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Neighbours Episode 4044 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4044
Australian airdate: 11/07/02
UK airdate: 06/09/02
UK Gold: 27/06/06
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Saxon Garvey: Troy Lovett
Mick Crowe: Tom Sharp
Craig Benson: Tim Hughes
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Karen (Katie)
Carmel remembers Susan's old boyfriend: Craig Benson
Joe brings over food to number 32 - and is watched from inside by a mystery person
Coffee Shop
Harold's serving a young boy, going on about how he must love the food as he's bought dinner there every night. He introduces himself and finds out the boy's called Saxon. Saxon says his mum doesn't get much time to cook, writing her new book. Harold shows an interest and after Saxon says his mum's a romance novelist he asks her name, maybe Madge had some of her books. Slightly flustered, Saxon says she mainly gets published overseas.
Australian media products? Selling overseas? Successfully? Pfft. Pull the other one...
Saxon dodges any more questions and leaves.
Number 22
Lib gets off the phone to Karl and reports that he and Carmel have called every "C Benson" they could find and no luck.
DREW: The elusive Craig Benson.
LIBBY: The elusive Susan Kennedy.
Lib says Karl and Carmel have ruled out all the city Bensons, what about the country? Drew rightly points out he could be anywhere in the world. But this is Neighbours. Chances are he lives in the next street or something.
Drew asks that if they can't track him down, how will Susan? Lib just wants to do something but Drew says she's exhausted and it's too late to be calling people and they'll do it in the morning.
OK. If it's that late, what is Ben still doing up? It's winter in Aus (air date of July) so the east coast states are all on the same time zone, the other three are behind. So by my reckoning it's early night to late evening (east to west). Perfect time to be calling people actually...
I suspect that's not the point.
Libby remembers when she was a kid and they all used to play hide and seek. Mal and Bill were really good, but she could always find Susan. I don't have the heart to point out that she probably let her daughter find her because she could never find her brothers.
Coffee Shop
Harold hands over a chocolate cake to Rosie which she's picking up for a parishioner. Rosie says that she's visiting Isabella Garvey, who's the new tenant at number 32. Harold says that no one's seen her and Rosie admits that's why she's worried; she's not been to church and she's been ill in the past.
Harold asks how Rosie's feeling after the food poisoning bout and Rosie enquires after Lou, hoping that he'd been ill too as she's not seen him. Harold says he's not been ill but by the same token he's not been too good of late. She says she'll drop in to see Lou after visiting Isabella, to which Harold says they've not been very neighbourly, ignoring her when she's ill. Rosie says that Isabella's son takes pretty good care of her.
Number 32
Rosie knocks on the door and we see that Saxon is the mystery resident of number 32 he. Rosie keeps knocking (why? She hardly allows any time for it to be answered...) and Saxon watches her until she gives up, puts the cake on the doorstep and leaves. He retrieves it and heads inside.
Rosie arrives just as Lou's getting ready to go out. She's surprised to see him so dressed up, not for the fact that he looks good, but for the fact that she'd assumed he was ill due to the lack of any contact.
ROSIE: I thought you might be suffering from that strictly male complaint - Inabilitus to use the Phonus.
Lou says he's just been busy and he's on the way to the golf club now to catch up with some mates. Rosie mentions she's surprised to see number 30 is on the market, she thought that he'd not made a decision. She asks if that will get him out of his financial hole - he won't need her to buy into the pub? Lou replies that he didn't think she was serious but she points out that it's hardly an offer she'd make lightly.
Lou hints that he wouldn't want to mix business and pleasure, and says that this is a new beginning for him.
ROSIE: Don't tell me you've found God.
LOU: Oh no, no, with all due apologies to your Big Boss upstairs.
It's more of a turning over of a new leaf and they leave, Lou proposing they have lunch tomorrow to catch up.
Number 22
Lib's on the phone to a C Benson and gets excited when she finds out he's called Craig. She asks if he knew a Susan Smith but is disheartened when he doesn't. As she hangs up Drew says that they'll find her.
Lib dials another C Benson as Drew goes off to make pancakes with Ben. Not literally, of course. 'cause that would be cruel. And probably not taste very nice.
Coffee Shop
Saxon's reading the paper and Harold very rudely reads over his shoulder before striking up a conversation about the footie. Saxon's impressed to find out that Harold knows Paul of the Adelaide Crows and as Saxon gets up to go Harold promises to make some more lasagne.
Rosie and Summer come in and Summer asks who the boy was. Harold mentions that Saxon's mum is a romance novelist. Rosie tells Harold that she caught up with Lou and they're having lunch later. Harold asks after Isabella and Rosie says she's worried as Isabella didn't answer the door, although she might have been out.
Harold says that no one's seen anything, but Lyn and Joe left a casserole and the dish was returned to them without a note. Rosie's concerned as Isabella is normally a very polite person. Harold suggests that Rosie speaks to Karl who is the acting landlord on Mal's behalf. Rosie agrees to; she feels that something's not quite right.
Number 22
Lib hangs up the phone and Drew takes the chance to tell her that the exterminator will be back later for the follow up call. Lib's more interested in the one C Benson that she couldn't get through to. The number was disconnected but she's got a feeling about it. It's the last one in the state and she's not giving up on finding Susan for the sake of a couple of hours' drive into the country.
Drew says she's right, someone in the town might at least know him. Drew starts to pack up a few things for the trip and they make quick arrangements for Ben to be babysat and Karl to get in touch if need be.
DREW: What's the worst that can happen? We get a nice drive in the countryside.
How about a car accident, killing you both and leaving Ben an orphan? Just thought that might be worse...
Number 32
