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Neighbours Episode 3826 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3826
Australian airdate: 06/08/2001
UK airdate: 21/09/2001
UK Gold: 25/01/2006
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Larissa Calwell - Leah De Niese
Rocco Cardamone - Blade
- "Blue Moon" by Endorphin
- "Do You Dance?" by Bexta
Summary/Images by: Shona
Dee and Harold have a secret.
Paul's going to surprise Tad and find out who his secret girlfriend is!
Tess' Place
Darcy is round and was late because of a call-out. Tess thinks she'll just have to get used to it and wants him to at least have some dessert. He marvels at what a kind and understanding woman she is.
Larissa suggests she and Tad go somewhere a little quieter. Luckily for Tad he's playing a long track so can go off and leave the decks to themselves. Tad hates sneaking behind Paul's back - he had such trouble getting out this house tonight. Larissa reminds him that they don't want to stress Paul more with their news and gets him to agree to let her be the one to tell him. She suggests they forget about Paul and pash instead.
Libby and Drew's
Lou is over while Libby is out 'visting uni friends'. Drew's cleaning up while she's gone as she can't stand cleaning products right now. Lou is desperate to have a team meeting about the fishing comp which is tomorrow but Drew wants to clean. Lou won't give up and presents some t-shirts he's had made up. But to his dismay the slogan on them reads 'Ramsay Peelers'. Drew jokes they can start on the veggies if they don't do well with the fish - peelers, veggies, geddit? Give the guy an award.
They get onto the subject of Evan's car - Lou has been so appreciative of his friends and all they've done for him that he even gave Evan a free beer! How kind. Lou says they have to meet at seven and that's as late as he's going to go.
Number 24
Dee is over, giving Harold his 'Angelic Anglers' t-shirt. Now, this storyline really makes fishing fun - doesn't it? She has to run to rescue dastardly Darcy's dinner. After she's gone, Paul appears and Harold tries to talk him out of going, even suggesting Tad might be trying to protect his feelings by wanting him to stay away. Paul says he isn't jealous and Tad isn't the only one keeping secrets! He leaves, telling Harold not to wait up. Oh dear.
Number 30
Darcy's brings Dee some Tiramisu dessert. Wait a minute - wasn't that from...? Hmm. Dee thinks Darcy's been off doing altruistic doctor type things. Yeah right. She makes him close his eyes and surprises him with a candle-lit dinner for two - she bets he hasn't had a proper meal all day! Darcy assures her he won't be hungry when he leaves tonight and looks at the meal, daunted. She suggests he digs in.
Libby and Drew's
Tess comes in and Lou asks if she knows where Darcy is as he can't contact him. He hands her a t-shirt which she goes to try on. Lou goes on about fish and fear and how to be a good fisherperson. Drew looks about as interested in his musings as the audience is. Tess comes out and asks why the slogan on the t-shirt is totally wrong.
Paul comes in. Tad tells Larissa that nothing can take her away from him and they kiss. A shocked Paul sees it all!
Number 30
Darcy's like Joey from Friends in a Thanksgiving episode but, while a full-up Joey's quite happy with the challenge of being presented with a large piece of meat, Darcy most definitely is not and is further quaking in his boots when he hears Joel and Toadie aren't going to appear to help him out. Get ready for those meat sweats, boy...
The phone rings - it's Dee's mother and while she talks in the hallway Darcy proceeds to feed his dinner to Bob. A new low.
Paul rushes up to the DJ booth and demands Tad does some 'fast talking'. Tad tells him that she's his girlfriend and even though he's saying the same thing, he has to accept that she's just not interested. They've been going out for the last few weeks. Paul says that the joke's on Tad - he and Larissa have been going out for the last couple of weeks. They ask Larissa exactly who is her boyfriend. She responds by running off. Tad and Paul catch up with her: she's crying and apologising - she didn't mean for this to happen. They work out that she's been playing them against each other. She says things got complicated...The boys turn on each other, each having a go at the other one for keeping their relationships a secret. They end up throwing punches before Paul dashes off. Larissa tells Tad he's really the one for her but Tad doesn't want to hear it.
Number 30
While Bob's munching away at the food Dee is astounded at how much Darcy has eaten - what a humongous appetite! She gives him more, despite his protests. She wants to tag along on the fishing trip but he puts her off, saying it's boring (well, it is, really). Dee thinks Lou would be fun but Tess is another matter, hoping that she'll get dragged out to sea by a humpback. Meow! Behind her back Darcy puts some of the food from his plate into napkins and stuffs it in his jacket. Dee loves the Tiramisu - where did he get it from?
Number 24
Lou comes to ask for Harold's help with the fishing contest - he wants some flies as Tess is trying to make some and it's like asking Banana's in Pyjamas to perform Brain Surgery (an insult to B1 and B2, methinks). Anyhoo Darcy is awol. Harold informs him he's with Dee. Lou would muchly like some of his flies but he ain't getting any - they're not for use in killing God's creatures. Paul comes in and flees to his room while Lou and Harold watch and try to carry on the conversation. Lou leaves, empty handed.
Tad leaves, first apologising to Rocco for messing up tonight with all the hoo-ha with Larissa and Paul. Rocco is fine with it.
Number 30
Dee has enjoyed dessert though Darcy hasn't eaten much. Bob is trying to prise the napkin-clad meat from the pocket of Darcy's jacket, which is hanging over the back of his chair. Dee notices he's been very attentive and thinks Bob likes Darcy. There's a knock at the door which Dee goes to answer. Darcy takes the meat out his jacket and chucks it out the back. Tad's over to hang for a while - he tells Dee the story of Larissa in front of Darcy and Dee thinks it's terrible. He goes to crash on the couch. Dee puts her arms round Darcy from behind, musing how two-timing is so juvenile. She's glad she's in such a mature relationship. Darcy just smiles. What a slime!
Gone Fishin'
The next day. Team Lou (The Ramsay Peelers - Darcy, Tess, Drew and the man himself) look at their surroundings. Drew has forgotten sunblock and Tess some water so she and Darcy decide to visit a servo to stock up. Lou despairs.
Number 24
Harold thinks Paul's behaviour was as bad as Tad's. The blame should be on Larissa. This has lead to a problem for the whole household! Tad comes in, skilfully ignoring both of them. When Tad apologises for not coming home Harold says their bad tempered thumping around the house isn't going to solve matters. He can't believe it when Tad says he's going to walk away from the friendship - they should think about what they have as friends, not what they're going to lose in a girlfriend. Harry tells them to sort it out - please - and leaves.
Once Harold's gone Paul asks if Larissa said anything about him after he left. Tad has nothing to say to him - he thinks that Paul and Larissa, both being two-faced, are a perfect match. Larissa and Paul are both out of his life - Tad's leaving. Anything's better than staying with Paul around.
Gone Fishin'
Lou gets a fright when Dee and Harold surprise him - they've come to join the party, although they won't be catching fish. They will be demonstrating Zen fishing. Lou thinks the idea is ridiculous. When Dee finds that Darcy's gone to the service station she decides to walk down and get a coffee. Lou goes to see the officials in order get Harold disqualified. That's not very neighbourly, is it now?
The Country
Dee's walking along, admiring the countryside. She spots Darcy's Land Rover and, intrigued, walks towards it. She walks round to the passenger side to find Darcy and Tess *heavy* pashing! OMG!
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