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Neighbours Episode 4015 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4015
Australian airdate: 31/05/02
UK airdate: 18/07/02
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Ali Ali
Guests: Summer Hoyland: Marisa Siketa
Penny Watts: Andrea McEwan
Richard Knott: Scottie Cameron
Summary/Images by: Emily/Karen (Katie)
Connor advises Tad to go and check out the post office to find his impostor
Lou writes Rosie a cheque to start the fundraising for the church.
Penny and Darcy agree to a drink, but she warns him it's her turn to play hard to get.
Number 26
Harold pops over to find Joe doing the hoovering. He advises him to use the larger attachment to help make things quicker. Joe admits he doesn't really know how it works, but is lending a hand. Harold asks how they're all coping, and Joe admits it's hard not knowing where Flick is and that he and Lyn aren't really talking. Harold tries to reassure him that Flick'll be fine, but Joe tells him the last they heard of her was that she was in Sydney. Harold tells her that she'll call again, but Joe admits the last time she did he just laid into her, and doubts that she will.
JOE: It's like everyone's shattered into their own little worlds. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure we're even a family anymore.
Number 24
Lou is telling Rosie about his latest business plans. She tells him that the cheque he wrote for her bounced, and tells him not to worry. He apologises and tells her he'll sort it out, but Rosie admits their going to need more money and wonder about fundraising ideas. Pie nights and raffles are old ideas. Rosie tells him of the time they auctioned off footie players and instead of sharing a meal the winning pair took it further and his wife found out and nearly killed them both.
Number 22
Drew is busy tidying the kitchen with Ben strapped to his front in a carry thing. He tells Ben that with Libby so busy at the moment their going to have to work as a pair. He feeds Audrey and puts a few plates away in the cupboard. On closing the cupboard door he hears the shelf collapse with everything on top of it. Opening the cupboard again he finds the culprit is termites in the wood.
Coffee Shop
Tad is helping Harold to write a sign advertising for someone young with personality and charisma. As they are talking about what to put on the sign, Penny pops over telling them that she fits the bill, and is looking for a job. Harold asks if she's got references and she tells him she'll have them in an hour, as she runs off. Tad mentions that he's got a few mates at uni that might be suitable for the job, but Harold tells him that he'd like to give Penny a try.
Tad thanks him for lending him the car, and tells him he's going to head down the post office to try and find his impostor. Harold asks him what he plans to do if he finds him, and Tad tells him he'll carry out a citizen's arrest as the police aren't doing anything about it. Harold doesn't seem too keen on the idea. As Tad leaves, young Summer tries to tell him something, but Tad tells her not to worry and rushes off.
Number 24
Lou is on the phone to the bank trying to transfer some money so that they are able to honour the cheque he wrote. He finds out that both his accounts are low and tells them he'll come down to the bank to add some money to both.
Post Office Complex Car Park
DetectiveTad™ arrives in the car park and puts on a cap and sunglasses to disguise himself! He walks over to the Post Boxes and places a sticker on the one that is supposedly his. He returns to the car and removes his disguise, before listening to his music and sitting waiting with his binoculars to see who passes.
Coffee Shop
While Lou and Rosie are coming up with fundraising ideas, Harold tells Penny he'd be willing to give her a few weeks trial to see if they are able to work together. He asks her to grab an apron and serve a few drinks that are waiting. Harold brings Rosie a coffee and suggests an annual tuba competition as a fundraising idea. Rosie listens to his crazy idea before telling him she'll get back to him. Meanwhile Darcy has arrived, and on turning around knocks into Penny who spills the drinks all down his front. As Harold goes to get a cloth, Darcy starts unbuttoning his shirt and Rosie watches on. Lou tries to grab Rosie's attention, but she tells him that the angels have just spoken.
Number 22
As Drew empties out the kitchen cupboards he discovers much more broken boards. Ben starts crying so Drew heads upstairs and on his way up ends up pulling apart the wooden handrail.
Post Office Complex Car Park
It would appear that DetectiveTad™ isn't all that good at being a detective, as he has dozed off in the car. He wakes up and takes a final look at the Post Boxes through his binoculars before driving off. As he drives off, his impostor arrives to collect his post!
