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Neighbours Episode 3749 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3749
Australian airdate: 19/04/01
UK airdate: 21/05/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: David Myles
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Evan Hancock: Nicholas Opolski
Maggie Hancock: Sally Cooper
Matthew Hancock: Stephen Hunt
Leo Hancock: Anthony Hammer
Emily Hancock: Isabella Oldham
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Tad confronting Jess about her lies that her parents kicked her out.
Evan excitedly telling Matt in the pub that he has bought the perfect house a few streets from here. Evan tells Dee and Tess that they are going to be Neighbours. Tess replies that they would be if he hadn't just bought their house!
No 32 - Hancocks' House
Tess and Dee survey the empty living room at no 32. All that remains is a few cardboard boxes with their remaining belongings in. Tess tells Dee it was great having her there and they promise to keep in touch. As they hug one another Lou arrives to ensure the house is satisfactory for the new owners.
Darcy follows them into No 32. The girls tell Darcy which boxes are Dee's and are to go to Toadies and which are Tess's and are to go with her new flat. Lou laughs at Darcy being well trained by the girls. Darcy thinks a little hard labour can be therapeutic.
Lou is obviously in some pain and walks over to the fireplace to hang on for support. Lou snaps at the girls when they suggest he doesn't look well and should look after himself.
Outside No 32
Matt and Evan are unloading the first truck, they tell Lou that the heavier stuff will be coming the next day with the removers, along with the rest of the family - his wife and the two younger children. A third child still lives with his first wife.
Darcy struggling to hold the boxes asks if they can get on with it. Tess says she will see Ewan at school. Dee gets all sentimental about it being a good house.
Random shot of Leo playing golf with a coke can and shouting "Fore!"
No 30
Jess is whinging to Tad about her parents not knowing she existed. Tad thinks that she would be pretty hard to ignore. Jess continuing to moan about her parents cancelled her credit card and stopping almost all her pocket money. Tad points out that they didn't kick her out, but Jess continues to whinge that it has made it virtually impossible for her to live there. Tad agrees not to tell her parents she is there if they call. Toadie enters the kitchen and says that if they call while he was there then he isn't going to lie for her.
Tess, Dee and Darcy arrive dropping off the rest of Dee's boxes, she promises to put it all away once she gets back. Tess teases her and says to Toadie if you believe that....
No 32
Little Emily has dropped her bunny (Misty) Toadie goes to pick it up and meets one of his new neighbours - Maggie. They discover that they are both studying law. Matt arrives and introduces Maggie to Toadie. Maggie tells Toadie that the law interns are all "agog" with his forthcoming Criminal Incitement case and wants to know who is defending him, she is amazed when Toadie informs her that he is defending himself. She offers to help him if he needs it.
Toadie leaves for his shift at the pub as Evan arrives and asks where Leo is. It appears that Matt though Maggie had him and vice-a- versa.
Random shot of Leo kicking coke can across park, he finds some money in the park
Lou's Pub
Toadie arrives for his shift and Lou snaps at him for being late and then moans because Toadie has bought his law book along with him. Toadie tells him he has got a case to prepare for and he was going to study in his break and asks him if there is anything wrong. Lou replies one of his best friends has just died, he is coming down with some lurgy and his staff refuse to show up on time what could be wrong.
Outside No 32
Maggie and Evan are in a panic wondering were Leo might be, going over all the places they have looked as their get into their "Orange" mini-bus
Inside No 32
Matt is on the phone saying that he is sure it will be Ok for someone to come and stay tomorrow. As he hangs up Maggie rings to see if Leo has turned up, they are searching the streets for him and head off to Lassiter's and the sports pavilion.
Lou's Pub
Lou is on the phone trying to get a future prescription of painkillers. He says he thinks he has a problem, not realising that Toadie is listening at the door. Lou hangs up the phone quickly when he sees Toadie there. Toadie offers his help if Lou has a problem but Lou snaps back that he is sick and tried of people chucking in the two cents about the state of his health. If he needs help he will ask for it.
Toadie goes back into the bar as Leo sits down asking for a lemonade, Toadie tells him he can't serve him without an adult. Leo says his brother Matt works here. Toadie asks where his parents are and Leo just shrugs his shoulders, Toadie offers to take Leo home.
