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Neighbours Episode 3652 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3652
Australian airdate: 31/10/00
UK airdate: 21/12/00
UK Gold: 12/09/05
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Colin Rogers: John Tarle
Peter Dexter: Ron Kamoen
- "Disco Dancer" by Steve Jefferies
- "Godfather Of Soul" by Steve Jeffries
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michelle tells Toadie to pay her. Toadie says she should get some helpers for the delivering job.
Flick says she's looking forward to the ball. Joel tells her that "something's come up".
Flick is annoyed with Joel but he says he's wanted to do this dive for months and doesn't think she'll have trouble finding someone else. Flick begs Joel not to stand her up - all the other guys are taken. She walks out.
Toadie tells Joel he's a heartbreaker, but Joel says that doesn't mean anything coming from a man in the child slavery business(!)
Ramsay Street, in the dark
Lyn is out jogging and Michelle is delivering leaflets. Lyn doesn't like Michelle being out in the dark so decides to help her out.
Toadie comes along and sees Michelle. He gives her a hard time about being behind with the deliveries. But he changes his tune when Lyn comes back and gives him A Look.
Flick tells Joe and Lyn that Joel isn't taking her to the Deb Ball anymore. She goes off to her room sighing. Joe says it serves Flick right for treating all the boys badly and playing them off against each other. Joe says if the worst comes to the worst he will take her himself(!)
Tad is practising his DJing. Paul comes in and tells him about Joel pulling out of the Deb Ball. He tells Tad that Flick seemed really sad, but Tad warns him not to get sympathetic - Flick brought it on himself. Tad says Flick could go with him - he's still unattached. He says he's thinking of playing hard-to-get(!)
Lyn tells Joe that Flick will go to the Deb Ball if it's the last thing she does. She's cross with Joel for pulling out and breaking his promise. Joe says that it's for the best - Joel is too old for Flick. Lyn reminds him that Flick is a young woman now.
Toadie and Joel are collating leaflets and talking about Flick. Lance thinks Joel has done the wrong thing by pulling out of the Deb Ball.
Lyn and Joe's bedroom
Lyn and Joe are in a bed with a leopard-print headboard(!!) Lyn is going through the Beauty Tree stuff and is confident that she can sell the products. She says if she sells enough she'll get bonuses, like a holiday or a car. Joe starts to come round to the idea(!)
They hear the noise of the TV and shout out to see who it is. It's Flick. Joe goes to see how she is. Lyn looks pleased at his interest.
Scullys' living room
Flick is sitting up with Harvey looking depressed. Joe comes out and joins her on the sofa and they chat about how much they miss Jack. Flick says she could always talk to Jack and liked having a big brother around. Jack could give advice on how older guys think. Joe says he's older. But Flick says Dad thinks differently to older brothers(!)
Joe brings up the subject of the Deb Ball and says that Joel is too old for her. He wants her to stick with schoolguys while she's still young.
Scullys', the following morning
Flick is on the phone to some classmates trying to get them to take her to the Deb Ball, but they're all taken. She grows more and more despondent.
Lance puts on some music and Toadie comes out of his room and turns it off again. They have a battle with the remote and finally Toadie says he can't listen to his music while Toadie is in the house(!) Joel comes out and they all start arguing about one another's musical tastes.
Flick approaches Colin the geek, but apparently he too has already got a partner for the Deb Ball(!)
Flick goes up to Tad and suddenly realises he's free. She says she's asked every guy she knows(!) and so would he take her as a friend. Tad is not exactly flattered by this and tells her no - he'll just take someone from the club. Paul overhears this exchange and when Flick has gone, tells Tad that he's being tough on Flick. He doesn't think so though.
Lyn is trying out some Beauty Tree products. Joe thinks they should have whisky flavour products(!) They chat about Flick and the Deb Ball a bit, and Joe tells Lyn how much Flick misses Jack.
Lassiter's Lake
Flick in the gazebo in the rain, crying. Joel is out for a run and sees her. He jogs up and she tells him the situation for the Deb - she's asked everyone. She says she'll just give the Ball a miss, despite the money Lyn has spent on the dress. Joel relents and says he'll miss the dive and take her to the ball. He says he wants to go and he's making himself available. Flick is delighted.
Michelle has come in from delivering leaflets but Lyn thinks she's doing too much. Flick comes in looking happy saying she's been looking at shoes for the Deb. She tells them happily that things are back on with Joel.
No-one can be bothered to cook but in the end Toadie offers. He wants them to all start acting like friends again. Then he says that if he cooks dinner, they should help him with the leaflets(!) Lance and Joel are not impressed.
Joel tells them that he's taking Flick to the Ball after all. Toadie says it's not exactly a chore to take a pretty girl to a dance(!)
Tad is on the phone to Tim trying to reassure him - apparently he's had a chemotherapy session today. Paul tells Tad not to get his hopes up too much - operations aren't always successful. Tad says staying positive will help Tim.
Scullys' bedroom
Lyn hears a noise and wakes up. She wakes Joe and he goes to have a look with his cricket bat (which happens to be next to the bed!)
Joe and Lyn creeps through the house and see light on and a shadow in the laundry. The door creaks open slowly.
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