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Neighbours Episode 3906 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3906
Australian airdate: 26/11/01
UK airdate: 25/01/02
UK Gold: 22/03/06
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Mitch Foster - Hugh Sexton
Geoff Hillier - Brendan O'Connor
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Road Train" by Unknown
Summary/Images by: Shona/Karen (Katie)
Joe promises to take care of the truck
Tim tells Toadie that he knows nothing about the insurance firm going down the tubes (in other words, to keep it to himself)
Toadie finds Joe's insured with the aforementioned company
The Coffee Shop
Joe thinks the insurance company is great - that's why he's insured *everything* with them. Toadie wonders if maybe that's a bad idea but Joe thinks such a well established company would never get into difficulties.
Number 26
Joe asks Lyn if she's heard about the insurers being into any dodgy business (she hasn't). The Telephone Chipmunk masquerading as Zack asks for Michelle - Joe says he'll pass on a message to her.
Steph comes in and asks about a recipe - she needs something easy to make for Mitch when they have lunch together tomorrow. Lyn asks if it's a good idea and Steph thinks it is as long as she finds something she can actually cook. Lyn means asking Mitch on a date - maybe a bit soon? Steph tells her this is just lunch - not a date. They're just friends.
Lou's Place
Matt is going through with participating in the Barmaid of the Year comp. Toadie thinks it sounds humiliating, being crowned Barmaid of the year. Matt thinks the prizes make up for it - he doesn't dive but who do they know who does? And it's not Joel. Toadie reminds him that Flick is not on the market for a boyfriend but Matt has a cunning long term plan. He just hopes the judge doesn't knock him back for being a man.
Flick comes in and doesn't recognise Toadie in his suit. Toadie wonders if she might feel something more than friendship with Matt but Flick is more interested in the prize list. If she helps him out he's bound to throw something her way.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn looks mega hostile as Mitch chats to Joe about a job. Joe reminds Lyn that they need the money and Lyn hopes he won't have to do it for long. Tad appears and hears about Joe doing another long haul job in a few hours so asks if he could tag along, with his witty conversation and his tea-pouring skills. He would do it for a very reasonable sum and he could do with the cash. Mitch says there's no need to formalise it all - it's just better that way. Joe agrees to it and Tad ducks home to dub off some Kenny Rogers for the trip.
Mitch leaves. Lyn is worried that Tad tagging along won't be formalised but Joe thinks there's no need. Lyn thinks it would be like having Jack along. Joe muses that Tad's a good kid and tells Lyn that she worries too much.
Number 26
Steph is cooking and Lyn is looking forward to trying it at lunch. Steph isn't happy that she's invited herself along. Lyn thought she wouldn't mind as it's not a date. Steph thinks Mitch's expecting it just to be him and Steph and they're going to have a good chat. She knows Lyn has something against him - it's clear. Lyn thinks Steph wants it to be a date, and that's why she's reacting like this.
Flick arrives back and tells Lyn it's time for them to go to work. Lyn isn't going as she doesn't have to be in yet, but somehow Flick manages to convince her to leave.
Lou's Place
Toadie is checking on some paperwork in the office to see who Lou has his insurance with (thankfully a different company to the one that's in trouble). Matt catches him and Toad says it's all present and correct.
MATT: Cool, so it doesn't matter if we burn the joint down, ay?
(Prophetic words, young man).
Flick and Lyn want a drink just as the judge for the Barmaid comp arrives, asking Toadie for a M. Hancock. Toadie calls 'Miss Hancock' over. Geoff Hillier, the judge, doesn't look too pleased.
Number 26
Steph stands, thoughtfully. There's a knock at the door: Mitch, with some wine. Joe and Tad got away ok. He smells burning - Steph's burnt their lunch, much to her own annoyance.
On The Road Again
Tad puts on some Kenny Rogers-like music. Tad's liking the freedom and promises to get Joe 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac, as Joe's never read it. Tad is thinking he'd like to get a bike and Joe's surprised he's yet to get some wheels. Tad says why drive when others will do it for you. More bucks for him to spend on other things.
Lou's Place
Matt carries out the different tasks for the comp judge. Geoff watches as Matt serves Flick and Lyn.
Number 26
Mitch really enjoyed the meal and Steph thinks he's just being polite. He says he's had far worse: at Warrinor, for instance. Steph thinks they should've gone to a café as they were invented for people who can't cook like herself. He says he's not a cordon bleu chef himself and Steph laughs, beginning to recount something Woody used to say but she stops herself.
Mitch asks if she thinks that Woody's all they have in common. She thinks they have lots of stuff in common - they just have to find it. They decide to go for an afternoon ride as the open road is always a good place to start. Mitch mentions that Lyn isn't impressed with him and Steph says she's just protective.
Lou's Place
Lyn and Flick agree that Matt was very impressive and the judge agrees: just the speech and the rebuttal of an amorous customer to go. Geoff suggests they start with the speech. Once that's over, Geoff pretends to be a female customer who's had too much to drink. Toadie thinks Matt wouldn't have a problem knocking him back so Geoff picks Flick play the customer. Matt finds it very difficult to argue with Flick's comebacks and looks a bit lovestruck.
On The Road Again
Tad is asleep. Joe tries to focus on the road as the sun beats down, making it difficult to see. The road blurs in and out of focus in front of him.
Lou's Place
Geoff thinks Matt was very poor in the last task. Matt tries to explain but Geoff says they'll see - he chooses the winners later on this afternoon.
Flick gets up and they argue about how it went. Flick is sure he did well in the other categories and they can't give up hope.
Lyn tells Toadie that she thinks Flick might like Matt after all and Toadie says she only likes the prizes. Toadie asks her some advice: say someone has told you something in confidence that could mean very bad things for other people. Lyn thinks she would have to break her promise and tell.
Number 26
Steph puts out the remains of lunch for Harv, then decides against inflicting it on him (Mitch gets him a bone instead). Steph's got a good stretch of road by the coast that she loves to go down. She's only been riding since last year, so she's still a bit nervous. Mitch promises to go easy.
On The Road Again
Tad wakes up and apologises for dropping off. The sun is at an annoying angle as Joe squints to focus on the road. Tad was dreaming about getting his own bike - the more he thinks about it, the better it sounds. Joe leaves Tad to choose the musical choice. Tad realises they're going faster and faster down the hill - they leave the road at one point. They come to a big corner and Joe tries to settle the truck as they scream round the corner, drifting uncontrollably across the road!
<<3905 - 3907>>
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3906
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully

Felicity Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3906
Felicity Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Mitch Foster in Neighbours Episode 3906
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Mitch Foster

Lyn Scully, Tad Reeves, Joe Scully, Mitch Foster in Neighbours Episode 3906
Lyn Scully, Tad Reeves, Joe Scully, Mitch Foster

Felicity Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3906
Felicity Scully, Lyn Scully

Matt Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3906
Matt Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi

Geoff Hillier in Neighbours Episode 3906
Geoff Hillier

Toadie Rebecchi, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3906
Toadie Rebecchi, Matt Hancock

Lyn Scully, Matt Hancock, Geoff Hillier, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3906
Lyn Scully, Matt Hancock, Geoff Hillier, Felicity Scully

Mitch Foster, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3906
Mitch Foster, Steph Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Matt Hancock, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3906
Toadie Rebecchi, Matt Hancock, Felicity Scully

Steph Scully, Harvey in Neighbours Episode 3906
Steph Scully, Harvey

 in Neighbours Episode 3906

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3906
Joe Scully

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3906
Tad Reeves

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