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Neighbours Episode 4042 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4042
Australian airdate: 09/07/02
UK airdate: 04/09/02
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Tahnee Coppin: Anna Jennings-Edquist
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
- Connor admits that he's scared about Michelle growing up without him.
- Susan tells Karl to give her some space.
Number 28
Karl appears as Libby is having breakfast. He realises that Susan isn't going to appear till after he's set off for work, and Libby admits that he's probably right. They agree that an appointment with the neuro-psychiatrist would probably help, but meanwhile a day out shopping with Lyn should work. Lib is disappointed that she didn't get invited along, but Karl reminds her that to Susan they are strangers.
LIBBY: And yet, she's the most familiar person in the world to me.
Karl heads off for work.
Number 22
Drew comes downstairs to find Steph tidying the lounge. He thanks her, telling her she's doing more than her keep, but she brushes it off. He spots a photo tucked away on a shelf, and inquires towards it, but she tells him not to worry and sends him on his way to work.
Number 28
Drew pops over to see Libby, who explains that she hasn't seen Susan yet that morning. As Drew makes funny noises with Ben, Libby goes to check on Susan. It would appear she sneaked out whilst Libby was in the shower, leaving a note. Libby and Drew agree not to inform Karl and leave her be, as Drew heads off to work.
Lassiter's Park
Connor is sitting in the rotunda practising his reading when Boyd arrives. Connor quickly tucks his reading away and claims he was writing. Connor spots Nina sitting on a bench with a book, and Boyd admits that he's not really a bookworm, but pretends to please Rosie. Connor tells Boyd that he was writing an invitation for Boyd's girlfriend to come to Michelle's party. Boyd offers to give it to her, but Connor won't accept. He tells Boyd they've all invented a girlfriend at some stage or another, and tells Boyd how he was engaged to a Brazilian dancer. They have a laugh and as they walk off, wonder about inviting Nina to the party.
Number 26
Michelle finds Joe in the kitchen putting together a list of things that Lyn wants for the party food. Michelle looks at the cook book to find it all a bit extravagant, but Joe tells her it'll make the party interesting. Flick arrives and Michelle asks if she can help persuade Joe that all she needs is a pack of crisps and some drinks. Joe tells her that at sixteen, she should have more than junk food, but Flick points out that parties are the only time they eat junk food. Joe can't get his head around the idea that they don't want something more elegant. He suggests that they let Lyn make something and if the kids don't eat it, he and Lyn will. Michelle realises that he's planning to be present at the party and is horrified by the idea, but Joe insists that he won't leave them unsupervised in his house. Flick offers to supervise, but Joe just doesn't get the message.
Coffee Shop
Connor, Nina and Boyd arrive, discussing the book that Nina was reading. Connor offers to get them all coffee's so Boyd takes Connor's bag, but accidentally drops it sending the contents across the floor. As he's tidying it up, Tahnee appears and notices the children's books. Connor tells her to give it back, but Tahnee asks him to read the menu board for her.
He tells her he can't as he learnt to read Gaelic not English. She tells him to say something in Gaelic, but he isn't able to. She tells him his secret is safe with her, but Connor isn't so sure. She establishes that Michelle doesn't know and tells him she won't tell her, but Connor wonders what she'll want in return. Nina re-appears and Tahnee makes and exit. Boyd tells them to forget about her.
BOYD: Who cares what she thinks.
CONNOR: It's not about what she thinks that's the problem, it's what she knows.
Outside, Lyn and Joe run into Flick as she clears tables. They inform her that they are heading down to the market to purchase the ingredients for the 'oh so fabulous' dish that Lyn is going to create. Flick tries to persuade them out of the idea, but fails, as Lyn claims it'll be her last 16th party to organise. Looking into the future, I see something that tells me otherwise.
Flick offers Joe some access all area passes to the Motorcycle GP that Luke Dawson gave her, for him and Steph, but Joe suggests that she give them to her herself, and comments that he's not going to stand as a go between. He thought things were getting better between the two of them. Lyn encourages her that it's worth a try, so Flick agrees.
Karl wanders by and wonders why Lyn is about as he thought that she was going shopping with Susan. Lyn tells him she had nothing planned, and a worried Karl runs back to the surgery.
Ramsay Street
