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Neighbours Episode 3704 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3704
Australian airdate: 15/02/01
UK airdate: 14/03/01
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Jeannie Truman: Libby Stone
- "Mr Big Car" by Stella One Eleven
- "A Pop Song Saved My Life" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby's bridesmaid has pulled out - she can't think who she can ask to be a replacement at such short notice.
The police call and tell Allana that her car has been reported as a stolen vehicle - she'll have to come down to the station and make a report. Allana can't believe it - she her mother has 'done it again'.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is walking Bob when he sees Allana and Lance go off in a police car.
Libby is stressed about not having a bridesmaid. Drew is off to keep an appointment with Harold. Libby says it's getting very suspicious!
The Pub
Tess is telling Dee that nothing ever happened between Drew and Steph, so it's such a shame that Libby and Steph have fallen out. Dee wonders with she and Tess could help them to repair their friendship. At that point, Libby comes in and joins them at their table. She tells Tess and Dee that Drew is doing something 'very weird and mysterious' over at Harold's!
Karl comes in from football training with the Dingoes stinking of linament. He says Paul is doing well - they'd be mad not to pick him for the team. Karl is enjoying being part of a team again. Susan says he's part of a team there too - Libby's wedding team. Karl says he can't read his speech now - Libby's seen it! He says he's come up with something very different - bigger and bolder. Susan looks very worried!
Toadie comes round. He asks Karl and Susan if they've seen anything weird going on - he saw a police car with Lance and Allana in it. He's wondering if he should go down the station to find them, but Karl says they're probably just showing the police the site of the latest alien landing(!)
Lance and Allana come in - apparently her mother had issues with Lance and Allana going off together to the convention, so she called the police and reported the car stolen(!) Toadie is amazed. Allana says the car is registered in her mother's name but her mother doesn't even have a licence so she and her sister share it. Toadie tells Lance quietly that this is the act of a crackpot. Allana hears this, but agrees with Toadie! Lance says that her mother is unwell - maybe they should think about why she did it. The police apparently rang her mother but she refused to withdraw the claim. Toadie explains Allana's legal position. If her mother doesn't withdraw the claim, Allana will be charged with theft. But if she does withdraw the claim, her mother could be charged with making a false report.
Allana is trying to ring her mother. Lance tells Toadie that he wants Allana to stay - maybe just the night, but maybe until they go overseas. Toadie isn't keen - every time a chick moves in it goes badly. Allana overhears and says she doesn't want to impose - she understands that he doesn't want a flatmate with a psycho mother. Toadie relents and says she's in a bind so she can stay - he's had worse staying there! Allana doesn't even know if she wants to stay there, but Lance says it might be a good idea to cut her ties from her mum for a while - to give her something to think about.
The Pub
Tess and Dee are talking about hen nights that have gone wrong. They asks Libby what she wants to do and she says as little as possible - just a quiet night with a few friends. They chat about the wedding and Libby says that Drew's brother Stuart is going to be the Best Man, but that she's not having a bridesmaid. Dee says she could still have one but Libby says it's too difficult.
Allana has been to get some of her stuff when her mother wasn't home. She feels guilty. There's a knock on the door and it's Allana's mum. She wants to know why Allana took her things. She tells Allana to come home, but Allana says she's decided to stay with Lance. Allana's mother says she won't go home without her and sits down on the sofa!
Karl has got the slide projector out - he's ditched the speech and instead is going to do a slideshow of the "Life and Times of Libby Kennedy" at the wedding! Susan says that Libby will be mortified. Karl says people used to love their slide nights, but Susan begs him to just give the lovely speech he wrote. Karl says he needs a gimmick with all those Kirks swanning around in kilts. Susan starts to laugh and says Karl is jealous - he wants to wear a kilt too!
Lance is telling Allana's mother off for reporting Allana to the police. She says she was worried about the car - she might have needed it. Allana reminds her that she doesn't drive. Her mother says she's sick and needs Allana at home - she can't survive without her.
Allana says she wants to have her own life and spend some time with Lance. She says her mother always survived when she and her sister were little. Allana's mother apologises about the car but she felt desperate. Lance says she can't keep Allana at home forever. She says there'll be plenty of time for Allana when she's gone(!) She says she can't cope without Allana's father and Allana understands that she misses him. But she can't live her mother's life - she wants a life of her own. Allana's mother says Lance is turning Allana against her but Allana says Lance is just showing her happiness. Her mother gets up and tells Allana to come home with her, saying there might not be another chance. Allana tells her not to force her to choose between her and Lance. Her mother leaves.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is worried - his cousin is coming to the wedding all the way from Scotland. He's sort of the keeper of family history and is quite eccentric. Karl says he can't bring a real haggis - he'd never get it through Customs! Karl gets an urgent phonecall and is called away.
Susan and Libby discuss the wedding dress. Susan asks if she should pick up the bridesmaid dress to. Libby says they've paid for it, they might as well bring it home. Susan asks her gnetly if she might change her mind about Steph. Libby says, 'Let's just pick up the dresses'
Karl comes to see Lance and Allana. He's had a call from Allana's sister. He has brought Allana's mother round so they can sit down and sort things out with a mediator.
The Coffee Shop
Dee wants to do a big hen's night for Libby, but Tess reminds her that Libby only wants a quiet night - they can't kidnap her and force her to have fun! Dee says Tess has got it!! - she has a plan. They run off to get things organised.
Karl is mediating between Allana and her mother. Allana says it started when her father died. Allana had a breakdown, but she's better now and her mother still won't let her go. Her mother counters that she needs Allana now. She can't cope without Allana's father to organise things. Karl tells her that she must learn to be independent with help. Lance says Allana will still be part of her life - they don't want to shut her out. Allana agrees to come home for the short term even though she liked staying with Lance last night. Lance says she must go home - he's in it for the long haul and he doesn't want Allana to be estranged from her mother. Maybe going back will be the first step to getting things sorted out properly.
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Allana Truman, Jeannie Truman, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3704
Allana Truman, Jeannie Truman, Lance Wilkinson

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3704
Libby Kennedy

Jeannie Truman, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3704
Jeannie Truman, Karl Kennedy

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