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Neighbours Episode 3738 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3738
Australian airdate: 04/04/01
UK airdate: 03/05/01
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Debra Moloney: Sascha Reid
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl tells Susan that she shouldn't lose her job over the spiteful actions of a student. Susan says she hasn't got any counter-evidence.
Joe tells Flick that while she's under his roof she'll obey his rules. Flick says that she'll just move in with Joel then.
Joe says Flick he's disgusted with her - breaking up their family just to get her own way. Lyn tells them not to say any more now, they're too upset and they should take some time. Joe says they haven't got any time - Flick seems to be leaving now. Flick says she is.
Joe asks Flick with cold anger how she expects to pay for rent, food, electricity, etc. Flick says Joel has a job and at least they'll have each other. Lyn starts to cry and asks Flick to think about it. She says she has thought about it - she loves Joel. She goes off to school.
Tad is worried that he'll say the wrong thing. Toadie tells him to just say what he saw. Tad doesn't want Susan to get in trouble, but Toadie says her best chance is if everyone goes by the book.
Joel comes in and asks if Tad has seen Flick today. He hasn't.
Toadie tells Tad to have a talk to Jess about her version of the story.
Joel asks Toadie if the phone went while he was in the shower - he's waiting for Flick to call about how things went with her parents.
Ramsay Street
Tad sees Susan in her car. They chat about how nervous they are about the hearing today and a bit about Madge.
When Susan has gone he sees Flick going into No.30
Toadie is on the phone to Marcus telling him he can't move in. He says, "it's not you, it's us!"
Flick comes in and goes through to the back to see Joel.
Tess tells Susan that she's got the full support of the staff.
Jess is gloating to Tad about Susan getting her "comeuppance". Tad is trying to reason with her.
Garden of No.30
Flick and Joel are discussing living together. She suggests they get a place together. Joel sends her off to school, but suggests they meet up in the Coffee Shop at lunchtime. Flick is worried about upsetting Lyn.
Joel is telling Toadie that he and Flick have a normal relationship except for "the Scully factor". Joel says he's quite happy to move out with Flick, but in practice Joe will just be breathing down their necks the whole time. Toadie says that it's a big step - and maybe one that Joel's not ready for.
The phone rings and it's the police asking Toadie to come down the station. Joel wants to know if they're going to chuck Toadie in jail. Toadie tells him he's not helping! Joel says for Toadie to ring him if he needs anything, but Toadie says that Joel has enough problems of his own(!)
The hearing is taking place in a private room. They ask Susan for her recollection of events.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is still trying to reason with Jess. He wants to know what she did to provoke Susan. Jess says that she didn't do anything.
Susan is telling the panel that she was taken by surprise when Jess lashed out at her and put her arm up in self-defence. She's still shocked about what happened. The panel ask Susan for more details on how Jess "lashed out" at her.
The Coffee Shop
Tad says that he's never known Susan to lose her temper - her doesn't know what to think. Flick comes up and joins in. Tad asks where she was first period and Flick says she was in the library. Tad says he didn't know Joel's place had a library! Flick roll her eyes and goes on to say that some people do lose their tempers and lash out for no reason - like when her dad lashed out at Joel. Tad says that Susan is a very different person to Joe, but Jess says that Tad saw Susan strike her with his own eyes.
Toadie is back from the police station and tells Joel that he's in big trouble - he's been charged with incitement to commit a crime and has to go to court. He's afraid that after three and half years, his law career will be down the drain.
The Pub
Joe and Lyn are having a drink and Joe is still fuming. Joe says if Flick can't follow his rules then he can't help it, but Lyn says that's no solution - you can't give up on your own children. Lyn goes on to talk about Joe's childhood - his kids aren't so different from the way he himself was.
The Coffee Shop
Flick and Joel are talking about the finances for renting a flat. It's obviously way beyond their budget. Joel can't take any more work on - he's got his final year at Uni on. He says he does want to be with Flick and they agree that it's the real thing.
Tess and Susan are having a post-mortem. Apparently the panel are interviewing the witnesses now. Susan can't believe how much of her time it's taken up over the last week between worrying and preparing for the hearing. Also she has to talk to Colin's parents today and she's not looking forward to that either. Susan thinks it would be hard for him to come back to Erinsborough High.
Tad is being interviewed by the panel. He sings Susan's praises as a teacher. They ask him what happened on the day Susan and Jess had an argument. Tad says he didn't see it all, but they ask him to tell them about what he did see.
Toadie says if Flick is staying with them until Joe sees it her way, then she'll be with them for life! Toadie is looking for similar cases to his own to help his defence and can't be bothered listening to Joel's angst.
Flick is packing her stuff while Michelle tells her that she doesn't want her to go - she says that Joe will calm down. Flick says that Joe never listens to her. Michelle says it's because she's always trying to fight Joe - she's like a princess in a tower and doesn't care about anyone else's feeling. Flick says that Lyn will get used to her being gone but Michelle shouts that she won't.
Lyn comes in and Flick is forced to tell her that she's taking her things over to Joel's. Lyn says that things were a bit heated this morning and they said things in the heat of the moment. She tells Flick that they need to talk, but Flick says talking hasn't helped at all so far. She takes her things and leaves.
The panel have called Susan in to hear their decision. They've had a lot of evidence to back both sides, so there will have to be a wider investigation - it will take from three weeks to three months. They tell Susan that she'll be on suspension in the meantime - it's standard practice until the matter has been resolved.
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