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Neighbours Episode 3654 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3654
Australian airdate: 02/11/00
UK airdate: 03/01/01
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Sheena Wilson: Zoe Start
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tess being woken up at the crack of dawn with Dee doing her exercising.
Lance telling Toadie that Libby has ruined his life.
No. 28
Lance barges in looking for Libby. Susan says she's not in she's out with Drew. Karl is taking the Mickey out of him for his Cosmos obsession.
Lou's Place
Lance catches up with Libby in the pub and rants at her for what she wrote in the paper about him and his challenges. She tells him he wanted her to write about him, but he wanted one on UFO's not a joke article about him and feels betrayed. Lou also takes the Mickey out of him and he storms out.
No. 24
Harold and Madge are surfing the Internet and Harold suggests having his own webpage.
No. 32
Dee is entertaining her mates but Tess wants some peace and quiet. Steph comes in and joins the party and Tess goes off to her room.
No. 30
Lance is on the phone to Allana explaining the newspaper article but she hangs up on him disappointed with him. Toadie tells him to dump her and find himself a real woman, like the nurses at Dee's party. Toadie leaves but Lance stays to sulk.
No. 28
Libby is telling Drew and her parents her reasons behind her version of the article that Lance is upset about. Karl suggests Lance is out of his tree, Susan says he isn't, he's in love. Karl and Susan start bickering over what to do with Billy's old room and their individual ideas of what they want - Susan wants a study whilst Karl wants a music room. Drew and Libby have had enough and make a sharp exit to the party.
No. 32
Libby asks Toadie if Lance is coming over, as she is worried about him, Toadie tells her he'll be ok. Toadie starts playing Twister with Dee. Tess asks Toadie if she can go to his place for some peace and quiet to do some marking.
No. 24
Lou comes over and hears about Harold's web page plan. He wants their advice on his new adventure of selling paintings by Tom Foster. They tell him he'd sell more if they were in a gallery or large hall rather than a pub.
No. 32
Toadie is having fun playing twister, and losing. Dee asks Drew and Libby about how their wedding plans are going. She then asks if Steph is looking forward to being a bridesmaid, but she doesn't answer.
No. 30
Tess and Lance are comparing housemates. Tess tells Lance if Allana is going to continue to treat him like that then he's got to learn to stand up to her. Tess says he's one of the nicest guys she's ever met.
Lance is just off the phone from his "brave conversation" with Allana, and starts to feel guilty - except he's told it all to the answering machine! Toadie comes in moaning because the party has finished as everyone has got work in the morning. Tess thanks them and heads home. Lance wants Toadie's help to rescue the answer machine as he doesn't want to end the relationship but Toadie won't help him.
No. 28
Karl has been singing and writing some lyrics for a song about Susan, but Libby isn't impressed, she wanted a long lie. She bluntly tells him it's awful and he tells her he's hurt her feelings. Susan eventually cottons on that he's only took up singing/music writing to prove why he needs a music room and he isn't going to get one.
No. 32
Tess is tiding up after the party while Dee sits and reads the paper. Tess says she's going out and Dee can finish off the cleaning.
No. 28
Lance is going through his sci-fi collection deciding which to keep and which to get rid of when Libby calls round to apologise again. Libby gives him a letter that was on the doorstep. It's from Allana - the relationship is back on again and Lance is very happy.
No. 28
Lou has come round to seek Susan and Karl's opinion of the paintings and if an exhibition would help to sell the paintings. He would like to hold it in the school but Susan wants a cut of the profits for the school funds. Karl suggests instead the Community Hall.
The Coffee Shop
Drew and Libby call in to collect a hamper for a picnic from Harold and Madge. They invite Steph along but she politely declines. They leave and Tess comes in wanting to know what's up with Steph. She's job hunting and has spotted a job, but Tess points out to her that it's too far to commute from Erinsborough every day. Steph tells her then maybe it's time to move away.
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