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Neighbours Episode 4030 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4030
Australian airdate: 21/06/02
UK airdate: 16/08/02
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Marc Lambert: David Karakai
Summer Hoyland: Marisa Siketa
Summary/Images by: Emily (phoeberuled)/Karen (Katie)
Lou talking to his bank manager, asking for all money from his cash management trust to be put into a deal.
Long shot of Susan, unconscious on the lino, spilt milk at her feet.
Lou's Pub
The Calendar launch party is still in full flow. Rosie is sat with Lou and admiring the calendar, and Darcy in particular - she never appreciated the meaning of a six-pack until now. Karl is trying to phone Susan, to no avail, she should have been there by now. Lou teases Karl that she is trying to avoid his groupies. There is a brief cut to the still unconscious Susan as Karl's phone call sounds in the background. Karl announces his intention to go home, as something doesn't feel right. Rosie attempts to convince him to stay, and Toadie introduces him to some very keen groupies - who turn out to be rather at the senior end of things. Karl agrees to stay for another five minutes.
Number 28
Susan has regained consciousness and slowly sits up. It is clear that she is in a lot of pain, and has cracked her head quite violently.
Lou's pub
Karl is ready to leave, but realises that Joe, who gave him a lift to the launch has already gone. Toadie lends Karl his car, and agrees to send Susan on if she turns up as Karl is on his way home. Toadie then walks over to talk to Lou and Rosie who are gathering up all the calendar proceeds to go in the safe. As Lou leaves to lock the money away, Toadie tells Rosie that calendar sales would be a fantastic way for him to earn money - Rosie is surprised that a man with Toadie's qualifications would be that desperate for work, they continue to talk about the lack of jobs when Marc Lambert interrupts to offer Toadie a job as a concierge at Lassiters. It appears that Marc has been leaning on the bar the whole time listening in on the conversation.
Number 28
Karl returns and is shocked to hear from Susan that she slipped and obviously hurt herself and is still a bit out of sorts. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she says she just needs a lie down. Karl then gets her to admit that she lost consciousness and insists they get to the hospital. He's all ready to go until Susan smiles at him and he realises that he's still wearing his toga...
Lou's Pub
Marc is sat at a table reading some reports. Steph enters, sees Marc and turns to leave. She is almost out of the door when Rosie's voice calls her back in "You're up." Rosie clearly wants a re-match at pool. Steph tries to make he excuses, until Rosie riles her into staying by calling her 'chicken'. Despite her earlier claim to never talk whilst playing pool, Rosie is clearly determined to deliver Steph a gentle talking to during the game. She tells a tale of her working in a Japanese tea-house, a stolen watch, a lost baby and a friendship ruined by being to angry and proud to talk things over and get to the heart of the matter. Steph appears unaffected by the story and continues to play pool regardless. Meanwhile on the other side of the pub, Toadie accepts Marc's job offer and is told he starts the next day at 8:30.
Erinsborough Hospital Corridor
Karl tells Susan that the CAT scan is clear, there's just some slight swelling, but no permanent damage. However they need to keep an eye on her, as she could be concussed. He tries to get her to tell him who she is and where she is, but she starts getting tetchy and teases him.
Number 28
Karl is attempting to leave the house quietly as he goes to work in order to let Susan sleep, but Toadie knocks loudly on the door. Toadie has come for his car, and Karl tells him about the accident. After some attempts to get out of telling Karl what his new job is, Toadie finally confesses that he's working for Marc. Karl realises that Toadie must be really desperate to betray Steph like this. As Toadie goes to leave, Lou comes to the door, Karl again has to tell them to be quiet. Lou has come to check that everything was OK after Karl didn't return to the calendar launch. He is concerned to hear about the fall, and clearly wants to stay and talk but Karl insists that he needs to get to the surgery early this morning. Lou makes a flippant comment about Darcy being dastardly again, and attempts a Sid James laugh, but is cut short by Karl wanting to keep the noise down.
Marc is explaining the job to Toadie, the chief concierge is off having his weekly manicure, which Marc insists, to Toadie's relief is not compulsory. He thanks Toadie for giving Flick's present to Steph. They enter the lobby where Marc turns to catch the attention of someone he wants Toadie to meet. As he turns away, Toadie notices Steph walking towards them. He immediately thinks that Steph has come to have words with him about taking the job with Marc, and starts to form an apology, but Steph walks straight past him and up to Marc. She tells Marc that they need to talk.
Lou's Pub
Steph asks Marc if he ever loved her. He asks her what she wants to hear, she tells him - the truth. He says that he was looking for something and he thought at the time that she was it. This is all she needs to hear, she tells him she's grateful it's over and if she sees him in the street now he's just another guy. He asks if they can be friends but she tells him not to push it.
Lou's Office
