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Neighbours Episode 3733 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3733
Australian airdate: 28/03/01
UK airdate: BBC: 26/04/01
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Sgt. Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance tells Toadie that he and Allana are going to America - Allana's mother is giving them the money. They dance around the No.30 living room.
Jess ranting to Susan that she needed a good mark for her assignment. She pushes Susan and goes to hit her. Susan parries the blow and Jess is knocked to the ground. Tad sees the last part of this through the window.
Jess starts to picks herself up. Susan is very concerned and asks Jess to come to her office to talk about it. Tad asks Susan if she's OK. She nods, so he runs after Jess. Susan is mortified.
Outside the School
Tad catches up with Jess. Jess reckons that Susan just hit her for no reason. Tad doesn't believe it so Jess storms off.
The Coffee Shop
Joe says that the new owner of the salon, Gino Esposito, might not be around much. However, Lyn has heard that Gino wants to be very hands-on in his new venture. Joe says he'd better not be too hands-on(!) Lyn says that Gino is coming to meet the staff at lunchtime to share his "vision of the future". Lyn says Gino is a good hairdresser, but he's not her style and she hopes that he won't change the salon too much - it works well just as it is. Joe says if she doesn't like his ways, she can always give him the flick. Lyn leaves for the salon telling Joe to wish her luck!
Lance is packing his stuff for the trip. Toadie teaches him how to pack properly rather than just stuffing things in. Toadie goes through his stuff and mocks his choices! He also mocks Lance's belief in aliens(!) Lance says Toadie will miss his little quirks and foibles when he's gone.
Principal's Office
Susan is trying to explain to Jess's mother on the phone that she pushed Jess in self-defence. Jess's mother says she's going to complain and then hangs up.
Toadie has finished packing Lance's bag. Lance says it all feels real now - he's actually going. Toadie asks if he's excited. Lance says he can't wait to be winging his way to the USA. Toadie makes Lance promise to keep in touch. He gets a bit introspective and tells Lance that it will be the end of an era - they're the last of the original Ramsay Street gang - Bill, Amy and Anne have all gone, and now it's just going to be Toadie. Lance says they'll still be mates. Toadie says Bill only sends the occasional email but Lance says he won't be like that. Toadie says he's going to hold him to that. They clink cans.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn comes in and Joe asks her how it went. It is still going on apparently - Gino wants to completely revamp the salon with psychadelic colours and techno music. Lyn says it might work at Eden Hills but Erinsborough clientele are more conservative. Joe says that as salon manager she must stand up to Gino. Lyn says that she will - she'll just have to build up a bit of courage first.
Principal's Office
Tess comes in to take Susan off to lunch. She asks if there's been any progress. Susan says that she's spoken to the union but the person she needs to speak to is in a meeting. She's also spoken to a few other principals who made it sound like Susan was about to face a firing squad. Susan doesn't think that's far from the truth. Susan can't believe that Jess's mother refused to let Susan tell her side of the story. Tess says that Susan's record will speak much louder than Jess's accusations.
Tess asks if Susan will supervise a maths class this afternoon - the temp has cancelled.
School Corridor
Tad is chatting to Paul about what happened between Susan and Jess. He said Jess was really wound up. Paul says he hopes that Jess won't dob Susan in, but Tad doesn't think she will. He is a bit unsure though. Paul says that Susan is very upset about it - he overheard Tess and Susan talking about it. Tad says he didn't see Jess go for her, but he did see it happening.
Lance is wearing his moneybelt to get used to the feel of it. Allana has come round too and is very excited. She asks him where the airline tickets are but he says that she's got them. She says she thought he had them. Allana panics a bit and goes home to have a look.
Toadie comes in. Lance tells him that they've lost the tickets. Toadie says he's not surprised - but he's probably just misplaced them. Toadie tells Lance off for stealing his favourite mug. Lance says he purchased it but Toadie says possession is nine-tenths of the law. Toadie also queries Lance taking the wok. He says they will have to go outside and cut it in half with a hacksaw! Lance says he'd better unpack the hacksaw then(!)
Susan is supervising the maths class. The kids are passing notes around. The note gets to Tad and he opens it to find a caricature of Susan standing on some battered pupils with the words, "Anyone else not done their homework?" Tad is appalled, but he passes it on to Paul. Susan looks up and sees the note. She insists that Paul brings it down to the front. She looks at it briefly and says sarcastically that it's very funny. Then she tells them to get on with their work.
Toadie and Lance are still arguing over who owns what and also splitting the phonebill. Toadie then nags him about the electricity bill. Lance says he doesn't want to pay a third of the bill - he's very energy efficient and Joel is the one that uses the hairdryer all the time(!). Toadie agrees to knock $5 off Lance's portion. He says he hopes the next tenant isn't as tight as Lance! Lance is surprised to hear that they'll be getting a new tenant, but Toadie says they have to cover the rent. He says they had thought of making Lance's room a shrine to him(!) but someone else helping to pay the rent was more practical(!). Lance says he's got a friend called Neville at the science-fiction club who's looking for a place, but Toadie says they want to try a different kind of weirdo this time(!)
The Coffee shop
Jess is telling Paul that Susan assaulted her. Paul says that she's laying it on thick and that she provoked Susan. Jess shouts that Susan's always had it in for her - she accused her falsely about the bombing, for example. Then she storms off.
As she reaches the door, Tad comes in. Jess immediately calms down and Tad asks her how she's doing. She shows Tad her injured elbow. Tad says she's not being fair on Mrs.Kennedy. Jess says she's entitled to complain and Tad saw what happened. At this point, Tess and Susan come in. Susan sees Jess and immediately leaves.
Lance is panicking about all the stuff her still has to do. Also he's panicking about the plane tickets. Toadie gets him to breathe.
Allana comes in and says that she's got the tickets! He is briefly jubilant but then Allana tells him they've been through the washing machine(!) - they have to go to the travel agent and get replacement tickets. Lance says he can't go - he's supposed to be trimming one of his customer's hedgerows. Toadie says he'll call him and tell him Lance is going to be a bit late.
Lyn says she is feeling completely drained after a day with Gino - all she can feel is a kind of despair. Joe says that a new look for the salon might grow on her. Lyn looks doubtful. She tells Joe that Gino wants to revamp the staff as well - he wants a "dynamic team on the cutting edge of hairdressing". Joe insists that Lyn is dynamic - her haircuts beat any of the ones in the fashion magazines. Lyn isn't sure that Gino agrees.
Toadie answers the door to a police sergeant. He asks Toadie to accompany him to the police station to answer questions about a theft that occurred last week.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby is recounting to Drew what happened between Susan and Jess. Jess's mother has complained to the education department. Susan thinks with the bomber running around as well, it makes it look like she's lost control of the school.
Libby says she got a distinction on her essay and an article printed on the front page! Drew tells her fondly that she's an over-achiever!
Libby asks Drew how he feels about going to a preliminary adoption session meeting - just for information. He says he thinks it's a bit early. But Libby says the whole process will take ages, so they might as well get a head start. Drew agrees to go.
Lance and Allana did manage to get their tickets replaced but they had to pay an administration charge of $100. There's a knock at the door and it's Lou. Lou gives Lance an envelope to "see him on his way". Lance is really touched that it's $100! Lou says there's one condition - no huge noisy goodbyes, for Madge's sake in particular. Lance says not to worry - it'll be a quiet one. Lou goes off to the pub and wishes them well. Lance says they should get a bottle of bubbly tonight to celebrate.
Toadie comes in looking dour. He tells them he's been down the police station - it seems he's got himself into a bit of trouble.
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