Boyd arrives on his bike and heads around to the back of Harold's house to find Michelle with Roxy. He thanks her for helping and admits his deadline for finding her a home is fast approaching, what with Harold already extending the deadline for him. Michelle mentions that she should head back to supervise her mother as she prepares for the party. Boyd enquires as to how long Connor has been in Australia for, as he wondered what school he went to. Michelle mentions it was somewhere in Ireland before running off.
Number 26
Michelle arrives back to find the lounge all partied up with streamers and all sorts. Joe shows her the love heart with a pic of her in the middle and suggests attaching it to front of the bar. Michelle isn't so sure. Joe carries some bottles through to the kitchen and starts loading them into the fridge telling Michelle that they'll let her use the flutes to drink from. Michelle seems pleased until she realises that it's sparkling grape juice and not champagne as she'd thought. Joe comments that he won't have any underage drinking taking place in his house, though Michelle tells him how they had a small sip of champagne at her friend's party. Joe isn't impressed.
Number 22
Karl pops over and tells Libby how he's searched every shop in town and not seen anything of Susan. He tells Lib he's worried as she's been gone all day, but Libby recons she'll come home soon, not worrying at all about what's happened. She offers Karl a camomile tea, but he isn't able to sit still and heads out again to continue his search.
Steph is getting an order ready for Drew as he tells her of Susan's escapade. Flick arrives and tries her best to offer the GP tickets to Steph, telling her that normally she'd accept gracefully, so to think they came from someone else. She puts them on the desk and leaves. Steph gives them to Drew with his order, but Drew asks if she shouldn't at least consider it.
Number 26
Joe continues his interfering father act by suggesting 80s music and handing around cocktails, much to Michelle's annoyance, until Steph persuades him back into the kitchen. On the phone to Lyn, Joe complains how much of a mess the kids are making, but it would seem she is still stuck with a client and won't be able to make it back in time for the cake and speeches. Aww, what a shame!
Connor helps Boyd by backing up his story about his mystery girlfriend. It all seems to be going well again until Joe comes through with a pass the parcel. What next - pin the tail on the donkey! Flick is to the rescue and sends him back into the kitchen yet again, but on her way she knocks into Steph who is holding a hot tray of something. Flick helps Steph to cool the burn, though Steph doesn't seem all that pleased.
Joe turns the music down and gathers everyone together, before making a speech that'll put him into the Guinness Book Of Records for the most daggiest father speech. Tahnee and friends arrive half way through much to Connor's annoyance, and following the speech and the hip hoorays, they sing 'For She's A Jolly Good Lassie' as the cake is brought through.
In the kitchen, Joe enquires as to Steph's hand. She tells him it's better, but her attitude towards Flick is the same. Joe asks about the tickets and tells Steph that she has every right to feel angry and if it had been a friend, it's fair enough to cut them out, but she's her sister.
Number 28
Libby realises that Susan has taken all her clothes with her and brings out a box she's found containing all Susan's old school photos. Karl decides it's time to call the police.
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Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4042
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4042
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Boyd Hoyland

Felicity Scully, Michelle Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4042
Felicity Scully, Michelle Scully, Joe Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Nina Tucker, Connor O
Boyd Hoyland, Nina Tucker, Connor O'Neill

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Boyd Hoyland, Nina Tucker

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 4042
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Felicity Scully

Michelle Scully, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4042
Michelle Scully, Boyd Hoyland

Michelle Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4042
Michelle Scully, Joe Scully

Drew Kirk, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4042
Drew Kirk, Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4042
Steph Scully

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Joe Scully, Michelle Scully

Michelle Scully, Steph Scully, Connor O
Michelle Scully, Steph Scully, Connor O'Neill, Joe Scully

Harvey in Neighbours Episode 4042

Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4042
Ben Kirk, Drew Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

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