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Neighbours Episode 4122 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4122
Australian airdate: 29/10/2002
UK airdate: 03/01/2003
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mr. Martin Cook: Tony Bonner
Kev Rebecchi: Don Bridges
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Sheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
Chloe Lambert: Stephanie Daniel
Summary/Images by: Tracy F
- Darcy asking Chloe where their relationship is going.
- Kev and Angie leaving Ramsay Street.
- Cookie asking Sheena what she is going to do for him.
Erinsborough Hospital
Sheena storms off leaving Cookie following her explaining that she misunderstood what he meant. He was joking. She is on the list; it was just a clerical error. Cookie is once again apologizing to Sheena, saying that people say he has a strange sense of humour, he's sorry. Darcy walks up and asks if everything's OK, Sheena looks pensive.
Flick and Toadie are talking about Flick and Stu`s impending stay in the new suite at the hotel. She raves about the widescreen plasma TV and spa. .Toadie reminds her of Chloe's memo forbidding Staff to use the hotel facilities. Flick announces that Chloe is at the beach house and what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Much to Toadies horror the traveling Rebecchi mobile pulls up outside reception. He goes out to see them as Flick is on the phone to Stu telling him about the night she has lined up for them.
No 30
Stu seems less than enthusiastic and a little awkward discussing the evening with Flick, and glances over at Steph who is in the lounge. When he finishes on the phone he cancels his planned evening at the cricket with Steph. Steph says she`ll watch on TV instead, and agrees that they can do it another time, when he and Flick aren't too busy.
Angie is loudly directing Kev into a parking spot. Toadie is mortified. At reception Flick and Stu are looking forward to spending the evening together. Stu plans to watch the cricket but Flick says if it ain`t got actors in it, she isn't watching.
Erinsborough Hospital
Cookie is losing an argument with a vending machine. Darcy helps him, successfully getting a lemonade, whilst chatting uncomfortably about Chloe. Cookie asks Darcy if Nurse Wilson is the excitable type. Darcy says no, she`s just an excellent nurse.
Kev and Angie announce that they've booked the honeymoon suite and will stay at the hotel tonight before departing for their "honeymoon". Toadie says the room is already booked by someone else. Kev laughs that they booked under another name ...Mr and Mrs Mac Kenworth. Darcy sees Chloe outside reception, but she doesn't have time to speak. Toadie thought she was away at the beach house, but Chloe explains that she had to return to see her lawyer. She demands that the mobile home in the car park is moved immediately. Angie, bless her mistakes Chloe for the valet. Off Chloe goes to check out the "Lambert suite" prompting Toadie to make a desperate call to Flick.
No 22
Libby, Steph and Susan are discussing Harold's dating video. Libby says he's as exciting as raw tofu, but Steph says maybe it is the real him and they just haven't seen it. Steph says it's about time the three of them had a night out. Susan suggests Hemisfear, but Libby says it's a bit young for them and points out she has Ben to consider. Steph says Joe and Lyn would look after Ben, but Libby just doesn't feel like it.
Chloe gets off the phone to the florist, after giving them a rocket about the flowers they supplied for a wedding. The phone rings and Toadie grabs it. He is talking about the Lambert Suite, about a management inspection. Chloe takes the phone off him and listens to Flick talking excitedly about the view etc. Chloe tells her to come down to reception straight away.
Both Stuart and Flick are on the receiving end of a tongue lashing from Chloe. Flick is given an official warning. Toadie is also in for a telling off about his lack of professionalism. Chloe once again screams to move the van.
No 22
The girls are ready for the night out. Libby's not sure about her choice of outfit but the girls say she looks fine. Susan says "me mutton you lamb" whilst sitting in Bens play pen with her bemused grandson. Lets just have fun says Steph, so the three amigos hit the town, dropping Ben at the Scullys on their way.
Lou's place
Darcy is sitting alone at the bar, when Sheena comes in for a bottle of wine. They discuss Cookie briefly before Sheena leaves. Toadie arrives and diagnoses Darcy's complaint as woman trouble. Darcy asks if it's possible that he is falling in love with Chloe. Toadies initially surprised, then tells Darcy he'd fall in love with a traffic light if it blinked at him the right way. He advises that Darcy gives Chloe some space, and let her get over her marriage split in her own time.
The girls are having a good time. Darcy arrives and the girls leave him dragging Libby off for a dance.
No 30
Flick and Stu are pashing on the sofa. They stop briefly to chat about Chloe and then are interrupted by Toadie. Toadie is in a good mood as Stu announces Dee will be home in two days.
The girls and dancing and Steph grabs Darcy to join them. They all agree that they are too old for this and the tragic gang depart next door for hot chocolates, on Darcy.
No 26
Steph and Flick are in the kitchen and Flick is explaining what happened the previous night. Steph says "so I was dumped so you could get kicked out of Lassiters?". Flick apologizes for ruining Stephs evening, but Steph says not to worry, she ended up going dancing with Susan and Lib. Steph advises Flick not to suck up to Chloe and just act normally.
The Coffee Shop
Kev and Angie are complaining to Toadie about being charged for the bathrobes. Toadie then surprises them by announcing that he's booked them the honeymoon suite at an affiliated hotel in Cairns, two weeks from now. They are thrilled and depart for their trip. Toadie then sees Susan and Libby and comments on how tired they look. They tell him about their night clubbing and that Darcy tagged along. Toad asks Susan how Libby is doing; Susan says she's getting there.
Flick is on reception when Chloe arrives. Flick apologies for her behaviour, but Chloe says that she unfairly took her bad mood out on Flick and she then apologizes too. She announces she is off to the beach house for the next three days. Darcy sees her when she is getting in her car. He needs to talk to her, but she can't handle it right now. Darcy pressures Flick into giving him the address of the beach house, against her better judgement..
The Beach House
Darcy knocks on Chloe's door. She answers, asking him what he's doing there. He says he needs to know if she loves him, if she needs him as much as he needs her...
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