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Neighbours Episode 3811 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3811
Australian airdate: 16/7/01
UK airdate: 31/8/01
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Sheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
Jenny Russell: Jane Menz
Tom Mitchell: Ray Howden
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Steph telling her parents if she breaks witness protection rules again she'll be charged and Lyn telling Steph she'll have to break it off with Woody.
Maggie breaking down crying with Emily missing.
A bus pulls up at a stop and the driver tells everyone to get off, as it is the last stop. As the other passengers gather their belongings and leave, Emily stays on the bus.
No. 32
Maggie is worrying about Emily and Matt tells her the things he and his brother got up to as kids. Maggie comments that Emily having her doll and blanket mean she went of her own accord and nothing sinister has happened. A knock at the door sends Evan rushing to answer it - it's Joe offering them the use of their car to hunt for Emily.
Bus depot
The bus pulls into the depot and the driver gets off and locks the bus before leaving.
No. 26 (night)
Joe comes home asking about the latest news on Emily as Michelle comes into the living room with her sleeping bag intent on staking out to find the fox who has been terrorising her chickens. Lyn tells Joe of the phonecall from Harold to thank Joe for his help at the allotment.
Bus depot
Emily tells her doll not to worry as everything is going to be all right before trying to kick her way out of the bus.
No. 32
Evan and Matt come back in having failed to find Emily. Matt tells them where the police have been looking which freaks Maggie out. Leo too has been out joining in the hunt but Maggie tells him not to do so again unless he tells her first. The phone rings and Evan, to Maggie's annoyance, hangs up on a journalist wanting a quote.
No. 30
Toadie is annoyed that Steph and Sheena have beaten him at cards. Steph says she's got to go and leaves Toadie to get beat from Sheena and he tells her that he needs an early night too and he sends her off despite her kissing him.
Bus depot (next morning)
The driver arrives and opens the bus and Emily does a runner.
No. 32
Evan comes off the phone happy at the news that at least Emily has been sighted and brings Maggie up to speed
No. 26
Joe enters the kitchen asking on the latest news about Emily. Lyn says there is no sign and recalls the time she couldn't find Steph when she was three just as Steph announces to them that she's off to work. A tired Michelle comes in and asks about Emily before telling them she got tired and bailed early from her stakeout but Joe tells her he has a plan.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie reads about Emily in the paper as Steph comes in, wondering since he yawned if he had a late night. He tells her that Sheena left just after her, which is a surprise to Steph and low and behold Sheena enters TCS. Toadie invites her to have a coffee with him before he heads to Uni.
No. 32
Maggie is on the phone getting frustrated talking to the authorities with the lack of news about Emily. Maggie announces she's going to join in the hunt. Evan asks Matt to get some warm clothes for Emily for when she is found before telling Leo to say with Matt whilst he and Maggie are off looking. Leo doesn't like this decision and Evan says he can play a vital role in waiting at home for any news.
The Coffee Shop
Sheena hacks away at her breakfast and Toadie hopes she doesn't do surgery at the hospital before he leaves to go to Uni. She is annoyed at him too when he turns down a date citing Uni work he has to complete.
Emily wonders through the bush and stops for a rest. She again tells the doll everything will be all right.
The rescue team sets up their equipment in preparation for the search. Evan asks the officer how they can help and is politely told that they will hinder a search more instead of helping.
No. 30
As Toadie is working hard, Sheena appears surprised to see him, annoyed at the mixed messages he is sending her given that she likes him. Toadie tells her that he's scared to be back in a relationship given what happened in the past with his previous relationships and prefers having female friends. He admits that he does like her but when he admits this normally, the other person takes off, so he is avoiding doing so.
No. 32
Michelle suggests to Leo they play chess to take his mind off of things but he isn't up for it. As Matt talks to his mum on the phone, Leo asks Michelle for a loan of money so he can catch the train to where they are looking for Emily. He also tells her that he is the one responsible for Emily running away. Matt comes off the phone and goes to get a drink and Leo pleads with Michelle for the money and reluctantly she hands him over some.
No. 30
Sheena and Toadie and smooching away with Sheena relived he told her the truth.
N o. 26
Lyn arrives home from work and tells Joe and Steph how she is annoyed at what Gino did at work by not giving her any new clients that came into the salon, before asking on the latest news about Emily. Steph tells her there is no new news before asking how Steph's day was. Steph is still depressed about breaking up with Woody but says she's got to get over it just as Michelle comes back. She is a bit evasive about news on Emily and after Lyn asks if she is ok, admits she may have done something really stupid.
The search is continuing with her name being constantly repeated but Emily continues to hide even though they are very close to where she is hiding.
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