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Neighbours Episode 3921 from 2002 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3921 - The 2002 Season Return
Australian airdate: 21/01/02
UK airdate: 15/02/02
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Dr. Veronica Olenski: Caroline Lloyd
Dr. Janette Lewin: Jenny Tudor
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jamie
Libby giving birth to a boy.
Woody proposing to Steph.
Libby flat-lining and the doctor saying that they are losing her.
It's very tense at the hospital. Karl is comforting Susan as Drew looks on.
Libby's room
They shock Libby again, and this time it works.
No. 26
Woody is telling Steph about the ring and she is sceptical about it, so he reassures her that he saved up for it before adding that she doesn't need to give him an answer right away if she needs more time. Steph scoffs at this, telling him she's had 3 months of trying to keep herself together to prevent her from going crazy and is astonished not just at him returning from the dead but at him proposing too.
A doctor comes out to update them on Libby's condition - she is stable but she needs to go to theatre. Drew asks about the baby (he's fine) as Libby is wheeled off to theatre.
Lou's Place
Flick leaves her parents to finish their meal whilst she goes to chat with Matt.
No. 26
Woody is trying to justify his actions to Steph by saying he's trying to make things easier for himself. Steph says "that's rubbish" as he is only trying to make things easier for himself. This shocks Woody, so Steph tells him that one minute she's burying him the next she is supposed to welcome him back with open arms. She leaves to go for a walk, rejecting his offer of company. Woody asks if he can see her tomorrow, and she agrees, so he gives her the number of the motel he is staying at. Before he leaves, he tells Steph that he knows how he feels about her, but Steph replies that just now she doesn't know anything, so he tells her that he loves her. As he leaves, he runs into Joe and Lyn returning and Joe wants a little chat. Lyn can see that something has happened and Steph tells her about Woody proposing again but that she didn't give him an answer.
Ramsay Street
Woody has obviously told Joe about proposing, which surprises Joe, so Woody explains he had the right to and that he can provide Steph with a good life. Joe is extremely sceptical about this given Woody's past, so he tells Joe that during the time he was "dead" he worked hard to change and he's going to keep on doing that.
JOE: What Steph needs right, what my daughter needs is a man. A man she can rely on and trust and who's not going to leave her. Have you got any idea what she's been through son?
WOODY: What about me? What do you think I went through? I didn't take the decision to disappear lightly Joe. I did it to get those guys off my back for good you know. Off Steph's back for good, so we could have a life, something you take for granted.
JOE: At the end of the day Woody, can you honestly say that you can give Steph what she wants, what she needs?
JOE: What's that?
WOODY: Love.
Joe shakes his head and says "love" before walking off.
Everyone is still worried about Libby. Drew tells Susan that he didn't think it would happen this way, after all their careful planning. Susan rounds on him telling him that if she dies but before Susan can add to that, Karl comes out with an update on Libby - she's still in theatre and they need more blood. Drew is frantic but Karl says that everything is under control, so he now asks about the baby. It's better news there - he only needs regular oxygen now.
Drew tearfully goes to see his newborn son who is in an incubator (humidicrib).
Lou's Place
Matt and flick talk about Steph and Woody as they tidy up after closing. They take some wine down to the cellar talking about love. Unfortunately, the door closes on them and it can only be opened from the outside! Matt says he'll call for help on his mobile until he realises he's left it lying on the bar, so they are going to be stuck in the cellar overnight.
The Coffee Shop
Steph comes in to get milk and runs into Woody having a coffee. Woody wants to know why she hasn't given him an answer yet as she said yes quickly enough the last time. Steph agrees to talk to him but not at TCS.
Pub cellar
Flick is trying to get attention but to no avail, so they start bickering with each other. Flick thinks he's planned this, so he says she's deliberately crazy! She tells him not as crazy as the crush he has on her that everyone is talking about. This is news to Matt!
Karl comes back to update Drew and Susan - Libby is now out of theatre and she is stable but unconscious. Drew asks if she is okay but Karl admits that she is critical and adds that they are doing the best they can.
No. 26
