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Neighbours Episode 3797 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3797
Australian airdate: 26/06/2001
UK airdate: 10/08/2001
UK Gold: 04/01/06
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
- "Teenager Of The Year" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Libby tells Drew that she's having the baby
- Dee and Toadie let Flick stay at number 30
Number 30
Dee rushes in to see Joel and Flick pashing with the smoke alarm going and the toasted sarnie maker smoking. That's not all she's mad at - the living room and bathroom are both a mess too. Darcy comes in and Dee complains about living in an animal house, to Joel's dismay. When Dee has gone Flick comes back and Joel reminds her to be more considerate - they do live in a shared house.
Number 28
Libby is over to tell her parents of her decision. After doing so she's a bit worried when she's met with silence and not sounds of support. Karl responds and tells her that he thinks she's out of her mind - she knows what she's risking. Libby says it's her life and her body - she knows best. Karl reminds her that she has plenty of chances and Susan adds that it's not worth the risk. Libby turns on her and asks whether she or Mal or Billy would have been worth the risk. Susan tells her to calm down and remember that she didn't see the doctor all that long ago. But Libby had her mind made up beforehand - she thought Susan would have understood! Susan does understand, about she's really emotional about it all, upset. She has to calm down. Libby tells her that she's made her mind up and decides to leave. Drew reluctantly goes along with her, giving Karl and Susan a regretful glance.
Number 26
Joe has good news about the skatepark and he's going to help them building more ramps. Lyn only wishes he could spend as much time with the boys at the park as he does with his own girls. Lyn is going to see Flick but Joe has nothing to pass on - just sarcastically offers her bits of furniture to make her 'feel right at home'.
The Coffee Shop
Dee is moaning to Darcy about living with Flick 'n' Joel. Darcy suggests she move out but she thinks she should stay as she was there first. Darcy says he'd set her up in her own luxury apartment by the beach, in a perfect world. But Dee wouldn't move out - too much like admitting defeat. The apartment would have to be a holiday house!
Number 30
Lyn comes over with sheets for her daughter. Joel thanks her and Flick gets her to stay for a chat. When she sees the kitchen Lyn decides that she's going to have a go cleaning it - she really wants to. Flick won't stop her and Joel isn't happy.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are talking about Libby's situation. Susan wishes she would change her mind - she never backs down about anything. She thought that things got easier as they grew up, that they would make the right choices. Karl reminds her that Libby believes that she has made the correct choice. Susan admits the mere idea of it terrifies her. Karl agrees - you can't hide parental concern when life is at risk. He reminds her about how Libby was after the accident - it's one day at time. Susan sadly thinks of how she really wants a grandchild - if they were in any other situation they'd be so happy right now. If Karl had faith he would pray. Susan admits that she'll hedge her bets and do it anyway.
Number 30
Lyn has finished cleaning the oven and wants to start on the rest of the house. She hasn't even had a coffee. On her way out she picks up something of Flick's to iron. Joel tells Flick that they're perfectly capable of doing these things themselves but Flick reminds him that this gives them time to do 'other things'. That shuts him up pretty quickly.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby wishes that she had been offered some kind of support. Drew tells her to see it from their point of view - it's not all about her. What about the baby? Libby tells him that her getting pregnant against all odds shows that this baby wants to be born. She's scared that in later years she won't conceive again - this could be their only chance. There's a knock at the door - it's Susan, apologising for how she and Karl reacted. Libby goes out with her to talk.
Number 26
Joe is back, telling Lyn that the parents were commending him for his work at the skate park. He spots Lyn doing Flick's ironing and remarks that Flick probably thinks she's at the Ritz - getting her washing done for her and being able to stay with her boyfriend! Why would she ever want to come home?
Number 30
More pashing in the kitchen from Flick and Joel. Dee isn't impressed. Flick wants to know what she thinks of the kitchen - her mum spent over an hour in here! Dee can't believe it and is biting back her words - Flick doesn't want to know what she thinks. When Dee has gone to answer the door Joel thinks they should lay off the PDAs and they decide to go outside. Darcy and Dee come in to an empty kitchen. Darcy gives her tickets to the ballet. Dee admits she hates the ballet and is sorry that he's gone to such lengths.
Lassiters' Lake
Susan tells Libby of how she got morning sickness at dinner time and had cravings of melon. Libby thinks her cravings were boring and admits she can't stand the smell of meat and coffee. It's all her hormones, Susan tells her. Libby wishes Drew was more excited but Susan says he's worried, as they all are. No baby could replace Libby. Libby reiterates that she's meant to have this baby. Susan asks why she's made this decision - she probably knows it's not the wisest thing to do. Maternal instinct...she understands. She's just trying to accept it too and not worry too much.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew wants to make another appointment with the specialist. He says he wants the baby but he's scared about losing her. She asks him to trust her - instinct tells her that everything will be okay. Drew trusts her and eventually says he'll be okay with it. There are terms and conditions though - she will be wrapped in cotton wool. No stress at all. They hug and Libby laughs.
Number 30
Dee is looking for her shirt and Flick tells her it must be at number 26, in the ironing that her mum's doing. Dee, trying to hide her distinct irritation, asks her to run along and get it for her. But Flick can't - her father will be there. Dee gives her a look and leaves.
Number 26
Dee is there and is going to take all the ironing back over to number 30. Lyn has noticed that the fabric of Dee's shirt has gone funny...by Dee's face it looks like something has gone very wrong indeed.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby and Drew are getting stuck into the baby names. Drew has an instinct it'll be a boy but Libby thinks it'll be a girl and she would like a Jane Austen name - Emma or Mary-Anne. Drew can't believe that he's going to be a dad!
Number 30
Dee thanks Flick for ruining her shirt because she didn't read the instructions. Flick blames her for leaving it lying around the laundry. Dee is surprised she knows where the laundry is - she gets her mother to do all the work well she swans about like a princess! She thought she was moving in with two relatively mature guys and not some teen brat. Joel tries to get her to stop. Dee says she isn't the only one who thinks it - does she have any idea what misery she's putting her folks through? She bets that Flick's too busy thinking about herself...
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