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Neighbours Episode 3828 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3828
Australian airdate: 08/08/01
UK airdate: 25/09/01
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Sheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
Natalie Roche: Emma Grimwade
Wendy Burmeister: Robyn Betts
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joel telling Dione he is there if she needs to talk.
Matt inviting Flick to be his Priscilla in is Elvisograms.
Flick inviting Joel to dinner.
No. 26
Whilst they wait for Joel to appear, Steph complains of hunger. Lyn suggests a call to find out where he is.
No. 30
As the phone rings, Joel tells Toadie not to answer it, so not to disrupt Dione. The answering machine kicks in and Joel hears Flick reminding him he was due for supper 20 mins ago. He leaves Toadie instructions and runs out the door.
Lou's Place
Matt decides he needs some more Elvis practice as Sheena comes by wondering what he is doing. He tells her and that his first gig is the next day and is extremely nervous. Sheena gives him some suggestions before asking if Toadie is there. Matt says she is too late and he left after his shift finished.
No. 26
Joel arrives and gets the third degree from Flick before Joe tells him to get in. Once inside, he apologises profusely as Steph gladly gets some food. Joe offers Joel a welcoming toast to him and hopes he is there for more meals in the future.
No. 30
Sheena calls round and is brought up to speed about Dione and offers to buy her flowers. Toadie tells her he'd prefer it that Dione told him as he promised keep quiet but Sheena comments that if they are in a relationship then they confide in each other. They seal their "relationship" with a kiss.
No. 26
Joel scoffs down his food quickly and wants to bail despite Joe wanting him to stay. Before he leaves, Joe asks him to feel welcome and that he can be considered part of the Scully family. Joel goes to leave and Flick follows him, saying she'll come over later but Joel tells her no. Flick wants to know what he is keeping from her.
No. 26 Front door
Joel still refuses to say what is going on and eventually says someone needs him but refuses to say who. Flick is annoyed at this to say the least but Joel tells her she doesn't need to know about this, as it isn't important. Again, Flick isn't buying this and thinks he is keeping secrets from her. Joel tells her he isn't having this conversation with her and kisses her before leaving.
No. 30
Toadie admits to Joel that he told Sheena and then admits it was nice to be able to confide in a partner. They compare between them what he has and hasn't told Sheena and Toadie asks if he's done the same with Flick.
No. 32
Flick calls by to arrange where they should need for their gig today and he detects that she may be a little reluctant to star alongside him. Flick replies that she isn't nervous but admits that she has been reading a magazine about men keeping secrets from their partners. Matt says this is just a bloke thing and she's nothing to worry about.
No. 30
Joel is a bit touchy and tells Toadie he and Flick aren't having trouble in their relationship. Toadie "suggests" to him that he is having thoughts about his relationship
No. 26
Lyn nabs Steph's lunch away from her in her process of tidying up the house for her clients coming round as cleaning helps her reduce her nerves. She gives Joe the evil eye when he has the nerve to ask what is for breakfast when he wakes up in preparation for his late start.
No. 30
Toadie is giving Joel more "suggestions", this time by saying he's had enough of jailbait. Joel denies this and the fact that Flick is almost 18. Toadie tells him to talk to Flick before she goes on study camp when Matt comes round to ask for their help with his Elvis wig. Whist Toadie leaves to get something, Joel tells him he is brave performing as Elvis by himself and Matt tells him that he isn't going to be performing alone - Flick will be there too! Joel is surprised at this as he thought she was just helping him with his routine.
No. 26
As Lyn works on a client, Joel comes round to see Flick. She asks him what is up but he'd rather they went for a walk to talk about it. Flick says that isn't possible as she is about to leave to help Matt and as she kisses him, she apologises for how she reacted earlier about his secret.
No. 30
Joel comes home in a foul and irate mood. Toadie asks how his talk with Flick went but he doesn't answer and leaves. Toadie tells Sheena about the booking he's made for them but she has to knock it back as she is already going out with her mum - to a karaoke night out.
Matt gives Steph a call to apologise for him running late and promises to get petrol on the way back to Moco, as Flick appears dresses as Priscilla. The crowd begin to chant for him despite his nerves, he starts to perform the routine.
No. 26
Joe admits to Lyn that seeing the way she worked has opened up his eyes to the hairdressing world!
Matt finishes his routine, which has gone down a storm. He comes off stage and admits to Flick that he couldn't have done it without her then as she goes to get changed, he wistfully looks at her.
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