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Neighbours Episode 3736 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3736
Australian airdate: 02/04/01
UK airdate: 01/05/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Nathan Tyson: Luke Hemsworth
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Nathan tells Paul to keep his mouth shut about the steroids.
Dee calls round to the Bishops but there's no answer. Through the window she sees Madge on the floor.
Ramsay Street
Lou is on the phone when Dee runs up. She tells him what's happened and he says the back door is probably open. Dee runs off and Lou hobbles after her on his stick.
Football training
Nathan is bragging to Paul about his football prowess. He says Paul is good enough to play professionally too - it's a question of training. Karl overheard this and tells them not to over-extend themselves. Paul says if he's not training he's thinking about Madge, so he might as well train.
Dee and Lou help Madge up. She says she was feeling a bit weak and then fainted. Lou calls an ambulance on Dee's instructions. Dee says she has a very high temperature. Madge has got a cut on her hand too that Dee says looks very inflamed. Madge doesn't want to go to hospital, but Dee and Lou are insistent.
The Coffee Shop
Flick asks Harold how Madge is. He says she's looking forward to seeing Paris. The phone rings and it's Lou. Harold says he'll meet him at the hospital.
Flick asks Joel if he's remembered what day it is. He doesn't know what she's talking about so she tells him to think about it.
Dee and Lou wheel Madge into the hospital. Harold arrives and Madge apologises for dragging him away. The doctor takes Madge away to examine her and Dee goes to make them all a cup of tea.
Lou tells Harold it's a temporary setback and not to worry.
Football field
Paul is exhausted and says he needs a rest. Nathan mocks him. Karl asks Nathan how his ear infection is. He says it's still there despite the antibiotics Karl gave him. Karl tells him to clal by the surgery tomorrow - they could also discuss training techniques.
When Nathan has gone, Karl tells Paul that Nathan has a great career ahead of him if he does the right thing by himself. Karl asks Paul if there's anything he wants to tell him. If he's Nathan's friend, he'll do the right thing.
Karl's phone rings and it's Harold calling about Madge.
Joel still hasn't remembered what day it is. Flick relents and tells him it's their two-month anniversary. Joel isn't particularly struck by this, but Flick wants to go out to celebrate. Joel shows Flick a newspaper report about the Salvation Army fashion show. There's a photo of Flick and Joel kissing - they apparently caught the moment when they were celebrating. Flick goes to intercept Joe's copy of the paper!
Lyn tells Joe that Madge has been taken to hospital. She hopes the Paris trip won't fall through for her. Joe holds up the article about the fashion show and asks Lyn what she makes of it. Flick comes in at that moment and Joe says it's a good photo of her. She says they were posing for the photographer. Joe said he did wonder what was going on when he first saw the photo, but Flick says it would be a bit silly to kiss Joel in front of a reporter. Lyn and Jo say that they have agreed to give Flick the benefit of the doubt. Joe is proud of her for helping the Salvos out. He goes to stick the picture on the fridge. He jokes that he'll cut it in half first!
Madge has been put on a drip due to dehydration - that's why she fainted. She's also got antibiotics for any infection from the cut on her hand. Lou goes off to work and Madge thanks him for what he did today.
Madge apologises to Harold and Paul but they won't hear of it. Karl comes in. He asks Harold and Paul for a quick word outside.
Outside hospital room
Karl tells Harold and Paul that Madge has an infection - it's more serious than it normally would be because Madge's immune system is down from the cancer. Harold is worried - they can hardly go to Paris if such a small thing will bring Madge down. Karl says that if things go well, they'll have a wonderful time. He tells Harold he's available 24 hours a day.
Harold sends Paul off to ring Tad while he goes back in to Madge.
Flick is doing homework and Joe takes Harvey for walk. When Joe has gone, Lyn sits down with Flick and tells her they need to talk about the photo. She says she didn't come down in the last shower - she knows Flick still has feelings for Joel. She tells her to stop thinking about herself and think about her family instead - she's old enough to do that.
Ramsay Street
Paul is loitering with a football. Nathan rides up and wants to know if Paul has told Karl about the steroid. He says he hasn't. Nathan reckons he's stopped taking drugs. Paul gets angry with him - drugs are bad news. Nathan says he has to do it to be the best. Paul calls him an idiot and Nathan sets upon Paul. Joel has to break up the fight.
When Nathan has gone, Joel asks what happened. Joel says he's seen Nathan at the gym and he's a real freak. Then he asks Paul if Nathan has been trying to sell him steroids. Paul says he wasn't and that Nathan has given them up now. Joel says Nathan is just running scared - he thinks Paul is going to dob him in. Joel says he should dob him in - how will he feel if Nathan goes ballistic on the football field and hurts someone? He tells Paul to think about it. Paul agrees he will, but asks Joel not to tell Harold. Paul tells Joel that Madge is back in hospital.
Ramsay Street at night
Joel's battery has gone flat. Joe comes over to give him a hand. He looks under the bonnet while telling Joel that he saw his photo in the paper. He says Joel did a great job on the fashion show. Joe offers to give Joel a push start.
The Pub
Dee tells Tess that she thinks Madge is only holding it together for Harold and the boys. Tess thinks Lou is looking tired and Dee says he's having a rough time.
Lou's Office
Lou takes some more painkillers and then hides the bottle in his drawer.
Madge is reading Joel's French phrase book. Harold says she has a lot of friends and she's in all their prayers. Madge is adamant they are going to Paris, infection or no infection.
The Garage
Joel is getting his car fixed - he's cursing Lance's shoddy ute. Flick says she doesn't care where they are as long as it's special on their anniversary. They start having a pash as Joe's taxi drives up in the background. He catches them in the act.
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