
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