Lassiter's Car Park
Rosie approaches Darcy as he changes his shirt at the back of the car. She starts talking about how the body is a gift from God, and comments that he received a pretty good gift from God. Darcy seems a bit lost, so Rosie asks if he'd like to repay his favour to God by helping him out. Darcy is still pretty lost so she tells him she'll explain it as they walk back to the surgery.
Number 22
Joe has finished surveying the cupboards of the kitchen, and advises Drew to get the exterminators in pronto, or there won't be much of a house left. Drew wonders about covering the cost of the exterminators himself due to Lou's financial worries, but Joe tells him that he should get it done quick whichever way he does it, or the rest of the street could be onto it if it spreads!
Coffee Shop
As Penny gives Summer a drink, Harold asks her to take the next order. Tad arrives and admits he had no luck. Harold tells him he'll talk it through with him later over a coffee, but young Summer pipes up telling Tad he needs to hire a PI. She tell him that she's an apprentice PI and that he wasn't doing to well falling asleep in the car. Tad seems rather confused that she wasn't in school.
SUMMER: You're never going to make it alone Tad, you need skilled professional help!
TAD: What I need is for you to buzz off.
SUMMER: So you don't want to know the number, make and model of the crooks car?
She informs him that through patience she saw him drive off ten seconds before the impostor arrived. Tad asks what she'd like and she warns him that PI's don't come cheap. He offers her a bar of chocolate and she asks how much more he has!
Outside Coffee Shop
Drew arrives to talk to Lou. He tells Lou that there isn't much money in the till and that he's called off the contract with Lassiter's. Lou isn't impressed, but Drew tells him that there will be others. Lou tells him that they need the money. Drew mentions that the house isn't so good either and tells him about the termites. Lou tells him he fixed them a while ago, but Drew insists that they are back. Lou says he'll sort it out, but Drew tells him now, or that he'll do it.
Harold serves a customer his bill and the customer tells him that he's only got credit card. Harold decides to accept it, but notices the name Wayne Reeves on the card. He questions the guy who claims it is his card, but on Harold turning to go inside, starts to run. Harold shouts to Drew to chase after him.
Number 24
Tad wonders how he's going to find the car registration that Summer has given him, when the phone rings. He answers it and tells the person on the other end that he'll be right there, wherever there is!
Lassiter's Complex
Drew chases the guy around to the back of the complex, but he isn't able to catch him as his mate drives past and picks him up before driving on.
Number 26
Joe is on the phone to Connor explaining something buildingy! There's a knock at the door and it turns out to be Tad. He tells Joe that Flick is here but she wants Tad to be present when she talks to Joe.
Outside Coffee Shop
Lou and Harold thank Drew for getting as close as he did. Harold tells them that with a number they should now be able to find him. Drew heads off to the garage leaving Lou and Harold to hear Rosie yelling things from behind the hedge. It would appear that Rosie is taking photo's of Darcy dressed as Tarzan, with not very much on! Lou and Harold turn the corner to discover what is going on.
ROSIE: Lou, I told you the angels have spoken to me. I'm doing a calendar of all the gorgeous blokes in Erinsborough, and you two are next!
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Harold Bishop, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 4015
Harold Bishop, Joe Scully

Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4015
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland

Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4015
Drew Kirk, Ben Kirk

Penny Watts, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 4015
Penny Watts, Tad Reeves

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4015
Lou Carpenter

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 4015
Tad Reeves

Harold Bishop, Penny Watts in Neighbours Episode 4015
Harold Bishop, Penny Watts

Darcy Tyler, Harold Bishop, Penny Watts in Neighbours Episode 4015
Darcy Tyler, Harold Bishop, Penny Watts

Richard Knott in Neighbours Episode 4015
Richard Knott

Summer Hoyland, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4015
Summer Hoyland, Darcy Tyler

Richard Knott, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 4015
Richard Knott, Drew Kirk

Darcy Tyler, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4015
Darcy Tyler, Rosie Hoyland

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4015
Darcy Tyler

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