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Neighbours Episode 3756 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3756
Australian airdate: 30/04/01
UK airdate: 31/05/01
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Veronica Anderson: Monika Karwan
DI Chad Barrett: Reece McToldridge
Kev Kelly: Frank Kennedy
Justice Karen Austin: Bobby Collins
James McFee: Andrew Hicks
Sgt. Collins: Fabian Klancic
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Woody telling the Scully's everything will be okay when the court case starts.Ronnie going round to Drew and Libby's place with dinner.
Dee telling Darcy she is attracted to him.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy is gently telling Dee he doesn't want a relationship with everyone. Dee feels very embarrassed and tells him to pretend she didn't say anything and quickly leaves.
Drew and Libby's Place
Ronnie knocks back Drew's payment offer for the dinner calling it a thank you for Drew's help with her car.
No. 26
There is a tense atmosphere whilst they are having their meal because of the court case tomorrow. Woody again apologises for bringing disruption to the family but they start making jokes about it to relieve the tension. Steph, Joe and Lyn reassure Woody that it will be fine in court and they will be there to support him.
Drew and Libby's Place
Ronnie is trying to persuade Drew to have the last of the wine and asks to see their wedding photos since he's been speaking about her all night. Drew gets them and Ronnie starts looking through them. Drew mentions the trouble they had getting together, and Ronnie starts asking subtle questions about it. When she leaves Drew looks pretty relieved.
No. 26
Everyone is getting ready to leave for court and Joe ushers them out but the phone rings just as they are about to leave. Joe says to leave it but Lyn answers it and feigns that it was a wrong number, but Joe can see from the look on her face it wasn't and asks who called. She says a man and Woody asks if it was a thread. Lyn doesn't answer, but Woody seems to think it was and asks again. This time she tells him he's been advised not to testify. Woody gets scared and Steph and Joe reassure him and say they'll let the police know, but if he testifies he won't have anything more to worry about, and herds them all off to court.
Lou has called in to ask Darcy for help since he feels the painkillers are taking over his life. Darcy reassures him the first step is admitting the problem and tells him how they are going to get him off the painkillers. He tells Lou he will refer him to a pain clinic, and Lou is naturally sceptical. Darcy then tells Lou that he should go and talk to a counsellor and maybe Narcotics Anonymous too to help him.
A nervous Woody is idly reminiscing being scared on a rollercoaster as a kid and wanting to back out. Steph tells him he can't back out of testifying. Eventually a clerk comes out and tells Woody he is about to be called. Steph hugs him and wishes him good luck and goes to take her seat in the public galleries.
Steph joins her parents in the court and the prosecution outline the case before calling Woody to the stand but Woody doesn't come in. Kev Kelly starts to look smug but eventually Woody comes in.
The Coffee Shop
Tess wonders why Dee is so quiet and Dee tells her about what she said to Darcy and him knocking her back. Drew comes into TCS and interrupts them wanting to know about Ronnie. He tells them about Ronnie coming round with dinner because he isn't sure what Ronnie is up to. Tess reassures Drew that Ronnie is just a caring person and he has nothing to worry about.
Ronnie's car has broken down again and she makes more damage but putting a screwdriver through the radiator.
Woody is giving his evidence against Kev Kelly. Kev Kelly says he's a liar and that he will get him for it. The judge reprimands him but Woody looks on scared.
Drew had come to rescue Ronnie and he wonders how the radiator could have been damaged like that. Drew offers to arrange a tow truck and Ronnie offers to shout him coffee at TCS as a thank you for which Drew accepts.
No. 26
Steph and Lyn watch Woody talking to DI Barrett and wonder what they are talking about.
No. 22
Lou places a bottle of painkillers on the kitchen bench. He goes to take them but pours them down the sink instead.
Lou's Place
Dee calls in and notices Darcy sitting. Darcy tries to apologise but Dee tells him not to. He tries again and says it isn't her; he just isn't ready for a new relationship yet. Dee accepts his apology and they have a drink to celebrate being friends again.
No. 26
Lyn subtly gets Joe to take Harvey out so Steph and Woody can chat. They leave and Steph asks him what the DI said. Woody tells her that Kev Kelly meant his threat and that the word on the street is that he is a dead man. Steph says how since he is in jail but Woody says he's got mates to do it for him, and the only way to stay safe is for him to go into witness protection. Steph is shocked, especially when he asks her to go with him, since that is the only way they can see each other.
<<3755 - 3757>>
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