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Neighbours Episode 3727 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3727
Australian airdate: 20/03/01
UK airdate: 18/04/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Colin Rogers: John Tarle
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge sobs to Harold that she doesn't want to die - she's really scared
Tad tells Jess he's the only one who has any time for her, and if she goes on like she is, she'll make 100% rejection
Lassiters' Lake
Flick is eating dinner when Susan comes up. Joel arrives to help Flick organise the parade. Susan looks privately amused and tells them she's sure Harold appreciates their support.
The organisation is doing well - Joel's got some Uni mates to be models. Flick thanks Joel for a rose she has received. He is surprised - it wasn't him. He says Flick must have a secret admirer. Someone is watching them at a distance in the bushes.
Madge tells Harold that someone is going to have to inform Charlene and Henry. Harold says he'll ring them. Madge can't believe she's only got six months - it's too little time. Harold starts to cry but Madge asks him not too - she can't cope if he gets upset. Madge says there's so many things she wanted to do - it's not fair. She wants to tell Paul and Tad, but not at the hospital - she wants to tell them at home. Harold agrees.
Jess wants to borrow a history book but noone will lend her one. Susan comes up and says she's pleased that Jess has been cleared of the bombing. Jess is hostile towards Susan. Susan says she's dealt with kids over the years much tougher than her - Jess should just drop the act and then they'd get on better.
Tad and Paul are chatting to Madge. She starts to cry while they are talking. Madge says she's just tired. Paul and Tad innocently ask when she will start chemotherapy and Madge cries harder. They know from the look on Harold's face - there isn't any treatment. Neither can believe it, especially Tad.
A geeky-looking boy tries to sit by Flick but she is saving a seat for Paul.
A park
Paul and Tad are walking. Paul tells him off for crying in front of Madge. Tad tells Paul of for being emotionless. They start to quarrel and then to fight. They are rolling around on the grass when Karl drives past. He runs over and pulls them apart. Paul asks Karl why they can't do anything for Madge. Karl says sometimes there just isn't one. He tells them it will be incredibly tough for them, but they can always talk to him and Susan.
The Hospital
Susan comes in to see Madge. She sits on the bed with her and emotionally tells her that she's so sorry. Madge asks Susan to apologise to Karl for her - she wasn't very nice to him. Susan says Karl will understand. Madge says she doesn't know what to feel - she always took her health for granted and thought she'd have years to do what she wanted to. She's worried about Harold and the boys. Paul has been through so much already, losing his own mother to cancer, and now it's all happening again. Susan says that Harold will look after both of them. Madge says she doesn't know who's going to look after Harold - he's been lost since he heard the news. Susan starts to cry and promises Madge that she and Karl will be there for all three of them, and so will Lou. They embrace.
The geeky guy is trying to engage Flick in conversation about rat physiology(!) Flick says she hates cutting them up, but the geeky guy quite likes it(!) She says that they could team up for the dissection lab this afternoon.
The Hospital
Madge hugs Harold and says he's the best husband. She says they're going to make the time she has left very special, for them and the boys.
Susan says that Tad and Jess aren't doing their presentation today due to personal circumstances. But Tad tells Susan that he wants to do it. Tad and Jess stand at the front of the class. Tad starts but falters, so Jess takes over and speaks confidently. They put on the video they have made. It's a tape of the two of them doing a rap about the subject. The kids in the class think it's great.
The Hospital
Madge is deep in thought and Harold is sleeping with his head on the bed. He suddenly wakes up and Madge tells him she wants to go on holiday. In fact, she wants to go to Paris - they've always wants to go there and see all the sights. Harold thinks it's a marvellous idea. Madge says the sooner she gets out of hospital, the better she'll feel.
Joel comes in to visit Madge. Harold tells Joel that they're going to Paris. He is delighted - he's been himself and tells them it's wonderful. He also tells Harold that the fashion show is under control. Harold is pleased.
Jess is concluding their presentation about "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" It has gone very well and the class and Susan clap. Susan says she has some minor quibbles, but they'll talk about that later. Flick asks a question, but Jess answers her very rudely. The bell goes, so Susan dismisses the class and keeps Jess back.
Susan tells Jess that she must learn to control her temper - no-one was attacking her personally. Jess is arrogant and rude back. Susan tells her that now she's 18 they've got no obligation to continue her enrolment at school. Jess looks a little stricken.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is sitting with the geeky guy. He is still talking about rats(!). Joel comes in and takes Flick off. The geeky guy (Colin) looks disappointed.
Karl comes to see Tad and Paul. He asks how they're doing - he says there's no right way for them to feel. Any response is legitimate, even no response at all, so they have to be there for each other. He tells them they should just get on with what they would normally do, like play football or do some DJ practice.
Community Hall
Tad and Paul have come to help Joel and Flick set up the Fashion Show. Flick pops home to borrow Joe's staple gun.
Flick comes in to borrow Joe's staple gun. She has picked up the mail on the way in. She opens an envelope to find a letter made up of cut up bits of newspaper: "He's not right for you"
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