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Neighbours Episode 3974 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3974
Australian airdate: 04/04/02
UK airdate: 03/05/02
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Terri Hall: Robyn Charlesworth
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
Maggie has something to say to Toadie.
Matt accidentally knocks Harold over then crashes into a tree.
Number 30
Maggie holds Toadie's hand as she gives him a confusing speech about not being available... but she really is. Even Maggie's not sure what she means. Toadie thinks he shouldn't have said anything (blurting out his feelings for her I guess), and feels weird but Mags gives him the gooey eyes and it's clear that his feelings are somewhat reciprocated. Toad leans in for a kiss, but bloody Evan, frantically telling Mags about Matt and Leo's crash, soon interrupts their pash. They race off to the hospital, Maggie giving Toadie a forlorn glance before she bolts.
Darcy rushes around speaking fancy doctor lingo about leg contusions and something mills of something... I dunno, go and watch some ER for proper terms. He's quite surprised to see Matt wheeled in on a bed, Leo by his side. Leo's fine apart from, what we like to call in the medical field, acute seatbelt restraint ouchies, but Darcy sends Matt up to ICU.
Number 26
Michelle and Lyn are having a clean up while Joe sits on his behind reading the paper. They're hosting a fancy dinner for the Lamberts', or Chloe at least. Joe wants Lynnie to show Chloe her oyster trick - and if you're thinking kinky aphrodisiac fun, you're wrong - Lyn tells us it's actually Joe's trick (just picture Joe holding an oyster under his nose and pretending to sneeze... charming). Lynnie has an absolute fit when Michelle won't go and clean up her room. Chill, Lynnie. Chill.
Maggie and Evan rush in, interrupting Darcy's phone call, to ask about Matt and Leo. He tells them about Leo's seatbelt ouchies and Matt's visit to intensive care - he's had a head injury and possible fractures from where he hit the steering wheel. Darcy makes his excuses to leave while Mags and Evan fawn over Leo (they barged into a room and found him). "What happened?" Maggie asks, then in case he doesn't understand English asks, "How did this happen?" Evan then chimes in with, "What happened?" I know you're concerned Hancock parents, but woah. Leo's hesitant to give away why they crashed. Lou and Rosie walk in wanting to know where Harold is. Maggie and Evan are shocked. "What the hell happened?" Oh Evan. Do shut it. Leo runs away to see Matt.
Number 26
Lynnie takes a break to flick through the family album (containing a charming fan card pic of Joe and his enormous hair). Michelle shows her mum her old wedding dress she found.
MICHELLE: Did you actually wear this?
LYN: No, it was just a practice one... Of course I wore it! It was very chic in those days.
Michelle urges Lynnie to try it on for fun.
Evan lets Maggie know he can't find Leo and that Matt's in a stable condition, that's all he could find out. Rosie tries to placate their worries while Lou wants to know if Leo said what happened (I think we established that annoying question before, Louis). Mags says the boys ran into something... but she doesn't know what. Well, I'm thinking it's not a cat. Evan goes to look outside for Leo as Lou stands to find Darcy. Rosie stops him, assuring him Darcy will get hold of them if there's any news.
Number 26
Lynnie strolls out wearing her, according to Michelle, "70s-o-rama" dress. Joe comments on how beautiful she looks. They have some laughs about different fashions then the girls dare Joe to put his wedding garb on, sadly not meaning a dress. Lynnie spins around the room like a giddy little fairy while the saxophone music of 'it sounds like something dramatic is going to happen but not' jazzes in the background.
Harold is laid up in bed with a gauze patch on each eye (and with my fuzzy copy of this episode, he also looks like he's got a fake moustache on). Darcy lets him know the kneecap will take time to heal while he takes a peek under Harold's bedding - oo-er! Lou and Rosie come in for a visit, sprouting their concern about his wellbeing. Lou wants to know about Harold's eyes to which Harold replies he must have hit his head pretty hard. "Apparently I've damaged the retinas and it would seem that (big dramatic pause) I'm blind."
Meanwhile, in the corridor, Maggie and Even once again barrage Darcy with questions while he's trying to speak on the phone. How rude. Darcy leads them to Matt's room advising that they take it easy with him.
Maggie and Evan hover over a sluggish Matt who asks how Leo is. Suddenly, they get a visit from the police. Constable Terri Hall and some other dude who doesn't have a speaking role so I can't be bothered mentioning him. She wants to speak to Matt about the drags. Evan's shocked... DRAG QUEENS?! No, not really. He and Mags *are* shocked to hear Matt's been drag racing though. Wow, the 2002 music is overly dramatic. Now we have a heartbeat/drums combo going on. Matt goes into a shame spiral.
Number 26
Lyn, now wearing a jaunty purple cowboy hat with her bridal gown, and Michelle, wearing a snazzy pink dress, look through some more album piccies. Shell asks what it was like to be married and Lynnie replies that it was nice; it made her feel special. Michelle sadly notes that everything special always happens to Flick and Steph; she's feeling decidedly 'un-special' at the moment. Lyn assures her she's great as they chuckle over a gift Joe gave to Lyn many moons ago - one of those weird bobble-head dogs that sit on the dashboard of a car. Oh Joe you charmer you. Speak of the devil; out he walks in his divine powder-blue wedding suit. The girls laugh and laugh at his hideous attire.
