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Neighbours Episode 4105 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4105
Australian airdate: 04/10/02
UK airdate: 02/12/02
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Chloe Lambert: Stephanie Daniel
Summary/Images by: Kelza/Emily
- Harold telling Harold that the archbishop is reviewing her transfer.
- Chloe giving Darcy an expensive watch.
If you know where they are I'll give you a cookie... - Night
Darcy's trying on the watch but he can't accept it. Chloe lets him in on a secret - it was originally a gift for John but he didn't like it. Darcy realises it's just a cast off and Chloe asks if it bothers him. What bothers him is what other people might think. Chloe can't see why he cares, and from the stories he's told her he shouldn't care. He strikes her as a man who knows his own mind and puts his own interests first, she hopes she hasn't got him wrong. Nope she summed him up well! She uses her charm to win him over on the watch.
Lou's Place
Rosie's helping Lou pack up the glasses, and is supposing she should stop bleating and just accept the fact she's going. Lou gives her a pep talk on how great it will be and what she can do... but she won't have time. He sure will though. Rosie doesn't think he should uproot himself just for her but Lou wants too. She gives them the vote of confidence by asking what happens if things don't work out. Lou doesn't like the sound of that, or the cut of her jib. Rosie wants more thought put into this before he just runs off into the sunset with her. To Lou it sounds as though she doesn't want him to come along. She just wants him to think this through.
Max just arrives out of the office, he's put the taking in the safe and left Lou a list of what they need from the suppliers on the desk and will ring them in the morning. He suggests to Lou that they have a blues night there once a month for something different. Lou will think about it, which makes Max happy and leave the olds to their bickering. Lou sarcastically asks Rosie when he can make his stay up at NSW permanent, after a few visits or bit by bit? Rosie was only suggesting it Louey.
Number 26 - Day
Boyd is skateboarding in the Scullys' driveway which I find odd. Joe does too because he comes out to see what's going on. Boyd says he's just leaving but Joe doesn't see why, everyone knows he has the best driveway for doing ollies in. Right. Joe makes a joke that doesn't go down too well and ends up making Boyd agree that Joe looks old. Joe calls him a cheeky sot and has a look at the skateboard. They were just bringing in the wheels Boyd has when Joe finished up with his skating days. He asks if Boyd made the board himself (he hasn't) and wants to have a go. Boyd's speechless so Joe goes down the street with it. He isn't too bad for an old bloke you know.
Darcy's having a good old jog around the pond and stops to rest and stretch when Chloe turns up. What a stalker she is! She thinks he's up and about quite early for a weekend and he throws that right back at her. She's glad to see he's wearing the watch and he can't thank her enough. She has been using the slogan generator because she says if you've got it, flaunt it and to hell with the gossip. He laughs as though that's the funniest thing he's heard in a long time. Chloe mentions that's what she likes about him, he doesn't care what others think. She must dash, got work to do so she leaves him to his workout. Is it just me or does this smell of affair?
Lynnie is out for a nice walk and spots his watch asking if it's new. He replies that a friend gave it to him and Lyn's quite chatty today because she thinks that friend must be oober rich to give him a watch like that, and must think he's hot stuff. Darcy has to run but Lyn calls him back needing advice on home pregnancy tests, on if they are accurate. He suggests she drop by the surgery later so they can discuss it.
Ramsay Street
Now Joe is teaching Boyd how to skate with the ollies and jumps and all the gnarly skating talk. Boyd nails the ollies and Joe's pretty impressed. He asks if Boyd's been to the skate park behind the shopping centre. Boyd's only heard of it and well what he doesn't know until now is that Joe built it. Boyd can't believe that so Joe offers to take him as Lyn walks up with a bunch of food and asking if she can see Joe inside. It's three o'clock and time for wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Ewww! Joe tells Boyd he'll be back in ten minutes but changes his mind, it'll be twenty.
Number 32
Max's ironing the washing while talking to his mummy over the kid's grass stains. She's glad that it's Max that has to put up with them! He thinks it will all be worth it when Boyd's batting for Australia. Talk about pressure! Rosie hopes she will be here for his first game and when Max asks if she's got any word about it she replies that she's meeting the bishop in half an hour. Summer thinks it might be to tell Rosie she can stay but Rosie isn't too optimistic. Max mentions that Lou seems pretty keen to move up with her. Rosie isn't too happy about it, something doesn't feel right with her. She thinks it's because of what's happened between him and Harold. Summer looks up to that! It's breaking Rosie's heart this is.
Number 26
