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Neighbours Episode 3697 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3697
Australian airdate: 6/2/01
UK airdate: 5/3/01
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Kevin Kelly: Frank Kennedy
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Stanno telling Steph that Woody is planning a job when he gets out.
Flick telling Joel she'll tell Joe about their relationship.
No. 26 outside
Joel comes over to rescue Joe who's got into difficulty lifting weights and agrees to help train with Joe.
Lou's Place
Toadie comes in to a deserted pub and senses something is up with Steph. He offers her any help but she says she can work it out.
No. 28
Susan is going on about the wedding but Karl hasn't been listening. She wonders what's so important and Karl tells her about the Dingoes looking for a new club doctor. Susan reminds him he's got enough on his plate and what about their weekend retreat.
No. 26 outside
Joel is teaching Joe how to lift weights properly. Flick comes out to tell him supper is ready and invites Joel to stay for supper.
Lou's place
Toadie is asking Steph how it is going with Woody and how he's coping with jail. He also mentions that a lot of them re-offend going by statistics. Steph tells him Woody is a good guy.
No. 26
Flick is serving up dinner and Joel wants Flick to tell them about their relationship. She agrees but only after food as he's less grumpy then.
No. 28
Karl is writing his resume so he can apply for the position with the Dingoes. Susan is trying to organise the seating plan for the wedding a.
No. 26
Joe and Joel are talking about sport when Bianca phones for Michelle. Joe reminds her she is banned from making contact with her so she reluctantly hangs up the phone. Flick hints at Joel telling Joe about them when Steph comes home from the pub with a headache and Joel chickens out of telling Joe.
Lou's Place
Toadie gets accosted by a bunch of women looking for his shirt but he fights them off with a bottle of soda.
No. 26
Joel and Joe are talking about cricket whilst he tries to pluck up the courage to tell Joe about his relationship with Flick. In the kitchen Steph is telling Flick what Stanno told her and her fears.
No. 28
Susan has heard a strange noise at the back door. Turns out it was Toadie and he has come in looking to hide from the women wanting the shirt off his back. Karl tells him he thought it was the prowler Lou saw and Toadie tells him there is no prowler. They start discussing Tad giving up school to work with Joe. Toadie thinks he's done it for the wrong reasons and that Tad doesn't know what he wants.
No. 26 front door
Flick wants to know why Joel didn't say anything to Joe. He couldn't do it as Joe was enjoying his company and didn't want to tell him. Joel will try again later. Flick suggests going to Michelle's cubby so they can kiss without interruptions.
No. 28 back yard
Toadie is taking the back yard route to No. 30 to avoid the women waiting out the front trying to steal his shirt. Joel meantime is trying to hide on his way to see Flick in Michelle's cubby house but Karl thinks he is the prowler. Karl says he is going to phone the police so Joel comes out of hiding and tells him where he is going. Susan takes taking the Mickey out of him for what he is doing and asks if he wants a lollypop to take with him. Joel says he will head home instead.
Warrinor Prison
Steph is there to visit Woody. He wants to know what is up with her and she tells confronts him about the phonecall he made from the pub and the rumour going around about him planning a robbery. He denies it all and says he doesn't want to end up back inside when he gets out.
The Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan is talking to Joe about daughters. He tells them about enjoying Joel's company last night.
Warrinor Prison
Visiting time is up and Woody tells Steph he has a weekend leave coming up and wants to spend it with her. When Steph leaves he goes up to another prisoner (Kev Kelly) telling him he wants out of the plan or at least not to involve Steph. Kev tells him he's in or he is out . . . permanently.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is imagining the reaction he is going to get from Joe when he finds out they know about Joel and Flick before him. They both regret running into Joel and Flick. Karl announces he is off to see the Dingoes about the position.
No. 30
Joel interrupts a kissing session with Flick saying he feels guilty and he wants to tell Joe about them so they don't need to sneak around.
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Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3697
Steph Scully

Kev Kelly, Larry Woodhouse (Woody) in Neighbours Episode 3697
Kev Kelly, Larry Woodhouse (Woody)

<<3696 - 3698>>
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