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Neighbours Episode 3878 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3878
Australian airdate: 17/10/01
UK airdate: 04/12/01
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Marcus Teague: David Gould
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul tries to clean the mess of the car when he realises that two policemen are standing behind him.
- Karl tells Darcy that he's decided to sell to Darcy. Darcy tells him that he won't be disappointed - "Trust me"
A road
Paul, Tad and Flick are admiring a sports car. It is being driven by Darcy. He tells them he's just got it. Tad admires the sound system.
Susan comes up at that moment and calls Paul over. She says Mr Burke wants to meet with her this morning - he's the guy who's car he decorated. Paul thought it was all sorted out, but apparently not.
Darcy invites Susan to admire his car. She says it's ostentatious but Darcy says all men dream of owning a car like this and now Karl can. Susan says that Karl never wanted the consolation prize and then walks off.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is telling Karl that the questions they asked him didn't go well, for example, who would look after Lolly if something happened to him. Lou wasn't prepared. He asks Karl if there is the slightest possibility that the DNA test could be wrong. Karl says there is no chance at all, unfortunately.
Susan comes in ranting about Darcy's car. Karl says they know where Darcy's values lie. Susan sits down at the counter and Lou asks her sadly what he's going to do - they want to take his little girl away.
school Corridor
Flick tells Paul that Tad was a hit at the dinner at the Scullys - Joe likes him. flick says if he wants to earn extra points, he has to learn all about football. Tad says he'll talk to Paul about it.
When Flick has gone, Tad tells Paul that he found a love letter from Flick. He said it was so full-on it was embarrassing - things like they are a perfect match, he is dead spunky, has a social conscience etc. Paul says it sounds suss - she's never said anything like that before. Tad says he doesn't know whether to get a big head or run for cover. Tad says it's too much - he likes Flick heaps, but he's not ready for that level of commitment yet. Paul says he has to tell Tad but he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Paul says if he can't see a future with Flick, he should break it off with her. Tad says he never said he couldn't see a future - he wants to know what Paul has got against their relationship. Paul says it used to be just him, Tad and Flick - the three musketeers, he didn't want things to change. Tad says neither did he, in a way.
The Coffee Shop
Susan and Karl say that John Allen have no claim on Lolly - Lou has brought her up and he's the only father she's ever known. Lou says that John Allen has a very strong case - he wishes he's never let him meet Lolly. He should have slammed the door in his face. Karl asks if Lou has seen a lawyer. Lou says he has - he didn't have a choice but to.
Karl comes in. Darcy says Marcus is coming in this afternoon with the contracts for the sale. Karl says that he's got house appointments to do. He says he'll sign when he comes back.
Karl says frostily that he's seen Darcy's car. Karl says Darcy might have won, but it's still not going to make them friends.
Lassiters Lake
Tad and Flick are having a picnic. He refers to her as "babe" and Flick is amused. She says she's not a "babe" kind of girl. Tad says he was only joking. The atmosphere between them is a bit strained.
Some of the tape that Paul applied to Mr Burke's car has caused damage. The damage has been estimated as over $1000. Paul is horrified. He said he had no idea about the car, but Susan says that sorry won't get him off the hook, unfortunately. She says that she has no choice but to follow the rules and expel Paul - he'll have to do his exams somewhere else. Paul is dumbfounded.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is telling Flick and Tad that he's been expelled. Tad says that Susan has gone overboard. But Paul can understand it. Tad and Flick say that they should be expelled as well - they were all in it together. Paul and Tad says there's no point then all being expelled. Paul says he's only got minimum marks anyway - he might as well take the rap and allow Flick and Tad to have their best shot at the exams. He says they can help him in one way though - to break the news to Harold.
Susan tells Darcy that she hopes he's happy - he's depriving Karl of a surgery that he's spent years building up. She says Karl is thinking about giving up medicine altogether because he's so disillusioned. Darcy claims he had Karl's interests in mind as well as his own. Susan says that Karl's interests extend beyond his bank account. Darcy says his do too, but Susan doesn't believe him - he's flashing his cash around before the ink is dry on the page. Darcy tries to protest but Susan says she was wrong to trust him. She says that if he signs the papers, he's out of the family for good.
School Corridor
Tad and Flick ask Susan for a word.
Lou's Office
Lou is talking to Lauren about Lolly on the phone. He is about to tell her about the custody hearing but chickens out.
School Corridor
Tad and Flick are trying to convince Susan to give Paul a punishment other than expulsion. Susan says it's not open to negotiation. Tad and Flick say that they'll have to be expelled too because all three of them were involved. Susan says that Paul is lucky to have such loyal friends. Susan is very disappointed. Tad asks if she has to be so harsh. Susan says she doesn't want to be, but she has to be. She tells Tad, "Welcome to the real world."
Marcus comes in - he's arrived a bit early. Darcy shows him in. Marcus asks Darcy if they can negotiate the price down a bit.
Susan tells the kids to use the holidays wisely - to study hard and get lots of sleep before the exams! She tells them they've been a terrific class and she's enjoyed being their teacher. She thinks they've got very promising futures - even Tad(!) - and they should make the most of it.
As the kids leave the room, Susan calls Paul over. Mr Burke and the school council will make him a deal. Since it was an unintentional prank, they've agreed to waive the expulsion and not to record the incident on his record. Paul hugs Susan in relief. She says he'll still have to take his exams at the Exhibition Building because it's all organised, but Paul says that's not a problem. Also, he has to work with Mr Burke doing summer training for the junior football team. Paul is very pleased at how it's all turned out.
Darcy tells Marcus that the price is non-negotiable. Darcy says they should take his new Ferrari out for a spin. Marcus says no - he's done what he came for. He'll see Darcy later.
As Darcy is about to sign the papers, he sees a photo on Karl's desk of Karl, Susan and himself. His conscience is pricked and he hesitates.
Paul is telling Flick happily that his expulsion has been waived. Flick asks Paul if anything is wrong with Tad. Paul says he's just head-over-heels in love. Flick presses him for details. Paul says one sure sign is if Tad gives her a single red rose - it's Tad's way of saying "forever". Flick looks thoughtful.
Flick is hoovering and dancing at the same time. She sees Tad at the door and lets him in. He offers her a single red rose(!) Flick asks him what's it for. Tad says it's just to say that he knows how she feels. He says he cares for Flick a lot too. She looks a bit confused but says it's nice that he can be honest about his feelings. Tad says honestly is important and asks if there's anything Flick wants to tell him. She says there isn't really, but she appreciates what he's saying about honesty.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is pleased to hear that Paul hasn't been expelled after all. Paul asks if he gave Flick the rose. Tad says that he did. He thinks he and Flick are getting along very well. Paul says if things were going that well, he wouldn't be sitting in the Coffee Shop with him!
Darcy is on edge. Marcus comes back in. Karl hasn't come back yet. Marcus says he has some bad news - the deal is off. He's found another site at a better rate. Darcy says they had a verbal agreement but Marcus says it's tough luck - Darcy should have lowered the price. Marcus walks out. Darcy can't believe what's just happened.
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