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Neighbours Episode 3844 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3844
Australian airdate: 30/08/2001
UK airdate: 17/10/2001
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Marcus Teague: David Gould
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Sheena tells Toadie they may break up.
Tess wants to know why Darcy is so agitated about Marcus. She threatens him that if he doesn't tell her, their relationship is history.
Marcus comes round and Darcy introduces him to Tess. While Tess goes to make some tea for them, Marcus tells Darcy that he needs an answer - Darcy is either serious about the deal or the deal is off.
Matt and Toadie are hanging out, but Toadie isn't in the mood for gossip.
Lou comes round to check the bathroom tiles. He comments that Toadie looks a bit down. Toadie says he's trying to get up the courage to call Sheena and tell her that it's over. Matt thinks Toadie is making a big mistake - there's nothing wrong with having a relationship that's just for fun. But Lou thinks both parties have to be interested in each other or it's just not worth it. Toadie despairs at these conflicting opinions!
Darcy is trying to convince Marcus that Karl is happy with the deal and they'll meet his deadline of the end of month. The offer is for $1.6 million - no negotiation. Tess overhears a bit of this, and when Marcus has gone she insists that she wants to know everything.
Lou is planning a boys' night with a film called "Fly Fishing". Drew calls round to tell Lou that he's been to a locksmith and he thinks the key might be for a locker. Harold invites Drew to join them for dinner, since Libby is studying and Drew gratefully accepts.
When Lou has gone, Harold says that he loves Lou as a brother, but he finds him a bit trying!
Leo wants to play chess, but Evan forces him to do the washing-up instead. Leo and Emily want to know why Maggie is not around much and Evan explains that she wants to be a hot-shot lawyer.
Darcy is trying to fob Tess off, but she won't be fobbed. Darcy finally admits that Marcus has offered to buy the surgery, but Karl doesn't know yet. He says he wants to find out all the facts first before he involves Karl. Darcy plays down the ramifications of the sale saying it won't make any difference to him and Karl - they'll still work at the surgery, but they won't have as much paperwork to do. Tess reasons that Karl wouldn't argue with any of that - it sounds like a good deal. So Darcy tells her that he's worried that Karl might veto it because he doesn't like change. He insists that the deal is highly confidential and Tess agrees not to say anything - as long as Darcy doesn't tell her any more lies.
Harold, Lou and Drew are cleaning up the kitchen. Harold fusses over the bad job that Lou is making of the dishes. Lou says he's looking forward to the film - the bloke in the video store said it was a hoot. Drew muses that he's heard the title somewhere before, but can't remember where.
Toadie tells Matt that he's finally called Sheena and called things off between them. Matt says he's mad - there's no such thing as a perfect relationship. But Toadie says that he just doesn't love Sheena. He hopes that she'll get over the breakup quickly, but he's glad to be out of such a crazy situation.
Lou, Harold and Drew are watching the video. It turned out to be a bit dodgy and Harold isn't pleased. Just then Lou knocks a plant over and starts fussing over it. Harold tells Lou that he's killing him with kindness!
Darcy's, the following morning
Tess tells Darcy that he needs a battleplan to persuade Karl to sell the surgery. She suggests talking about the Kennedys' pipedream to buy holiday house and to spend more time with their family. Darcy gets quite cross and tells Tess to keep her nose out, it's a very delicate time.
Karl is just off to the surgery to do some paperwork. Susan says that he should leave some of it to Darcy - that's why he took him on as a partner. Karl says it would be better if they had Victor on board.
Evan is stressing out trying to look after the kids without Maggie. Emily spills her breakfast on the floor and Leo is stressing that Maggie might not make it to his chess tournament. The kids are clearly feeling the strain of their mother being absent.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is telling Karl about the video the night before, much to Harold's chagrin.
Tess bumps into Marcus in the Coffee Shop and exchanges a few words with him. When Marcus has gone, Karl asks Tess how she comes to know Marcus.
Matt still thinks that Toadie has made the wrong decision with Sheena, but Toadie tells him to drop it. Matt suggests a party to cheer them up, but Toadie doesn't want to. Matt suggests they go rock-climbing instead.
The Coffee Shop
Tess has covered by telling Karl that Marcus is an old friend of Brendan's. Darcy comes in and Karl tells him how much he's looking forward to having Victor come to work with them.
Lassiters' Lake
Darcy and Tess are having a picnic at the lake. Darcy says that once the surgery is sold they can buy themselves a large house and start having kids! Tess says she feels guilty for lying to Karl, but Darcy reassures her that it was only a white lie. Tess still can't understand why Darcy hasn't told Karl about his plan to sell the surgery, but Darcy says that he wants to close any loopholes in the deal first so Karl doesn't say no. Tess is reassured. Darcy suggests that they finish their picnic at home(!)
The Pub
Drew is hanging out at the pub since Libby is studying at their flat. He chats to Lou about the locker key, but they're still none the wiser. Karl comes in to buy a bottle of wine in the hope of lowering Susan's stress levels! Karl suggests that they ask the previous owner of the garage about the key.
Chess Tournament
Leo is playing a middle-aged man while Evan looks on. When he wins his game, Leo worries that Maggie still hasn't arrived.
Toadie and Matt are back from rock-climbing having enjoyed themselves. The phone rings and it's Rhonda. Toadie says he'll ring her back "when he knows". He tells Matt that Rhonda wants Toadie to go to her house. He doesn't know whether to go or not. Matt says he can see that Toadie is tempted.
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Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell, Marcus Teague in Neighbours Episode 3844
Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell, Marcus Teague

Marcus Teague, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3844
Marcus Teague, Darcy Tyler

Drew Kirk, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3844
Drew Kirk, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3844
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3844
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

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