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Neighbours Episode 3723 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3723
Australian airdate: 14/03/01
UK airdate: 10/04/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
- "A Pop Song Saved My Life" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Drew and Libby discussing houses.
Jess telling Susan she doesn't need anyone's approval.
The School
The pupils are being evacuated after another bomb threat has been received.
The Garage
Drew is handing over the keys to Libby's new car when Steph pulls up with parts for Drew. Libby invites her for a test drive but she can't as she is really busy so she goes for one by herself.
School oval
Jess wants Tad and Paul to go with her to the beach as she is fed up hanging around because of the bomb threat. Michelle goes over and asks Susan if they can wait inside but can't until they get the all-clear from the police. Jess snidely suggests to Susan that they get an extension on the English assignment.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn is collecting snacks for the work when Joe comes in for his work order. Joe tells her that they've been invited to the Nguyen baby's christening next week. Lyn offers to hold a Beauty Tree party for Tina Nguyen but Joe thinks she wouldn't like it. Steph comes in and tells them she is really busy and Joe takes pity and gives her one of his coffees.
School oval
Susan is telling the kids the police won't let them back into school until after lunch and tells them to pick up he rubbish to keep them occupied. Tad and Paul wonder who made the threat.
The Garage
Libby comes in and tells Drew she's found the ideal place but he isn't keen on her description. She tells him they need to leave now and he reluctantly shuts up shop.
School oval
Jess is arguing with Susan over picking up the rubbish when a bomb goes off. Whilst the police investigate, Susan comforts Michelle who had put some rubbish in the bin seconds before the bomb went off. Tad asks if Jess is ok and she says she's got to get out of here.
The Coffee Shop
Drew and Libby are commiserating over the flat they didn't get. They wonder if they've set their hopes up too high and start looking at alternative properties. Whilst there Libby gets a phonecall about the bomb going off at the school and rushes off to cover it.
School oval
Susan is giving Libby details of what happened. Libby wonders who did it and Susan tells her she has her suspicions (the camera pans and looks directly at Jess). Susan then goes and tells the pupils they will be dismissed and urges them to tell the police if they can give them information.
The Garage
Steph comes round to tell Drew she's found the ideal place for them but they've got to go now or they will lose it. Drew says he'll call Libby but Steph tells him there is no time, he's got to go now.
The Coffee Shop
Tad and Paul are discussing Jess's reaction to the bomb and urges Tad to speak to her. Tad asks her if she knows anything about it, especially as he saw her make a phone call. Jess becomes upset and tells him that yes she did make a phone call but to her mum. Unfortunately she also mentions 'bomb threat' just as Susan walks into TCS. Susan wants an explanation.
No. 26
Joe and Lyn are comforting a shocked Michelle. Joe cheers Michelle up by telling her about the christening. Lyn mentions she's arranged a tea party too and will only show a few Beauty Tree products not the works as she had been planning to earlier.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad are telling Susan what they know of the phone call Jess made. She wants them to repeat it all to the police so they can deal with it. Reluctantly they agree.
No. 26
Susan has called round to see how Michelle is. When she leaves Joe asks Lyn not to sell the Beauty Tree stuff at the baby tea, because he thinks it is embarrassment exploiting the fact he will be the baby's Godfather. Michelle and Steph agree with him but Lyn gets very annoyed that her whole family is ganging up on her over Beauty Tree and tells him that it is her business and she is going ahead with it. Joe replies with "over my dead body."
No. 22
Libby is telling Drew about her getting the 'scoop' on the school bomb. He tells her they've found a flat and they can go look at it now.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad are discussing how Madge is when an irate Jess comes in. Tad says he had to tell the police what he knew. She tells him the police came round and interviewed her and took away her computer.
Drew and Libby's place
Drew is showing Libby their new place. Libby is a bit reluctant and thinks they could do better. Drew then tells her he has signed the lease, paid the bond and the first month's rent, and this is their first home.
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