Matt's giving all the info he can remember to Constable Terri and her mute sidekick as Leo makes an appearance, much to Maggie and Evan's relief. Evan now butts into official police proceedings like a buffoon, asking if Matt needs to do this now. Terri shuts him down. I like her. Matt says he can't remember how he crashed as Leo guiltily pipes up it was his fault - he was talking to Matt and made him lose concentration. Matt tells him it wasn't his fault as Constable Terri and Sgt. Mute decide to come back later for more questioning. I love how they agreed to do it on Maggie's insistence but blatantly ignored Evan. Heh. Matt asks about the other driver, Glenn, but is told that he hasn't regained consciousness. Matt's distraught.
Number 26
Lyn and Joe reminisce about the 70s before deciding to get out of their wedding clobber. Michelle has a better idea though: why don't they run through their wedding ceremony again! Joe laughs but Lynnie thinks it's a splendid idea.
Darcy and Terri banter about a few things before he invites her out for a coffee, to which she accepts. He races off to answer a page as the sexy sax music overlaps the scene. Jazz hands everyone!
Later that night, Maggie encourages Leo to go home with Evan and look after Emily (hey, that's true... who the heck has been looking after her? Perhaps her imaginary friend, ghostly Madge...). Leo wants to stay and keep an eye on Matt but Evan says they can go back after dinner. Ooh, look out, something SEXY'S about to happen if the LOUD and SEXY background beat is anything to go by. Hurrah! Toadie's making another appearance ten million minutes after the first scene. He passes Evan and Leo on the way out and puts a comforting hand on Maggie's shoulder, asking if she's okay.
Number 26
Harvey spares the Scully family a glance while he lazes on the couch then goes back to sleeping like, 'You guys? Are twits'. 70s!Lynnie & Joe prepare themselves before Michelle as she conducts the "ceremony".
MICHELLE: I dad, take you mum to be the lawful mum of your two favouritist girls in the world, Steph and Michelle, and to sometimes put up with Flick who's a real pain in the bum.
JOE: I Joe, take you, Lyn...
MICHELLE: Lynnie...
Yeah, you tell him, Shell. Lynnie smiles they wrote their own vows back then and proceeds to recite them, Joe joining in as he remembers them. Aww, how sweet. They have a little kiss as Michelle looks on with pride. It's so lovely that a marriage like that has lasted all these years... and I'm sure for many more to come... all the way till 2003 at *least*!
Toad brings a coffee in for Maggie. He asks how she is but is really fishing for more info about their little pashy pash before. Oh, and Matt's wellbeing and all that. "Toadie... are you going to be able to manage on your own?" Oh, that's a loaded question if I've ever heard one, Maggie. Toadie initially thinks she means on his own at work while she stays with Matt, but soon realises she means on his own in a more personal sense. Toadie, feeling very sad, tells Mags it's okay, he knows where her priorities are.
MAGGIE: I care about you a lot, but this is it for me. You do understand don't you?
TOADIE: Ah, yeah... yeah.
Aw, poor unlucky-in-love Toad. Mags looks pretty upset too.
Number 32
Leo sits despondently at the dinner table as Evan hesitantly asks if Leo knew about the drag races. Leo nods making Evan look concerned. "It's everything I was afraid of. You know that don't you?" Everything, Evan? You don't count the boogey man? Clowns perhaps?
Wow. Short scene. Bless you editing people.
Lou and Rosie sit and scoff Harold's choccies over him while he lies in bed. He tells them they can go home if they like, joking that they can "switch off the lights" on their way out. Oh Harry, such a kidder. Lou asks if he needs anything to which Harold says yes: the vegetarian pickings from the hospital canteen are quite meagre so he'd love Lou to bring him something from the Coffee Shop tomorrow. Harold, thinking Lou has left the room already, tells Rosie he thinks Lou has taken a bit of a shine to her. "I wouldn't blame him if he had, I wouldn't blame any man." Harry tells her she's a kind, wonderful woman and thanks her for caring about him.
Over in Matt's room, Maggie's asking him why he couldn't just come to them if he needed money that badly. He says they wouldn't have given it to him and that it doesn't matter anymore. Constable Terri walks in and Evan asks if she's heard anything about the other boy.
TERRI: He hasn't improved much at all. And Matthew, I have to tell you that you're going to be criminally charged. At this stage it's with culpable driving and recklessly endangering lives.
MAGGIE: Thank you, yes, we understand.
TERRI: That's if Glenn makes it through. If it turns out otherwise the charge will be manslaughter.
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Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Maggie Hancock

Maggie Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3974
Maggie Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi

Leo Hancock, Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Leo Hancock, Matt Hancock, Evan Hancock

Darcy Tyler, Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Darcy Tyler, Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock

Maggie Hancock, Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Maggie Hancock, Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock

Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3974
Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully

Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland, Maggie Hancock

Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3974
Lou Carpenter, Rosie Hoyland, Harold Bishop

Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Matt Hancock

Terri Hall, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3974
Terri Hall, Darcy Tyler

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3974
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Leo Hancock, Evan Hancock

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 3974
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Rosie Hoyland

Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3974
Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Matt Hancock

Evan Hancock, Terri Hall in Neighbours Episode 3974
Evan Hancock, Terri Hall

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