Joe's reading the newspaper in the kitchen when you hear a "JOOOEEEE!" from the bedroom. He doesn't respond so she runs out leopard print nightgown and all telling him they don't have time and drags him as far as the lounge room before he complains. He wants a cup of tea but they don't have time, not while the window of opportunity is there. Also she wants him to take his socks off too to help with the temperature thingy. She almost drags him away again but he answers the phone with "Scully Stud Farm". Lyn wants him to tell them to call back later but instead he asks enthusiastically how the person on the other end of the line is. We find out it's Jack and he's having David Beckham around for a pint and Joe continues gasbagging away there. Lyn isn't too happy with this.
Number 24
Harold answers the door to Rosie and both of them are speaking again. While going over to the sofa Rosie explains she said what she had to say, even though it hasn't really helped. Harold's spoken to him many times but he just seems to inflame things even further. Over the years Lou and Harold have had their ups and downs but maybe he's said sorry too many times. And anyway he's told the hospital volunteer co-ordinator that he won't be able too help anymore and that he's resigned from church fundraising committee. Harold's doing this for Lou because he promised not to interfere in his relationship. Rosie doesn't see how those things are interfering but apparently Lou thinks they. Rosie thinks this is a bit extreme because she won't even be there for much longer so the committee will be down two people so they need him. Harold says that sometimes these things just can't be helped.
Number 32
Max is packing up Boyd's cricket stuff calling out that he has a shift but he can drop Boyd off and talk to the coach beforehand. But oh no, Boyd's walking into the lounge with a limp. He thinks he might've done something to his foot when he came off his skateboard. Max told him that those things were dangerous, and asks if it's twisted and bruised. Summer looks up Boyd's pants and says it looks a kind of swollen, with emphasis on the 'kind of'. Max goes to look but Boyd tells him not to because it hurts. He guesses that rules him out of cricket training but Max thinks the team will be doing a few more training sessions before his debut games. Summer suggests that maybe he should get x-rayed. Max doesn't think that's a bad idea but Boyd says he thinks nothing is broken. Max tells him to use an icepack and to not go skating in the future. When he leaves the room Summer accuses Boyd of faking and gets the typical "shut up" response. Summer informs him that from her fake fainting she's learnt one thing; adults always guess.
Lou's Place
Rosie's help setting up the pub now letting Lou have three guesses on what her news is. He gives up so she tells him that she's just come back from seeing the bishop and... he's letting her stay! And it calls for a celebratory drink. Lou realises that he can forget about the pub up north, even though he was looking forward to the agreed number of visits. Rosie doesn't find that funny, that he should imagine the pressure on her because of him moving up there for her. If that's the only reason, like if he was escaping his problems. Lou asks what problem is so Rosie makes him promise not to get stroppy. She spoke to Harold this morning. Lou does get stroppy, thinking Harold's caused enough problems as it is. He doesn't want to go into this again with her, only just to say this. It isn't easy to forgive and forget.
Number 32
Boyd and Summer are watching cartoons, Max is off to work. He says if there's any problems to just call and while he's shooting out the door he tells Boyd to stay off his foot. Summer asks which video they should watch first but Boyd's going out. Summer threatens to tell but she won't tell as long as he tells her where he is going. He's going to the skate park with Joe if he hasn't already gone. Boyd wants to know if she will be alright on her own, she promises not to leave the house. Boyd heads off leaving Sum to do whatever she wants.
Number 26
Lyn's sitting on the arm rest of the sofa on the phone to Jack. When she finally ends the call Joe expresses his amazement at David Beckham having a drink with their son. Lyn's upset because they might never see him again. Joe assures her she will and that Jack was even thinking about coming back mid next year. Lyn reminds him he doesn't have enough time to sit and wonder, they were in the middle of something before he rang. Lyn goes to put the phone back while Joe tells her that they hadn't even started. Joe answers the knock at the door to Boyd wanting to know when they are going down to the skate park. Joe tells him he will be with him in a minute and goes back over to Lyn, apologises by telling him that Boyd's just a kid and has been looking forward to it all morning. He kissed her on the head and runs out. Poor, poor Lynnie.
Lou's Place
Max apologises for being late but there was a matter on the home front. Rosie wants to know what, well it's only that Boyd hurt his ankle and can't go to cricket practice. She thinks she has some news that will cheer him up; that she isn't moving. Max says that's great but he sure doesn't sound too pleased.
Coffee Shop
