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Neighbours Episode 3869 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3869
Australian airdate: 4/10/01
UK airdate: 21/11/01
UK Gold: 23/3/06
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: John Allen: Adrian Mulraney
Zack Shaw: Owen Lee
- "Three Dimensions" by Something For Kate
- "First Love" by Unknown
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Matt finding out Flick is going to be asking him out on a date.
Lib arrives to tell Drew she has a meeting later on with her editor to get her story about her battle with the Chronicle published and Drew says that may be unlikely given the close connections the editor has with the Chronicle's owner. They chat about the bike project Drew is doing with Steph and Libby comments that it may be the only thing stopping Steph from having a breakdown.
The Coffee Shop
Lou and Harold chat about how Lolly is coping well with the news of her two daddies unlike Lou. Lou gets a call from Lyn about the half-way house but given he is with Harold, can't say much.
At a table Leo scoffs down his food which attracts comments from Maggie and Evan. Matt spots Flick entering and goes to pay the bill aka I want to chat to Flick.
At the counter, Matt mentions that they've got another Elvis gig lined up but Flick needs to check her dairy first. Changing topics, she mentions that she needs to ask him something and asks if he can come over. Matt agrees to before rejoining his family at the table. Harold saunters by and asks Emily if she'd like some of the banana pancakes that Lolly loves and just as Lou passes their table, Emily blurts out that Lolly told her that she has two daddies. The rest of the Hancock's think Emily is talking a load of rubbish but Lou doesn't look impressed as he heads out of the shop.
No. 26
Michelle asks Lyn for some rubber gloves as she gets ready to head down to the lake to begin tidying it up and they comment on her attire she got from op shop. With Michelle getting the gloves, Lyn confirms that Lou is going to sign his letter agreeing to the half-way house and Joe does too despite Lyn's reservations.
Flick arrives home and wants some advice from her parents how to tell Matt she doesn't want to work for him anymore a she needs to spend more time studying. Lyn takes the opportunity to inform her about telling the Hancock's and how she is going to be asking Matt out and how excited Matt was at the news. Flick looks like she's seen a ghost!
Lou asks Drew how the house hunting is going, it's not, and Drew says he is so looking forward to becoming a dad. Lib arrives despondent at how her meeting didn't to and at how the prospects at the paper are for the foreseeable future too. She then tells Drew that she made a decision - she's quit!
No. 26
Lyn is trying to apologise to Flick for her slip up to the Hancock's and Flick says she isn't looking forward to meeting him this afternoon. Things get worse for her too when she discovers that she has to face him alone as Joe, Lyn and Michelle have plans which doesn't involve being at No. 26, oh yes and that they're having lunch with the Hancock's too!
No. 32
Maggie and Evan finish getting ready and give instructions to the kids for what to have for lunch. Just as they are leaving, they run into Matt who has a clean smart shirt on (he apparently spilled sauce on the one he was wearing) and is smelling like he's just visited the perfumery department at Harrods.
Lou's Place
Harold pays a visit to Lou to talk over what Emily said at TCS. Lou sadly comments that Emily was right - that Lolly does have two daddies. Harold tries to suggest that families come in all shapes these days and that Lolly seems quite calm over it. Lou tells him about the picnic Lolly wants to go on with her daddies, which Lou isn't looking forward to. Harold tactfully reminds Lou that Lolly is the important person in all that is going on.
Lassiter's Park
Michelle arrives to start the clean up and as she beings, a boy comes over and concludes that Michelle is under the same order as him. They introduce each other and what they were in court for, he was up because of spray painting and he thinks her charge was 'cool'. Zack tells her about the sentence he got (a 3 month community service order) and asks how long Michelle's is and after a quick pause says it was the same as his.
No. 26
Flick paces up and down trying to pluck up the courage to tell Matt while he rabbits on about music. Finally she tells him that she can't do anymore Elvis gigs as she has too much work on too. He gets his hopes up when she asks him to stay for another ten minutes but Flick wants to make some coffee first.
Lou's Place
Lyn and the Hancock's wait patiently for Joe to arrive who got called away to sort a problem at the business site. They make small talk before Lyn confesses that she got the wrong end of the string about Matt and Flick and it is someone other than Matt that Flick plans to ask out but hasn't revealed at this stage who the lucky guy is. Maggie and Evan tell her that Matt got dressed up in his best shirt to talk to Flick.
No. 26
Flick takes a long way to tell Matt that Lyn got it wrong - she isn't inviting him to go to see the DJ with her and Matt plays dumb at the news, pretending that he didn't know any of what she's just said.
Lassiter's Lake/Park
Michelle tells Zack of her plans for the lake and asks if he'd like to join her and Zack agrees.
At another part of the, it's the picnic with Lou, Lolly and John Allan. The situation is a bit tense as Lolly takes John's dog Goldie for a run. As they both watch Lolly and the dog, John thanks Lou for inviting him along to the picnic. Lolly has a teddy in her hand and Lou shouts for her to throw it to daddy she does...and John catches it.
No. 26
Lyn and Joe arrive home talking about their lunch with Evan and Maggie. Flick tells Matt that it was difficult telling Matt and hopes he isn't too heartbroken. Harold arrives to collect the letter about the half-way house just as Flick blurts out for her parents to stay out of her love life.
Lassiter's Park
Zack is telling Michelle of how he got caught spray painting and she is quite impressed, indeed smitten by him.
Lou mentions to John about him growing up in Queensland and it turns out that the area where John grew up in was where Lou used to fish with his father. They reminisce and make small talk as they both watch Lolly play with Goldie.
Lou's Place
Drew shows Libby the houses on the shortlist and Libby breaks the news that she has plans other than buying property for the settlement money - she is going to start her own magazine! She asks Drew for his thoughts and he looks completely stunned.
Lassiter's Park
Michelle says goodbye to Zack as she has to go home to cook the family meal but before she leaves, she asks Zack if he'll help her tomorrow and he readily agrees.
As Lou and Lolly tidy up, John comes off the phone from talking to his wife. He tells them that she was just phoning to see how things went and if she too could meet Lolly.
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