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Neighbours Episode 3721 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3721
Australian airdate: 12/03/01
UK airdate: 06/04/01
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Dr. Roger Chan: Fai Leung
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe tells Flick that it's OK for her to take part in the fashion parade
Madge suddenly feels terrible pain in the Coffee Shop
Tess tells Joe that she's going on a date with Richie from Beauty Tree. Joe hopes she doesn't end up paying - financially or personally.
Joe tells Lyn that Tess is going on a date with Richie. He tells Lyn that he told her to be careful. Lyn is cross and tells Joe he is very judgmental.
Madge and Harold are home. Harold thinks that Madge should see Karl. Madge doesn't think it's anything serious. She says to wait until the morning. But she suddenly has another attack of intense pain, so Harold sends Paul over to get Karl.
Flick comes to see Joel (she has told her parents she's gone to see Paul). Flick is looking forward to tomorrow's dive. She says they'll be safe from Joe there(!)
Michelle is reading Lolly a bedtime story. Lou says he's going to go back to work - even if he can't work, he can supervise and also do the books.
Karl is examining Madge. She tells him she's felt a bit tired lately and hasn't been eating well. She tells them not to fuss. Karl finds a tender spot. He says she should have some blood tests. Madge thinks they're overreacting. Karl rings the hospital and asks if they can come down straight away. Harold is surprised. Karl says to throw together an overnight bag just in case. Madge and Harold go out to the car. Paul overhears Karl asking his friend at the hospital how is bed status is. Karl looks grave.
Flick and Joe are discussing Richie - Flick thinks he's sleazy. She thinks Tess has really bad taste if she's going to go out with him. They chat about the fashion parade - Joe says that he is trusting her.
Joe suggests a barbecue tomorrow, but Flick says she's studying all day. Joe tells her not to burn herself out with studying.
Madge is in a bed. Karl comes in and says she's going for some tests. He's hoping it is pancreatitis. Madge is in quite a lot of pain.
Michelle comes in from babysitting. She says Lou is a bit irritable tonight. Lyn says maybe he's having a bad day or his back's playing up. She says he's probably feeling the pressure now that Drew's moved out. She says they could look after Lolly sometimes, but Joe says that they shouldn't interfere.
Karl tells Madge that they're going to keep her in overnight. They will discuss her ultrasound in the morning. Madge tells Paul there's nothing wrong that can't be fixed - he should go home and sleep.
Harold decides to stay a little longer. Madge tells Harold she thinks there is something very wrong - she can tell Karl is worried.
Michelle is talking at length about animal rights. She has a boycott list of cosmetic products and Beauty Tree is on it. Lyn says that it must be a mistake.
Lou has fallen asleep on the sofa with Lolly. There's a knock at the door. It's Harold. He comes in and tells Lou that Madge collapsed earlier today and Karl's put her in hospital. He says they haven't had the results yet but that he can tell that Karl is worried. Lou says that Madge is a fighter and they shouldn't worry until they know exactly what the problem is. Harold says maybe he should call Charlene but Lou says to wait for the results. Harold tells Lou that he has a terrible feeling of dread. Lou reassures him and goes to put the kettle on, but he looks worried, too.
Flick and Joel are putting on their diving kit. She is nervous about the experience. They wade into the sea.
Lyn is talking to Richie on the phone. He reckons that the people who run the boycott list are a bunch of nuts. Apparently he reckons he's an animal lover, donates money to the zoo and has recently adopted a dolphin(!) Joe laughs his head off.
Out of the blue, Joe suggests they go for a picnic on the beach. They think it's a great idea. Lyn asks why Michelle is wearing Flick's top. Michelle says they've come to an arrangement.
Joe, Lyn and Michelle are on the beach. Flick and Joel surface and see them. They go back down!
Madge is a bit floaty after strong painkillers. The specialist comes in and asks Karl if he can have a word.
Flick and Joel have surfaced further down the beach. She can't believe Joe has chosen that beach, but apparently it's the only dog beach for miles. Michelle comes up and says they're not quite on the dog beach - they should move around the bend. Suddenly, Harvey starts to run down the beach much to Flick and Joel's horror. They hide behind a windbreak and luckily Joe catches Harvey but doesn't see them.
Karl asks Paul to leave the room while he talks to Harold and Madge. He tells them it's bad news - Madge has a mass in her pancreas which is probably a tumour. Madge will have a CT scan to see if it has spreading. He tells Madge that she is in for a bit of a battle.
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