Woody is telling Steph abut his house and how much she'll love it. She asks him about his job and Woody tells her it is in a hardware store and the owners have adopted him! Steph asks him if they know about his past there, so he tells her the story that he's been using - he's divorced and came out to the bush to sort things out. He tells Steph that he doesn't need to lie any more but it would be strange to suddenly tell everyone the truth. This kills the jovial nature when Steph realises that she'd need to lie too until Woody reminds her that they'd be doing that anyway if it weren't for the accident. Taking Steph's hand, he tells her that he's straight and he'll continue to do so.
Pub cellar
Matt is now trying to get someone's attention so flick tells him to give it up and that they are going to be there overnight, which he is looking forward to immensely! Flick starts admiring the wine collection as a way of passing time and picks up an $80 bottle of wind. As Matt tries to take it from her, she lets it go and it smashes to the floor. Matt cleans up the mess and Flick apologises for what she said earlier and yes, she does like him as a friend but nothing else.
Libby is taken back to her room after the surgery and they all rush in to see her. They begin talking to her as she sleeps off the anaesthetic.
DREW: I know you are going to make it. You haven't got a choice because baby is doing fine. It's a boy, can you believe that, our son. I love you.
No. 26
Woody is now telling Steph about his neighbours, especially the 86 year old who has no time for his ex-wife Justine! Lyn interrupts them to see if Flick has returned home. They say she hasn't and Steph goes to see if Matt's car is home when Lyn starts to worry. Whilst Steph is away, Woody apologises for waking Lyn up as they've been talking things through. Lyn interprets this as trying to talk Steph into marrying him before bluntly telling him that she wished he'd never have come back. Woody says Steph has to decide what she wants. Lyn agrees before telling him that she doesn't think much of either him or Mitch. Woody replies that Steph couldn't think too much about Mitch but Lyn isn't so sure as Steph has been seeing Mitch for a few weeks now. Just then Steph returns saying Matt's car isn't there and this freaks Lyn out so she goes to get Joe out of bed.
Pub cellar
Matt and Flick are tying to keep warm whilst discussing Flick's future about Uni. Matt tells her about his battle with his parents over Uni too.
Everyone is waiting for Libby to wake up from the anaesthetic. Eventually she starts to stir and asks for Drew. He goes over to see her before waking her parents. They come over to see her and Libby wants to know where her baby is!
Pub cellar
Flick falls asleep and rests her head on Matt's shoulders before he pulls he closer to him to keep warm.
No. 26
The atmosphere between Steph and Woody has got tense again following Lyn telling Woody about Steph going out with Mitch. Steph is also becoming ratty as it is very late but Woody wants to know if she loves him (Mitch that is). Steph firmly says no but she does add that she does like him a lot. Woody asks if she knows why Mitch was in Warrinor, but Steph replies that she hasn't asked and if Mitch wants to tell her them fine. Woody tells her that Mitch set fire to a factory so the owners could collect the insurance. Steph kindly thanks him, but Woody tells her more - a man was killed in the fire. This surprises Steph, so Woody tells her the rest of the story - it was a security guard that was killed in the fire, so Mitch wasn't just inside for arson but murder too!
WOODY: How do you feel about him now?
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Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3921
Drew Kirk, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Larry Woodhouse (Woody), Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3921
Larry Woodhouse (Woody), Steph Scully

Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3921
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3921
Joe Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3921
Susan Kennedy

Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3921
Ben Kirk

Steph Scully, Larry Woodhouse (Woody) in Neighbours Episode 3921
Steph Scully, Larry Woodhouse (Woody)

Felicity Scully, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3921
Felicity Scully, Matt Hancock

Larry Woodhouse (Woody), Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3921
Larry Woodhouse (Woody), Steph Scully

Felicity Scully, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3921
Felicity Scully, Matt Hancock

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3921
Drew Kirk

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3921
Libby Kennedy

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3921
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3921
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Matt Hancock, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3921
Matt Hancock, Felicity Scully

Larry Woodhouse (Woody), Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3921
Larry Woodhouse (Woody), Steph Scully

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