Harold serves Summer a milkshake, she tells him that her nana isn't pleased with him. What a nice exchange. Rosie didn't tell Summer but she told it to someone else, but maybe not in those exact words. Harold leans in and said quite evilly that she should spend lest time eavesdropping and more time on thinking about the consequences of her sticking her nose in where it's not wanted. Summer thinks he's still mad at her because she read his journal. Harold says it wasn't the fact she read it that was the bad thing, her telling others was. Summer doesn't think it's her fault Lou wants to leave Erinsborough because of Harold. Harold can't believe what he heard but he doesn't get the chance to talk about it any more because Darcy enters wanting a salad sandwich. Summer spies the watch and asks numerous questions about it. Darcy decides to give the sandwich the miss and head off but Summer follows him with her questions.
Lou's Place
Lou and Max are serving customers behind the bar. Lou mutters to Max that he could've been more enthusiastic. Max thought he did. Lou knows there is a history, that she is a great person and that she may have made some mistakes in the past. Max agrees because well everyone does. He walks over to Darcy who orders the beef wellington. Max also sees his watch but before Max can ask any questions Darcy covers the basics. Max wants one himself, and asks how much he paid. Darcy tells him a friend gave it to him. Max does not want to know what Darcy did to deserve it. Hehe! After Max goes back to sort out Darcy's order, Darcy takes the watch off and puts it in his pocket.
A bit later Joe orders an orange juice from Max, commenting on how athletic Boyd is. Max agrees, saying that he gets it from his old man. Joe thinks he's got great sense of balance, Max added that he does as long as he keeps his eye on the ball. Joe has told him to forget the fear factor and have a go, all he needs is a plank of wood. Max says yeah a bat making Joe a tad confused but he has no time to be, his mobile's ringing.
He leaves the bar to talk because it's Lynnie, still on about a touchy subject. He doesn't know when he'll be home and makes up some excuses about the park but he's busted! Lyn's right behind him at the door. Very loudly she tells him that she was waiting at home for some of that 'Scully magic'. Joe asks her to keep her voice down but she won't, because she's only asking him to do something he normally enjoys. He finally leaves with her, Max giving Lyn a smile.
Number 24 - Evening
It's Lou, he's come to pick up a box of paperwork. Harold shows it's over on the cabinet by the door but in the meddle of them fighting over who can pick up they manage to push a picture over and smash the glass. Lou apologises and offers to help but Harold doen't want him too, telling him it's an accident. Lou's about to leave him to it but he watches Harold take out the promo picture of Madge.
Number 32
Rosie's hugging the kids so happy she isn't moving. Summer knew she wouldn't go. A horn sounds, it's Max coming in with party like things. Summer and Boyd get right intot he pizza, and Max notices Boyd's moving better. He asks Boyd how he is and Boyd replies that it's feeling better. The kids fight over pizza so Max orders them to get cups and plates. Rosie says this is nice, Max replying that he knew the kids would want to make a fuss. Rosie would like to know he does too. He is but he has a hard time showing it. Rosie knows there are bridges to build but Max tells her they are, going over to sit next to her. Aww! The kids come back still fighting over the biggest piece of pizza. The adults blow horns. Riiight.
Darcy's trying to return the watch so Chloe is giving him the guilt trip of a lifetime. While she pretends to cry Darcy assures her he doesn't think she wants anything in return it's just it's too much. She says that some people get joy out of giving things and that him wearing that watch gave her a spark of joy in her rotten day. Darcy asks what's going on so she tells him. Her husband wants a divorce. She cries on his shoulder, Darcy looking around a bit nervously.
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Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4105
Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Boyd Hoyland, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4105
Boyd Hoyland, Joe Scully

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4105
Boyd Hoyland

Darcy Tyler, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 4105
Darcy Tyler, Chloe Lambert

Joe Scully, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4105
Joe Scully, Boyd Hoyland

Rosie Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4105
Rosie Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Lou Carpenter, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4105
Lou Carpenter, Max Hoyland

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4105
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Summer Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4105
Summer Hoyland, Rosie Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4105
Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4105
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Darcy Tyler, Chloe Lambert in Neighbours Episode 4105
Darcy Tyler, Chloe Lambert

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