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Neighbours Episode 3768 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3768
Australian airdate: 16/05/01
UK airdate: 18/06/01
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: David Myles
Guests: Veronica Anderson: Monika Karwan
Luke Dawson: Adrian Foley
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lyn telling Steph she'd like to ride a motorbike.
Flick catching Joel making a date with Simone.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is having a right go at Joel in front of everyone at The Coffee Shop. She won't let Joel explain and eventually Lyn drags a now upset Flick out of TCS.
Lyn is trying to calm Flick down, and Tess comes over to see if everything is all right. Flick wants to go back in and talk to him but after a hug from Lyn, she wants to be taken home.
No. 28
Tess calls into see Libby (their place has been damaged in a rainstorm so they're bunking in) about Ronnie. Tess tells her that she's vanished off the face of the earth, which surprises Libby.
The Garage
Steph surprises Drew at the garage and is almost hit by a wrench. Drew is very jumpy and tells Steph about the weird comments customers have been giving him about his supposed affair with Ronnie. Steph says nobody will believe what Ronnie has said and suggests getting a legal opinion from Toadie.
No. 30
Joel is telling Toadie about what happened at TCS with Flick, but getting no sympathy. Joel wants to go see Flick but Toadie tells him no but he could use it as a way of breaking up with Flick. Joel isn't sure if he wants that to happen, which surprises Toadie, so Joel him that he's still in love with Flick.
No. 26
Joe comes home as Lyn rushes out to an "appointment" but refuses to divulge any more info. Joe spots a still upset Flick, so she tells him about Joel bringing a girl back from overseas and that he was right about Joel all along. He tells her that he was just trying to protect her all along with the way he was carrying on, so that she didn't end up with a broken heart, and Flick replies that she wished she'd listened to him.
No. 30
Toadie is telling Joel to get over Flick (he's pacing back and forth), and to get out there and meet someone else as the world is full of single people waiting to meet virile men like them! Someone trying to ram the door down interrupts their talk - no it isn't Joe, but Libby and Drew. They're round for legal advice from Toadie. Libby spots a depressed Joel and asks if anything is up, and Toadie says teenage angst.
No. 26
Joe is heating up his supper whilst talking to Flick. He apologises for the atmosphere between them and especially for disrupting her education. Flick says she may not go to Uni next year, which Joe surprisingly accepts and offers the compromise of her concentrating on school this year and she can do what she likes thereafter.
No. 30
Drew and Libby are discussing the legal aspect of Ronnie's harassment of them, but Toadie isn't giving them any good news. He does agree to write a letter on their behalf using strong legal words, but Libby points out where can they send it to since she's disappeared off the face of the earth. Toadie suggests she's given up but Libby isn't so sure.
Lyn a getting a motorbike lesson from Steph and she says that she is doing great. Lyn admits she's getting an adrenaline rush!
No. 28/Outside No. 28
Ronnie is still getting to Libby and Drew. Libby says that something about Ronnie is familiar but she can't remember where, but the newspaper seems to ring a bell, so she'll check some files when she goes into work. Drew kisses Libby goodbye but someone is lurking...
Drew arrives at work, closely followed by Ronnie who waves at him, so Drew angrily tells her to stop stalking him. Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth Ronnie says she is only there to hand over a cheque (Drew initially refuses it until he finds out it is money). She tells him it is only part payment and will get the rest to him later - Drew tells her not to bother and walks away from her. Ronnie pulls at his arm and tells him that she understands why he is angry. Drew thinks she's pulling his leg, so she tells him that his settled life has been disrupted by her, and he shouldn't go on pretending with Libby that there is nothing going on between them, and that he's throwing away his one true chance of happiness! When she tries to suggest that they are soulmates, Drew decides he's heard enough and physically puts her into her car and threatens the police on her for harassment. Shocked Ronnie tells him that she can't live without him but Drew walks off.
No. 26
Joe is showing Luke plans for a skate park, despite the council's reservations. Flick overhears their conversation and suggests getting Libby (and the Erinsborough News) involved, so they all head off to speak to Libby.
Erinsborough News
Joe, Flick and Luke have arrived to speak to Libby, and she is glad of the distraction of looking for info on Ronnie. Luke tells Libby the details and the council's reluctance to get involved and Libby says she'll run it by the editor.
No. 30
Tess is round to use the pool so she can practice for the Staff v Pupils competition. Flick's name is mentioned, so Joel's ears perk up. Tess wonders if she's missing out on something but Toadie reassures her it is only Joel's complicated love life but Tess changes the subject onto Ronnie's disappearance and her need of a new housemate. Joel suggests Simone and denies everyone's suggestion that there is more to his friendship with Simone, and in the same breath says he hates Darcy Tyler before urgently leaving for a walk!
The Coffee Shop
Flick and Luke discuss what may come out of the newspaper article. Luke thinks that Flick isn't so keen now but she assures him that she is behind the project. Just as they're beginning to chat, Joel walks into TCS and looks a bit like a stunned mullet before leaving!
Erinsborough News
Libby's research isn't paying off, so she goes to get a drink of water form the dispenser and she discovers a flyer about Ronnie saying she's missing!
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