Rosie totals the initial takings to $2,125, she is very excited, but notices Lou has a furrowed brow, he puts it down to old age rather than worry, and although Rosie brushes it off along with him for now, she is clearly worried about him. They kiss and she leaves. As she is going, the phone rings, it's someone wanting money who Lou has delayed payments on, Lou puts it down to getting some sums wrong and promises to sort it out, but his brow gets even more furrowed.
Ramsay Street
Toadie runs to catch up to Steph so that he can explain why he's working with Marc. Steph interrupts him to say that she understands he just needed the job, and she's over Marc anyway, but thanks him for being thoughtful and explaining anyway.
Number 28
Susan emerges from the bedroom, still in her pyjamas. As she walks across the living room we see through her eyes with rather dizzying camera angles. She looks out of the kitchen window and seems very puzzled. She notices the microwave and presses several buttons which beep, she finds the button that opens the door and jumps back in surprise at the effect of pressing it. She walks over to the cordless phone and slowly inspects it, and the base unit, listening to the dial tone, shaking it and acting very suspiciously towards it. She walks slowly over to the door and opens it, still in her pyjamas she walks down the drive and into the street.
Ramsay Street
Susan slowly walks to the centre of the street, turning around to see the whole view. As she reaches the centre, Summer Hoyland rides into the street on her bicycle, she asks Susan whether she's going to a slumber party dressed like that. Before Susan can answer, Summer asks her if she's seen Boyd. "...Boyd", Susan is sounding very vague, summer asks her if she's ok, and Susan, who so far has looked at Summer without any recognition attempts to name her "...Mary?" when Summer asks who Mary is, Susan says "I have to go home now", but starts to walk out of Ramsay Street. Summer tries shouting "Mrs Kennedy" after her, but Susan ignores the calls.
Lou's Office
Lou is ordering whisky from a supplier, but apologising for what he says is a cheque that the bank got all wrong. He goes on to order finest whiskey and champagne. Rosie overhears as she knocks and enters and asks what the occasion is - Lou answers that you have to spend money to make it. Rosie tells him that the church was over the moon with the money, but would like to actually see it - maybe she could take down what had been collected already to the bank? Lou puts her off saying it's better off in the safe. He then says he'll treat her to an expensive lunch, Rosie is flattered enough to stop talking about the money.
Ramsay Street
Summer has managed to fetch Steph to check out Susan, Steph initially thinks that Summer is setting up some sort of elaborate practical joke, and calls to Susan. Susan turns towards them and asks, quite aggressively what they want. Steph replied that Summer was worried and wanted someone else to check that she was OK. Susan backs off repeating "leave me alone". As Susan runs off, Summer turns to Steph and says "see?" Steph's response is to say "whoa" as she rings Karl's mobile. We see Karl answering as he is getting to his surgery. Steph tells him he'd better come home, as Susan is acting weird and disorientated, she asks Karl to stay on the phone so she can give him directions as by this time Susan is definitely fleeing.
Lassiters Complex
As Karl tells Steph he's on his way, Marc walks behind him and into Lassiters reception. Toadie is at the desk answering calls. Marc tells him that one of Lassiters best customers is arriving soon, so treat him well. As Marc leaves, Lou and Rosie walk in, they have clearly chosen Lassiters as the location for their expensive lunch. As Rosie looks at the menu, Lou tells Toadie he wants to talk later about something he thinks Toadie would be interested in. Rosie tells Lou that she can't consider eating food at these prices but Lou tells her he wants to splurge. Toadie then proceeds to enter a comedy routine of putting the same person on hold four times in a row, whilst being very polite about it.
Random Erinsborough Street
Steph is hiding in the bushes and finishes giving Karl directions to get to Susan. He pulls up and gets out of the car, telling Susan that everything is going to be alright. She looks at him blankly so he walks around to the passenger side of the car and encourages her to get in, calling her sweetheart. Susan looks terrified, as Karl goes to approach her she backs off, telling Karl to stay away from her and runs away from him. He shouts her name after her, but to no avail.
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Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4030
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4030
Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4030
Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi, Rosie Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4030
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4030
Steph Scully, Rosie Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4030
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4030
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Marc Lambert, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4030
Marc Lambert, Toadie Rebecchi

Marc Lambert, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4030
Marc Lambert, Steph Scully

Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4030
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4030
Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4030
Steph Scully

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4030
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

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