No 32
Matt, Maggie and Evan are waiting for the police to arrive while they unpack, still wondering where Leo might be. There is a knock on the door as Toadie arrives with Leo, Toadie explains that Leo had just dropped into his local for a quick pint! Maggie is relieved that Leo has been found.
Hemisphere Nightclub
Tad is showing Jess how he works, by putting on all the "good records" on in his shift so it makes it harder for the next DJ to do his set. Jess says he is devious and she likes devious. Jess then tell Tad she loves him and she snogs him.
Lou's pub
Darcy and Dee are in the pub talking about Tess and Dee's new living arrangements. Dee says she isn't sure she has done the right thing moving into no 30 it is like an underage college dorm. Darcy jokes about her being an "the grand old lady of Erinsborough"
Dee changes the subject and asks Darcy how he is. Darcy rather depressed says that he isn't sure, the whole situation with Alice is difficult. But it is only a trial separation so who knows. And with Karl going away and requiring a locum it will be good for him to be on his own for a while.
No 32
Evan and Leo are finishing a takeaway dinner still surrounded by large cardboard boxes. They are moaning about all the unpacking the have to do and if they were rich they could have got the unpackers to do it while they lazed around the pool. Maggie comes in and says that Emily wants her Daddy to read her a story, Evan says he is too tried to even more. Then they start talking about how nice the Neighbours and Toadie are. Matt says he was thinking more of his new flat mate...Dione. Evan teases Matt about his typical reaction but Matt justifies himself by saying that Dee use to live here so will know the quirkes of the house.
Lou's Pub
Lou is closing the pub for the night, Toadie hands Lou the takings for the safe and tells him not to spend it all at once. Lou comments that that is highly unlikely seeing all the bills he has piling up. Dee is waiting for Toadie to finish so they can go home together. She asks Toadie how long Jess and Tad will be staying. Toadie informs her that Jess will only be staying for a couple of days and Tad will be going home once Paul and Harold get back. Dee says she was just wondering, as she has to admit is a bit like.... Toadie finishes her sentence "like a juvenile detention centre" They both laugh and go on to discuss how grumpy Lou has been of late.
Hemisphere Nightclub
Tad tries to persuade Jess to talk to her parents. She agrees but only if Tad will have one dance with her. Tad is reluctant because of Toadie and school the next day, but gives in to her.
Lou's Pub
As Toadie is closing up the pub, he discovers that Lou has left the day's takings on his desk. He comments that Lou really isn't himself to Dee. As he hasn't got the keys to the safe he decides to take the takings home with him to keep them safe and bring them back the next day.
No 32
Maggie and Evan are still looking at the cardboard boxes. Maggie says it is a shame about Chris and Evan says it would have been nice to have all the kids under one roof but Genevieve had all sorts of excuses why is wasn't to be. Maggie asks how Evan is feeling about tomorrow, he says he is tense it is always difficult starting a new school. Maggie thinks by the end of the week he will be adored by all. Maggie wishes she had a job they could do with the income. Evan says wait until you are a fully qualified lawyer and he can then sit back and be looked after in style.
Emily interrupts them by saying she can't sleep and wants another story.
No 30
Jess agrees to talk to her parents on one condition if it doesn't work out Tad gets the blame. Toadie and Dee arrive home and Jess tells them about her decision.
Toadie and Dee go into the kitchen wondering what to do with the takings...should he hide them under his bed or spend them? They are surprised they couldn't raise Lou at home, his car was in the driveway. Toadie says Lou is a worry at the moment. Dee says she has been watching him and she thinks she knows what the problem is.
No 32
Still surrounded by cardboard boxes Maggie has put candles on them and has two glasses to champagne. They toast one another and their new home and kiss.
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Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3749
Matt Hancock, Maggie Hancock

Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3749
Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock

Evan Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi, Leo Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Matt Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3749
Evan Hancock, Toadie Rebecchi, Leo Hancock, Maggie Hancock, Matt Hancock

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