Harold knocks on the door and calls out announcing that he's from across the road and he's brought food. When he calls out his name Saxon recognises him, going to the window and peering through the curtains. Harold says he'll leave the sandwiches on the doorstep (I wish people would leave me food on my doorstep. Be nice...) and leaves. Saxon goes to the door, looking through the peephole. Yes, because that'll help with the 90 degree view you'd need down the driveway to check that he'd gone. As Saxon picks up the plate, Harold reappears.
Cut to later and Saxon's serving up tea to go with the sandwiches and Harold's saying that it's funny Saxon's (one of) the new resident(s) they've been so curious about. He mentions Saxon's mother's illness but Saxon brushes it off as a bit of the 'flu, and claims that she's in her study, writing away, and won't like being disturbed. As Harold leaves he offers his support to Saxon in any way he might need.
Summer's mixing up a variety of foods for the fox, chatting away to Audrey. Harold comes in, sneezing his head off, and Summer takes her out as Harold reminds her that he'll be calling the animal shelter at the end of the week about Roxy.
As Summer goes out she sees the exterminator pull up outside Drew and Libby's place.
Country Road...
...take me home, to the place I belong...
Drew and Libby are lost and Lib is berating her "country boy" husband for not knowing where they are. He points out that this isn't his country (in that it's not Oakey) and as they study the map Libby notices a farmer working in the field across the road.
LIBBY: There's our compass.
She goes over to the man and says that they're looking for Craig Benson's property; he's an old friend of her mother's. The man asks who her mother was and then introduces himself as Craig Benson.
OK, so not quite next street over. But it's still Neighbours all over.
Harold watches through the window as Summer follows the exterminator guy around his van.
Outside Drew and Libby's
Summer's enthusing about her new walkman which was seemingly once Mick the exterminator's. Summer asks if he's got all his fake tools, fake chemicals... Then says that his watch will look good on his brother. Mick's not buying it this time and tells her that she can tell, he's done being scammed by a ten year old girl.
SUMMER: We'll see.
Craig says that he's not heard from Susan since school. He's often wondered what she got up to - she's hard to forget (bad joke there?) and she broke his heart. Craig says she was the best looking girl in the whole school and the guys were envious of her being with Craig. He then flatters Libby by saying she's got her mother's looks. Drew butts in, saying Lib's not one for compliments.
CRAIG: Well if Susan really is your mother then you should be proud.
LIBBY: Of course she's my mother. And I'm very proud.
Craig says that he wanted to marry Susan but she had other ideas. Lib says she married a doctor to which Craig replies he had no chance then. Libby and Drew affirm that she's happily married, a great grandma and Craig smiles.
CRAIG: Susan Smith...
LIBBY: It's actually Susan Kennedy now.
Craig asks why they're up here and if Susan's OK.
Lou returns home and jokes that it's good to see Harold doing some chores. He's in a good mood after being wined and dined on Reggie's yacht like a superstar. Harold asks what happened to his lunch with Rosie and Lou says that this came up and Rosie understood.
Harold says it's good to see that Lou's perked up after the last few days before going to answer the door. Rosie storms in asking where Lou is.
ROSIE: The way that man has been acting lately has been leading me to have... very un-Christian thoughts.
Lou comes back in after getting changed and greets Rosie happily.
Lib and Drew have told Craig everything and explain that they thought he might know something as part of her past which is now her present. Craig asks why they're here and not the police - Lib says that they wanted to do something. Drew gives Craig a card and asks him to call if Susan does get in touch.
As they leave, Drew says Craig seems like a nice bloke but all Lib really cares about is him calling if Susan shows up. From the look on Craig's face as they go there is definitely more to it though...
Rosie's laying into Lou for his behaviour and isn't letting him get a word in edgeways. When she's finally done he agrees with her, but his mind was elsewhere. He wasn't socialising, he's been working out a deal. He's sold the pub to Reggie. Rosie's shocked and says that the pub is his life. He corrects her - it was his life. He shows her the cheque for the deposit and says he gets the balance in eight weeks. Lou Carpenter is officially retired.
Outside Libby and Drew's
Mick's packing up and tells Summer that this time he's done it right. Working actually means something to him but she wouldn't appreciate that, would she? Summer's response is to threaten to tell everyone. Mick retorts that he'll lock her in a room full of spiders. Not going to work - she likes them. He gets into his van as Summer tries to get her to buy her a milkshake and some lollies, but he just laughs and reverses off the drive.
As he does so, Summer notices Audrey running behind the van and calls out. She faints and Audrey walks over to her and lays on her legs.
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Harold Bishop, Saxon Garvey in Neighbours Episode 4044
Harold Bishop, Saxon Garvey

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4044
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4044
Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland

Saxon Garvey in Neighbours Episode 4044
Saxon Garvey

Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4044
Rosie Hoyland, Lou Carpenter

Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4044
Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4044
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Saxon Garvey in Neighbours Episode 4044
Harold Bishop, Saxon Garvey

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4044
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Craig Benson, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4044
Craig Benson, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Craig Benson, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4044
Craig Benson, Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4044
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4044
Summer Hoyland

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