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Neighbours Episode 3809 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3809
Australian airdate: 12/7/01
UK airdate: 29/8/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Frances Nagel: Judith Roberts
Sheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
Heath Parker: John Bolger
Penny Whatley: Samantha Stone
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Libby dismissing her nomination for this year's award, preferring instead to look forward to next year where an interview with Dame Margaret will increase her chances of winning.
Dee wanting to know what Tess has against Darcy.
The Coffee Shop
Much to Tess' relief, Paul and Tad interrupt her telling Dione and when Dione sends them away, she quickly says that she has to leave but promises to talk to Dione that evening.
Lou's Place
Matt and Toadie set up for the day but Matt is a bit down and Toadie correctly guesses it has to do with Laura. He confesses that he is frustrated that she is ignoring him and wonders if it is because he is uptight and wonders if getting a piercing will prove otherwise. Toadie thinks that isn't the way forward for him.
Lib catches Drew looking through a catalogue but he quickly feigns his innocence. Libby tells him about her forthcoming ultrasound but their call is interrupted by Harold ring to tell her that Dame Margaret is at TCS. She tells him that she is on her way and to lock the doors!
Darcy gets some bad news about his shares from his broker (not worth as much as he thought) but their call is cut short as Karl enters looking for swabs. Karl asks if the call was bad news and Darcy lies and says that it was Alice and she's been landed with a hefty tax bill and wants him to help her out. Karl is a bit surprised by this given what has happened and Darcy asks if he can hold off giving him the $1000 for the computers on the pretence of giving it to Alice. Karl agrees to this request.
Tess arrives wanting a word with Darcy but Karl is still in his room, so they feign their innocence until he leaves, when Tess tells him that they need to talk as she can't continue like this anymore.
Lou's Place
Matt puts a fake piercing though his nose.
Lassiters Complex
Lib arrives just as Dame Margaret pulls away in her car.
Darcy convinces Tess that everything will be okay once they ride the storm out. He goes to kiss her but Tess quickly recoils and runs out of the surgery.
Lou's Place
Toadie notices Matt's piecing and that fact it is a clip on.
At the pool table, Sheena tells Dione that she run into an old friend of hers recently (Carrie) but Dione informs Sheena that Carrie had an affair with Joel but turns out it was a blessing in disguise as she is now very happy with Darcy. Speak of the devil, Darcy appears in the pub and cuddles Dione.
The Coffee Shop
Harold rejects the offer of going to Madge's grave to put flowers on it in favour of helping Francis move. She appears and gets a cool reception from the boys.
A Rolls Royce appears at the garage with a steaming engine wanting some help from Drew. Drew gives them the bad news that he can't repair it atm and suggests they take a taxi home instead. The driver shows him his boss' card and discovers that the car belongs to the one and only Dame Margaret! Drew promises his discretion to conceal the owner's identity even if he can't get her autograph for Libby.
Lou's Place
Sheena tries to inspect Matt's piercing for infections but he successfully wards her off with the aid of Toadie. Toad asks if he plans on keeping it in full time as Lou isn't going to be impressed when he catches sight of it. With Matt in earshot, Toadie tells Sheena about Joel's fake tattoo and it being tragic.
Lib is annoyed to discover that Drew has been working on Dame Margaret's car. She is even more annoyed to find out that Drew has her phone number too and that he won't tell her what it is.
No. 30
Tess arrives and Dione is relived as she thought Tess wasn't going to appear. Tess blames her recent behaviour on problems she is having at work and is astonished at Dee's suggestion that it has anything to do with Darcy. To put Dione completely off the trail, Tess tells her that she just gets overprotective of her friends because she's been hurt by men and doesn't want to see that being repeated. Dee thanks her and tells Tess she has nothing to worry about as things are going great with Darcy. Darcy arrives and is surprised to see Tess there and she turns down an invitation to join the couple at the pub for food. When Tess leaves, Darcy asks Dione if she found out what Tess' problem was and Dee replies that she must have been mistaken about Tess having a problem although the look on her face suggests otherwise.
Lou's Place
Sheena and Toadie leave for their date and Matt turns down an invitation to join them later on. He shows them an advert for a club he is planning on visiting instead and Toadie points out what kind of clientele actually go to it and Matt quickly changes his mind about going there!
Drew & Libby's Place
Drew manages to resist Libby's temptations into revealing Dame Margaret's details, so she threatens him with having to eat his food in future through a straw!
Lou's Place
Dione is still fretting about Tess and wishing she knew what was wrong with her. Darcy suggests that Tess could be jealous of them, which Dee dismisses as she does the suggestion that it is man related. He then suggests that they take a bottle of wine and head back to his place.
No. 24
Paul and Tad clear up the dishes as Harold and Francis enter. She thanks him for the help he gave her and once he hands her a pamphlet she leaves. Harold makes polite conversation with the boys and as he tries to tell a lame joke, Paul walks away. Harold follows him into the living room and refuses to tell Harold what is wrong. Eventually he twigs that it is Francis and tells him that she is a nice lady. Paul tells him that it is too soon after Madge's death and wishes he wouldn't see her even though Harold reassures him that there is nothing more then friendship between them.
<<3808 - 3810>>
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